Worst Foods To Eat When You Are Constipated!

Worst Foods To Eat When You Are Constipated!

Greetings, Eric Bakker, thanks for coming
back. Thanks for looking at my video, I appreciate
it. I’ve got a lot more questions to go through
here. We’re gonna talk now about the worse foods
for constipation. So what are the worse possible foods you can
eat. Well have a think about it. The worse possible foods usually are the foods
that aren’t good for your health and they include take away food, fast food, caffeine,
white flour, some people say gluten. Other people say gluten’s fine. That many are now believing gluten could be
constipating. Dairy products are a key constipating food
for many people. So we’re talking cream, we’re talking cheese,
we’re talking milk. All those foods can be potentially very constipating. White flour is a classic for many people. You know donuts, bagels, bread, cakes, cookies,
all these sorts of foods. So if you think about it the healthy foods
that I often talk about are not constipating but the unhealthy foods are. Some of the worse foods are the deep fried
foods you can have. You know like french fries, and deep fried
chicken. It can be very constipating. Some people say green bananas are constipating
and to avoid them. But if they’re cooked in coconut milk or coconut
cream they’re not constipating. So sometimes modifying food can change its
nature or its ability to constipate or not constipate. If you’re going to stick with vegetables,
fruit and lean meats and generally, that is what we call the healthy grains, like brown
rice and quinoa and buckwheat. You’re not going to really get constipated. Even if you get constipated on that kind of
diet it’s a much easier fix than if you focus your attention, you know diet wise primarily
on take away food or fast food. Unfortunately fast food doesn’t create a fast
bowel does it? Unless you get food poisoning and then you’ve
got really fast food and fast bowel. So you need to be careful with the kinds of
food you eat if you want to overcome constipation. Common Sense prevails people. The easiest thing to say if you stick with
vegetables and fruit and lean meats and avoid a lot of fatty meat. You know fatty skin on chicken, fatty beef,
fatty pork. If you avoid those kinds of meat and you avoid
the processed meats, the bacon’s, the salami’s all that kind of fried stuff in fat and butter
and lard, you’re going to have a bowel that’s a lot less constipated than if you do consume
a lot of those foods. But in saying that many people can get away
with some of those foods, if they’re very active. So it’s not just a question of what you eat
it’s also how you move your body. There’s plenty of research out now that validates
that if people walk for 30 minutes per day there’s a fantastic effect on improving bowel
time. So if you’ve got the sitting disease, if you
sit down all day on your butt in front of a computer screen, even if you are eating
healthy food, there’s still a chance you could get constipated. So it’s not just about what you eat, I should
have also said the worse activity, you know, if you’re constipated, or what to avoid and
that’s sitting on a chair all the time. The more you walk the more the bowel and the
liver is active and again common sense, the more you move the easier you poo, it makes
sense doesn’t it? But anyway, don’t forget I’ll make this cheat
list, not that one here, I’ve got a cheat sheet available here, a constipation sheet
that you can look at on the best foods to eat. So you know what not to eat. Most people who are looking at this channel
know that you know, there are certain foods that are crappy foods and there are certain
foods that are good foods. You should have worked out by now what’s crap
and what’s good. So if you stick with the good stuff you’re
a lot less likely to be constipated, especially if you’re like me and you eat at home and
you make all your food at home. Thanks for tuning in

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  1. Thank you for this video and all your other videos, they're extremely informative, helpful and worth more than gold because the wisdom and counsel that you freely share, ACTUALLY WORKS ! God bless you

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