WHAT I ATE IN A DAY IN MEXICO CITY (VEGAN) | Hello Mexico // a van life series

WHAT I ATE IN A DAY IN MEXICO CITY (VEGAN) | Hello Mexico // a van life series

you like those chips? Yes, I’m so hungry. What’s up guys, it’s Eamon and Bec
from the future I was thinking maybe I put those away why you’re crazy
what’s up everybody welcome to today’s vlog we’re just taking a quick second to
talk about something that has happened to us that you guys really you know
about obviously yeah you guys are following along you’re gonna get more
details as the vlogs come out this is a couple days from the future but our
vlogs coming up today and we didn’t want to waste a chance to sort of talk
about this with you guys so we need a new engine for Trinity you guys all
saw that unfortunately things don’t play out the way that we had hoped so we do
have to spend close to 15,000 US dollars to get her back up and running
I’m just so weird like talking about money yeah I mean I think the really
important thing to highlight here is that it’s not easy for us to like ask
for help we’re not the kind of people that like handouts so we didn’t want to
just create a GoFundMe where it’s like hey give me money we wanted to create
something where it’s like you guys get something in return
a lot of you have been asking us for merch so we came up with an amazing
online store we’ve got like five different products on there you know if
you guys are interested in supporting us and contributing to our journey then you
can pick up a hat or a t-shirt or sweater yeah it’s actually really cool
stuff Aubry did an amazing job and the team dynamo
Ultima Cody and Lexi they’re also on YouTube and have a design studio they
donated a sick design for I think it’s on
tank and a crop top yeah anyway let’s not drag this on we just wanted to
let you guys know that we do have some merch available if you guys want to help
us continue our journey grab some of that and just a little side note if we
make anything more than we need to we are gonna donate all of that money to
some awesome charities throughout Mexico with the minimal millenials when we get
back here at eight trim ready to rock all linked below and now let’s let
the vlog begin run the vlog hello friends what’s up welcome to
Mexico City today is Sunday we arrived here late last night we’re
here for two reasons guys number one is Mexico City is the food capital of
Mexico so we’re super excited and today we’re going to show you guys around what
we eat in a day Mexico City I’m the second reason is that we plan on
spending all day on Monday going to different Mercedes dealerships and just
getting a second opinion hopefully maybe somebody has an engine
laying around but he just needs a little engine I just needed to get Trinity back
in the house I miss Trent so much guys I’m not sure how much Becca’s gonna be
involved in today’s video she’s not feeling great not sure how much she’s
gonna eat she was up all night sick so send her positive energy positive vibes
yeah they tried to give me like an actual menu which looked pretty decent
but I confirm that that’s not free so no talking about I think our boy Christian
has the case of the runs like me poor guy no he says just starting to
bubble within him thank you yes you know definitely butter definitely butter
coffee’s good fruit way too much papaya next time sin papaya I’m sorry I’m not
very much fun this morning I’m really not feeling so hot and I think I’m a big
baby when I’m sick okay I think yeah I don’t know I’m just so a key it’s so
uncomfortable anyways I know I’m super dehydrated
because the night I had so I’m gonna try to get some OJ in my system oh I thought
you the first thing that tastes good is it kind of a nicely placed shot looks
pretty Arctic artsy yes this is what back sent a team today
come on buddy show them a little bit of Agra so I guess we go boom nice my
sickness is cleared shut up shut it off did you shut it off no I didn’t I hope
it was a trap I love the blocking of the shot you guys
are great this is still gonna be a what I eat in a day my back’s gonna bastard
I’m just gonna finish them somewhere and then I’m gonna hit the streets Christian
Aubry are on their own little date night I don’t know maybe we’ll meet up
with the downtown better we shall see and the little add on here the truth is Eamon is
not a big fan of like things that aren’t like changing every single minute right
yeah so get this kind of museum and like I he like start sweating and gets
agitated and like I’m just afraid to even go there yeah so we’re gonna have a
little nerd date it’s not a date to get away it’s a date to get nerdy with
history an art name is gonna go hunt down some slamming street tacos guys
it’s been a few hours later I still haven’t left the hotel room
I am leaving now I’m gonna go explore the city Becca’s still not feeling 100
so she’s gonna stay here and hopefully get better that’s all we can ask for
anyway let’s go it just walked up to poor sempre it’s a
