Why Do We Need An Appendix?

Why Do We Need An Appendix?

Hey everybody! I appreciate you tuning in
to this video. You know, it’s kind of funny. Over the weekend, the family and I were all talking, just crazy stuff, as everybody does (talking about
crazy stuff), but the topic came up about the appendix, and what was the appendix? What it did, and actually nobody knew what the appendix did or does or why
it’s even there. You know, there were several people that had their appendix
taken out, which by the way, appendicitis, and getting it taken out is a very
serious. It’s life-threatening disease and again another side note,
whenever you see like a disease “itís”, that basically just means “inflammation”, so appendicitis means inflammation of the appendage, appendix, but it’s really amazing because the appendix actually deals with bacteria and
probiotics and intestinal health and immune system and strengthening your
immune system. How? It’s because when bad bacteria actually enters
your body, there’s a study that was done in actually in 2007 at Duke University,
but when bad bacteria enters your body the appendix actually releases good
bacteria probiotic bacteria to counteract the bad bacteria. And what it
does is release them, and it goes into what’s called the
cecum. The cecum is just the area in between the small intestine and
large intestine. What happens is it releases the good bacteria
to actually counteract the bad bacteria. So it’s vitally important, and it’s really
important for digestive health and for probiotics. So you know I wanted to
share this, and I thought was awesome. If you’ve had your
appendix out and you no longer have your appendix when you’re a kid or an adult
it’s really important, vitally important that you have a
strong probiotic, or at least a strong bacterial presence in your intestinal
tract. So if you’ve had your appendix out, start taking some
probiotics or at least have some questions that you could ask me or
drink Jared’s Pro pops. Anyway, that’s what I want to share with you. If you
like these videos, comment below and tell me you like these or it’s something that’s of
interest to you, or tell me you don’t like my hair, you don’t like my hair, which
i’m looking at crazy stuff but i appreciate you guys taking the time. I
hope everybody has a great day. Just remember: better digestion means better health. Alright, take care and see you later.

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  1. Nice, thank's a lot for good information about the Function of Appendix, its help me a lot in my subject

  2. I was actually tasked to make a topic review about appendix as being not a vestigial anymore, are there any journals referring to your video sir? thanks

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