Why Can We Regrow A Liver (But Not A Limb)?

Why Can We Regrow A Liver (But Not A Limb)?

26 Replies to “Why Can We Regrow A Liver (But Not A Limb)?”

  1. Lizards can't regrow legs and neither can we however they can regrow tails which we dont have, we have no use for a tail so although that may be cool an all we have evolved out of it so we arent catching up to them.. how does regrow tail = regrow human limbs?

  2. There was an old man who sliced off his finger and grew it back completely using something in pigs bladder…

  3. Hurry MIT, and future out how i can keep drinking alcohol for another 50 years on my regenerated liver….. Times running out!!!!

  4. As mind blowing as it may be, to the unbelievers, I believe that you can heal to the level that you believe. As in 'Biology of Belief'… Lizards were not told by 'doctors' that they couldn't heal.

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