vegan taco stand at two locations in Mexico City so this one’s actually more
a restaurant style and they also have been talking food truck
everything’s begin it looks insane we actually went here last night so I got
tacos last night so mostly trying the sandwich with like cheese
three different types of meat I think like Satan’s wine on it looks delicious this is the shop pretty small little
setup these peeps everywhere I’m pretty sure that’s my sandwich this guy’s
basically running the show screwed up my order music so I told my I
just want a sandwich but now they’ve kind of made me a half sandwich sorry
it’s kind of what I wanted so but it’s not the exact thing that’s on the menu
but it looks amazing chorizo onion avocado and then you can
take your sandwich and add hot sauce and salsa whatever you are my straight the busy fast brog one and
they gave me this green concoction you can just fill that up as much as you
want like which is like no more than four dollars
Wow no so good I think if you could
replicate that exact concept in Toronto you’d kill it you just kill it it’s so
simple – it’s like five options anyway the mission now is I’m going back
to words the hotel I’m actually thinking I’m going to stop and get back like a
juice or maybe find a pharmacy to speak to someone see if we can get her up and
get her moving good afternoon everybody I’m really not doing so well Raymond was
so kind to get me a yummy kombucha to see if it’ll make me feel better so I’m
gonna be sippin on this what’s the flavor ginger we’re not really talking
about the car it’s been kind of very frustrating over the past few days to
try and figure out what’s actually happening but as far as we know we are
looking for a new engine so that’s kind of our mission we’re in Mexico City to
spend all day tomorrow which is Monday going to round two Mercedes dealerships
trying to figure out if someone can give us a second opinion as well as we
figured it was worthwhile to have Garcia a connection through my mechanic who was
actually only a few hours away from where the van is
we’re gonna pay him about 50 bucks to come down have a look at the van and
just trip will confirm that we are gringo that we are do in fact need a new
engine so we’re exploring all options we don’t want to rush anything obviously
and yeah so we’re gonna go transfer some random dude named Garcia a thousand
pesos transaction transfer money transfer dinero have 4 lakhs Garcia is
that is it another see this is really making no no tengo not sure if you guys
understood that but basically I can’t transfer unless I have a Mexican ID and
I don’t obviously so perfect that’s fine and then I can pay you back
thanks bro appreciate it doctor sérgio you’re a lifesaver bro
back is still don’t know what that means what she’s not feeling awful and I went
to a natural store and bought some of this which I don’t really understand
what it is and some of this which I also don’t really understand what it is but
the lady at the store made it very clear with her translator although this is the
stuff post Malone over that feels great and I’m gonna make sure a concoction do
you think I should do it in the money she doesn’t owe J but she’s got kombucha
for sure yeah for this but you gotta drink the whole thing almost everybody one more set
you know I feel like you should drink some yourself just a weak sympathize no
there’s a little bit in there we told that she could be what she couldn’t yes
and you guys okay you guys can leave now yes like there’s nobody in ER yeah you
think me a call on my cell phone see Kristen feeling great now not
yelling like going out tonight so hang up uber they got over in Mexico cities
and I’m gonna order us a falafel dinner which bike is not that stoked on but
that’s kind of our only option she wants a soup really badly but I tried to call
a few vegan places and I just don’t exist yeah I called them money did you just
lie no I looked up them on the Internet I did look them up only see white uh so
maybe maybe better after dinner which this crust asked me go Oh see process oh
no my son for the weight room okay yes Ruben you’re gonna come up with me now I
can do it I’m gonna put away the camera okay okay say goodbye Robin you’ll order
beer no it’s so weird I don’t know what that is I think it’s
just a drink I think that’s how they do it in Mexico they never give you a gua
they give you like a concoction that they make in house write a book on
enjoying my dinner in bed I finished my falafel and they gave me a salad but
there’s no Forks it’s Morris big day for us keep your fingers crossed
send us positive vibes finally an engine tomorrow for not finding an engine then
we’re gonna be getting some answers for sure and we’ll be rolling out of here by
the end of the week All Right see ya say that I love you guys and I’m sorry that
I’ve been such a brat today but I’m not tomorrow something better yeah
also I love you buddy I wish you would eat something that’s not good what do
you feel like nope let’s see black bear me

