What Is Dental Formula – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

What Is Dental Formula – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Now the Next Topic Related to Teeth is Dental Formula Student dental formula concept is used to understand arrangement of Teeth now in case of milk- -teeth this total 20 Teeth present in case of permanent Teeth is total 32 teeth is it so let’s see how is this 20 Teeth and how is the 32 Teeth are arranged before that we get to know what is the age in which milkteeth come when it gets erupted and when it gets fallen and when does this permanent teeth come after 6 month or after 8 months slowly the milk teeth start getting erupted and till the age of 6 years it remains in your mouth after 6 years it start getting fall and slowly it is replaced by permanent teeth by the age of 18 to 20 fights you get all your teeth so this is the age of getting milk with permanent teeth and so now we are going to understand first the arrangement of milk teeth what is another term useful with it yes it is feet total Hamlet eat I told you as a little bit 20 so let’s see the arrangement now how we calculate those arrangement we calculate from right hand side and left hand side so the formula is written like this there will be 1 bar the numbers written above the bar will be the set of teeth present on our job that is maxilla and the numbers written below the bar will be the set of teeth present a mandible now I’m writing the set of teeth on the right hand side of the mouth so speaking for right hand side first comes in sizes two in sizes are present as a milk thick one can I is present as a milk teeth in maxillary region and last one is two mola notice this thing student in case of birthday there is no premolars next speaking about the lower jaw that is meant even only the right side two incisors one canine and two molar the whole number is multiplied by two so whatever addition come the above number is also multiplied by 2 and the below numbers are also multiplied by two so half the set is two incisors one canine and two molar so if we calculate the complete set that will come as a for incisive to canine and for molar same goes with the lower jaw that is men table for incisor to canine and for molar now you can add this number the total what you will get is 20 so twenty teams are present as a mythic and this heap is phase until six years of age now speaking about permanent teeth will calculate in the same pattern there is a part the number written above the bar is a teeth of maxillary region and the number maintained below the bar will be the set of teeth for mandible region so let’s see what are the number of teats present on the half side of your job that is right center you can calculate for the left also because the set is seen not speaking about incisor to incisor on bright side to all left one canine on the right side and one on lift two premolars on right side and two on left three rollers on right side and three on left same goes with the lower jaw that is mandible region two incisors one canine two premolar and three molar the complete number is multiplied by two because we have to set now if you add this number after multiplying you get four incisor on the upper jaw two canines on the upper jaw for three Bhullar and six molar next same goes for the lower jaw after multiplying the two we get four incisor two canine for three molar and six molar if you add this number total it gives you 32 four plus four eight to ten six sixteen sixteen sixteen thirty-two teeth so total you have thirty-two permanent teeth so this is dental formula for understanding arrangement of eighth in our mouth thank you very much student next we’ll study the structure of faith in the next video

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