100 Replies to “WHAT I ATE IN A DAY IN MEXICO CITY (VEGAN) | Hello Mexico // a van life series”

  1. I saw an RV on a flat bed today and it made me think of Trinity …. Good Vibes coming from San Antonio!

  2. You guys are the quintessential, clueless Youtubers. From eating street food, and ordering Uber in a Mexican hotel (Sick? Duh?) to ignoring that you are in a different country, to being so stupid about your van breaking down, to crying about e-begging. Get it shipped or towed back to your home, and then plan out what you need to do to fix it!!! Sheeesh! Next thing you'll be eating Tide Pods.

  3. All cars are money pits 😭 that’s why I take the bus and walk or bike everywhere I’ve saved so much money!

  4. Why don't people just buy chai from your chai business Chaiwalachai.com. That will help you earn $$. How can you afford to stay in such an experience hotel and eat so expensively when you need a new engine. Why aren't you living in the van? You've got solar. Sorry, but I need several things fixed on my vehicle and have no one to ask for help. Can you send me some money please, I've watched your videos and commented for your adsense.

  5. It’s life. Sell Trinity for scrap metal and fly home to Canada. Work hard and save your money and buy a replacement van.

  6. Maybe better to cut your losses, get yourself back to Canada, where if she isn't doing better, can see an canadian doctor and not get a Mexican medical bill on top of a engine bill? Engine blew up? Sorry guys, this is where the journey ends. Go home. Rebuild. Save. Start over. Maybe get an american van next time where parts are cheap and plentiful ? Engine or tranny goes it's $500 for a used and $500 to install instead of $12000? ouch

  7. You need new engine head or valve set, new timing set (chein). It take 1-2 days to fix. it cost 15000-3000$ with parts.

  8. How the fuck do you guys stay in fancy hotels, get Ubers, go to expensive vegan places and insist on paying more than double of what a second hand engine is worth, yet have the audacity to claim you can not afford it yourself?!?!!

  9. FEBI 30300 Timing Chain Kit Engine Side and Mercedes Dodge Freightliner Sprinter 2500 3500 10 Intake & 10 Exhaust Valves Kit

  10. Just bought to sweats, one for me and one for my girlfriend (she doesn't no yet :D). Love the phrase Ehfar.
    Hoping for the best!

    Greets from Denmark

  11. Monday try video call with your friend show the vehicle before he come to confirm so if can bring along the engine to fixed it. I thought you will sell your tea of your site. Pray that things work out smooth for you guys, take care and speedy recovery.

  12. Here is another thought: Mercedes Benz or a group that represents MBZ dealerships could be approached and asked to repair your van because of all of the free advertising you provide to them. It’s wrong to ask fans and viewers to do so. $15,000 could go a long way if donated to charity. You are not a charity. You are a business enterprise.

  13. So in your how much did the conversion cost video you stated the engine was a dodge but trinity had Mercedes bling, have you considered a dodge mechanic?

  14. Most everyone has left you nice comments for begging for money in your channel. Your friends who god sucked into your drama instead of continuing with their trip and being part of your immaturity have gotten all the raft of the subscriber’s anger for trying to collect 15k for you and the ridiculous engine repair. I left a message on their channel as well. See a doctor get antibiotics get well and fly to Canada. Sell the van for scraps. Not all the water in Mexico is bad the north of the country the water is purified and can be drink from the faucet. Mexico City is build on a lake land and the water cannot be purified that’s why cannot be drink. Don’t eat ice, don’t brush your teeth with faucet water, don’t drink water already made by street vendors, don’t eat street vendor’s food and fruit, eat only at reputable restaurants and make sure the water bottles from restaurants are securely seal. If you are vegan, why did you have chorizo? Chorizo is made of either pork of beef. Where are your parents in this issue? Your life’s and your vehicles are a family issue not a public subscriber’s issues

  15. I just got over a similar illness last week and I so feel for you Bec! I was super crabby too=/ I really hope you get this thing sorted so you can resume your trip.

  16. Kombi Life traveled from Chile to Alaska in a shit bus for less than $20k including rebuilding an engine multiple times ><

  17. Hey guys, love the channel, love the logo, for sure will grab a save Trinity T. Just wanted to say thanks for all the how to vids, just bought a RAM3500 from '96 and named her Marjorie. Hopefully she doesn't take too long to convert. Maybe Ill see ya on the road some day.

  18. Guys you website is hacked. I get like 5 redirects and then it wants me to open the App Store. Have your webmaster check it out chaiwalachai.com

    Just tried it again and all seems well. Fastest fix NA

  19. Stay strong guys i know its not a great experience while on route thats why there are so many people sending positive vibes ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Ya, I agree. I would rather just give you guys cash. I live semi tiny so I don't need more stuff. I'll wait a day or 2 before buying your stuff. You guys are good people. You have my support.

  21. Nothing like a group of young ebeggars, you should look at some of Nomadic Fanatics old video he's the king of ebegging.

  22. See this? its the worlds tiniest violin playing just for you. WHAT A SCAM!!! JUMP PEOPLE!!!!JUMP!!!! unbelievable!!! Please tell me all you good people out there are not stupid enough to fall for this?????

  23. Omg. Are you kidding me? This is incredible. You want people to GIVE you 15,000 for a new engine. Are people watching your channel going to do this? I'm for helping helping out to support someone's dream, but my goodness! Asking a lot, I don't see you working. Also it's called merchandise. Ugh.

  24. Bec , take a flight and run away . This guy Eamon looks arrogant,petty and dominating . He showed zero interest when you talked about getting married too .You cannot waste your life keeping this guy happy.

  25. Fellow Canadian grinding away in a cold Ontario winter. I’m not jealous but it is irritating that you want help with the 15 k. We ALL could use a handout I am buying a used van at less than the cost of that engine. Disappointed
    Never watching you guys again

  26. everything happens for a reason! you guys inspire me to make it a goal to start van life when I finish high school. stay strong, stay positive and stay slaying! xox

  27. So many people commenting about the negativity on this video but don't seem to understand why its being generated. Figured I would help. First, they bought an overpriced van with a overpriced repair bill but have zero contingency plan and zero vehicle knowledge incase crap like this happens and anyone who owns a vehicle can tell you… it happens.(it's a driveshaft by the way, sry, couldn't resist the comment from your past vid.) Second, $12000-$15000 for a new engine… even $6000 for rebuilt. Are you kidding me? Take that money, buy a GMC or a Ford. Yes I understand it's not as "trendy" but if this, or a new problem happens like you drop your Trans.. parts are cheap and plentiful. $500 gets you a used engine and $500 gets it installed. Don't worry, if your viewership drops because you moved into a Ford from a sprinter… just do what some other van lifers do. Take thumbnails of your Gf's ass or cleavage hanging out and your subs will continue. Speaking of your GF… Third. Your GF is terribly sick. But instead of getting her back on a plane to Canada for free healthcare.. Your running around making a Youtube video of "what you ate that day" and hoping to cure her with Mexican goolosh. Priorities man … Priorities. Forth. "Hey I need money for my engine. But watch me order take out and room service". Do you have money … or you don't? I'm confused. Trying to have a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget? Negative comments ??? I'm sorry but … rightfully so. No free handouts in life…. and i'm not talking strictly the monetary part of it. Buy a $15 Haynes manual and be prepared to get your hands dirty if you insist on keeping that van around.

  28. Lol. When you say agua they think agua fresca, eg. lemonade, horchata, jamaica, etc. you need to ask for botella de agua (bottled water).

  29. Man…. some people… wow… they can be so harsh in the comments. Welp, haters gonna hate but they keep watching the videos lol 🤣 So don't let them get to you 😉 Bought a t-shirt to save Trinity! Would really love to buy that crop top but wish it was a women's full t-shirt instead 🤗

  30. Hi Guys, sorry to hear of your problems. When you get some down time, perhaps you can share your thoughts, (or those of the mechanics) on what the cause may have been. Would be curious to know the KM's and any other mechanical history you can share on Trinity. The Sprinter Van has been the go to vehicle of choice for van conversion lovers. (I am looking for one now to convert). Please share you thoughts when available. Also, do check online or with a mechanic's help, for a scrapped sprinter with a relatively good engine. We recently did that with our Volkswagen, picked up a 4 year old engine out of a scrap with labor, it costs just under $5K (Canadian). Good luck.

  31. You want us to pay for a ridiculously overpriced engine, for your overpriced van! Wow. I don't wish to fund your holiday and can I suggest that perhaps you should get a far cheaper vehicle that you can afford (reducing spending habits can help with finances) and remember it' just a vehicle, just an object. There are far better causes to fund than a Mercedes dealership and your holiday.

  32. When you ask for water in Mexico is not actual water you get because that’s what they call flavor water drinks/juices

  33. You know you are not supposed to drink the water unless bottled. Watch out for the tomatoes too. Ask the front desk where to get chicken soup or ask housekeeping, lady might make for her.

  34. I love the designs of the merch but being a minimalist, I don't need any more clothes than I currently have. Could you please set up a PayPal that we can donate money to without purchasing 'stuff' that we don't need? Bec, I wish you all the best and hope you make a speedy recovery soon! Big hugs from the UK xxxx

  35. Why did you have to blast that stupid music ? I was casting this video to my TV with Chrome Cast and almost blew out my TV speaker . Why do people who make youtube videos feel they have to do this ?

  36. You guys should’ve done more research about those engines they are prone to have problems if it’s not a chain it’s something else sensors the mechanical I’m from Ontario as well and I’m playing to do a trip I have a big 6.5 diesel Chevy van with 280,000 km and she starts every time with no problems these engines are known to go into hammers and a lot of different applications including some of the schoolbuses so I’m not too concerned about the kilometres on the Vehicle sprinter vans are very expensive to fix the always wore I sorry for the bad news nobody wants to work on them you guys should look into just the chain timing chain I am in Trontone right now and I watched all you guys video when you were doing to build was very educational I hope to run into you guys one of these days down the road hope the best for you guys and again sorry about the inconvenience

  37. You make content that is enjoyable. I would be willing to make a donation to get you back to making said content. Don't need the merch. I appreciate you don't want to ask for a hand out (even though you have already put a lot of work into creating something we enjoy), but start a patreon or gofundme so we can just donate! Plus all these people who hate on you guys for asking for support are idiots they ask for something for free everytime they watch a video. Hope you keep going and get back on the road in Mexico soon.

  38. its a set back, you're dealing with it, do what you have to do …. that's life, that's part of the journey. you're great, you guys … you make your life happen, keep going

  39. Hey guys, sedning big love from Australia. Hope everything works out. I'm saving for van life right now so I know the importance of monies. Drink tea be free x

  40. Guys I'm a mechanic and if your getting charged $15k for a new engine your getting ripped off! Do the smart thing and have your van transported back to Texas for repairs. Don't get ripped off and then expect your viewers to pay for your mistake. If you don't want to come back to the states right now just travel with your friends in their van while your van is being transported back to the states for repairs.

  41. Bec, I was just in Mexico and had the exact same sickness. Glad you’re feeling better, I was sick my entire trip 🙁

  42. EDIT: DO NOT DRINK ANY WATER/AQUA/DRINK CONCOCTIONS THAT IS NOT SOLD IN A SEALED PLASTIC BOTTLE! Mexico 101. I thought this was common knowledge. You need to be wary of salads as well due to being washed in the water. I love Mexico to death and parents just bought a beautiful home there—BUT seriously do not drink it!!!! My mother has gotten parasites/ “worms” before!!!

  43. Vegan chorizo! Lmao I never understood why vegans want to have the same flavors of meat products. When I was a vegetarian I never touch fake meat products. Its way to processed to enjoy or be healthy.

  44. y'all need to get a job and stop pan handling everyone. You don't even attempt to curb your spending habits. If you were actually trying you'd buy a hot plate and cook in your room, not buy random garbage from health stores, not broadcast yourself dropping bills on the counter while begging from others. Don't kid yourself by thinking your overpriced merch makes up for it. If you did any research at all your realize you don't need anywhere near 15k. You make van dwellers look terrible when you do this.

  45. y'all seem like drug addicts. at 11:12: "Post Malone over there feels great", camera pans over to man exhibiting the classic heroin addict nod while standing up.

  46. Oh no, the dreaded Montezuma's Revenge. Very hard to eat vegan in Mexico without getting sick because of the water. Even if you don't drink the water all the vegetables and fruits you consume probably were washed in it. I don't know about the ice cubes or the slushies you buy on the street.

  47. You'll pull through guys! You guys should try to reach out to Looking For James! They're a new channel, not many subscribers, but good stuff!

  48. cipro is your friend… after you get this a few times you will learn the very second you feel the first hint of symptoms of the stomach bug start a course of Cipro it will save you a lot of pain and agony.  No good will come from trying to ride it out. I do not want to loose time especially when your traveling some place for a limited amount of time you do not have a luxury of letting you body fight theses bugs off.  Being quick to knock it out before it gets bad is the best way I have found.  The locals take cipro its in every pharmacy very cheap…  then take some Imodium 24 hours and I can feel I am winning the war .. I might loose a day no more than 2 I have been really sick a couple times. A vegan travel is often the biggest risk they wash the produce often in unfiltered water even if they rinse in treated water often its not enough.

  49. Get a junkyard gm 6.0 LS from a wrecked heavy duty truck and swap it in and never need another engine again!

  50. So the drinks they keep giving you when you ask for agua is also what mexicans call water . For example , there are drinks called “Agua de Jamaica, Agua de Horchata”

  51. It’s sad that people can be so negative. Your van is your home. I’m sure all the people being judgmental never have to make large purchases for their home or vehicle and don’t cut back or change their spending habits . Aka roof, a/c, heat etc. note the sarcasm 😜. You two rock! Don’t let anyone negative get you down.

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