What Does Your Name Say About You?

What Does Your Name Say About You?

What’s in a name? And can our names really
affect our outcomes in life? Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and have you
ever noticed how we tend to associate certain names with personalities? I’m reminded a
30 Rock quote, where Alec Baldwin’s character points out “There will never be a president
Ashton.” Which seems probable – but is there any science behind that? And can our names
really predict our futures? It’s an interesting question – and there
have been a lot of studies over the years, trying to figure out how our names affect
our lives. A recent one, published in the journal Personality
and Individual Differences, looked at over 300 pairs of twins in China, and found that
not only is liking your own name predictive of your well-being, it’s also determined
in large part, by your genetic and environmental background. Another study, published in 2005, found that
boys who were given girl’s names, were more likely to have behavioral problems, and as
a result – generally do poorer in school. There have also been a bevy of studies examining
the racial aspects of naming. A 2004 study in The American Economic Review, found that
job applicants with white-sounding names, as opposed to characteristically black names
– received 50% more callbacks for interviews – even if their qualifications were the same.
So often times, it’s more about the stereotypes of other people, than it is about your actual
name. There was another study in 2003 on the topic
of racial naming conventions, which argued that even if stereotypes like that do affect
job callbacks – it’s unlikely they would make a difference beyond the interview stage,
since our perceptions of people’s names don’t matter as much, once we’ve personally
met them. Racial stereotypes aside, though – how does
all of this work? I mean, it’s our parents who name us, after all – and history shows
that parents tend to name their kids after people they like. But is it really just about
preference, or is there some social status at play? According to social psychologist Martin Skinner,
“The real consequence is not in the actual name itself, but in the intentions behind
it.” He says that “Names usually reflect parental aspirations, so someone who wants
their child to be taken seriously will give them a name that has weight and is not frivolous
– whatever class they are.” So in a sense, our names reveal more about
our parents, than they do about us. Here’s a perfect example. There was a series
of studies done in the mid 1900s, that found that kids with unusual or uncommon first names
were more likely to experience mental illness, and in particular – psychosis and neurosis. Now if we’re operating under the assumption
that those names are a reflection of the psychological state of their parents, then it’s likely
that the parents chose those names, as a way of unconsciously signaling that their kids
are peculiar and perhaps even deserving of ridicule. If that is the case, then it’s
equally as likely that those parents sent their kids other negative messages over the
years – unconscious or not – that could’ve led to them developing a mental illness. And to look at it from another angle, it’s
also entirely possible that the parents who gave their kids unusual names, also experienced
similar illnesses, which were then passed down to their kids through their genes. Whatever the case may be – it’s generally
agreed that the outcome your name has on your success levels is pretty negligible. In the
long run, your own personal efforts can easily outweigh the impact of your name. What do you guys think? Do you feel like your
name has contributed to your personality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments
below, and as always – thank you guys for watching!

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  1. Nobody ever wants to be friends with me because I live in the whitest of the white neighborhoods and everybody around me is racist.

  2. I've done shit in school and I really fucking regret it, but I'm not using my medical problems as an excuse, I was held back for a year. Because I had Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (Look it up in the Internet & use NHS Scotland)

  3. My name is Allene. Oh god. This is so tru rip. My dad is bipolar and my mom has depression, anxiety and OCD. I was raised in a somewhat mentally and sometimes physically abusive home ;))

  4. I'm a girl called Kady, its unusual, so will I get a mental illness? my parents are annoying, and I think my dad has anger issues, he broke the cupboard and bent a frying pan because he was mad he could put pans away! he made me cry on the inside…. and out…….. I think I already have a mental illness

  5. 1:46 It's rather interesting how name meanings can actually affect personality later in life. But this is yet unconfirmed bias; just as the strange relationship between personality and astrology, who can say if it's what one learns about their names or signs that might unconsciously influence their behavior, or is it something more, perhaps deeper than human understanding?

  6. I met like 3 people named Stefano. I lived most of my life in Argentina where people tend to have Italian names, I also lived in NYC and been perfectly fine and proud of my name

  7. "boys with girl names are most likely to have behaviour problems" Maybe bec people make fun of then for having a more lassie of a name and they get angry 😂

  8. My dad learned a lesson: don't name a pet your favorite name. If he didn't name the cat his favorite name my name would be Ellie.

  9. my mum doesn't even know why she named me marta she just said someone in the family picked it and nobody remembers who

  10. My name is Zachary Trevor.. I'm Asian (Filipino) with a white name living in LA in a majority Mexican population.

  11. My name is strange and nobody can say it correctly on their first try. Both my first and last name have this quality.

  12. I named my kids their names because I had to go through a long list of people I hated or tolerated (a lot of bullying) and I didn't want their name to remind me of them.

    With my son, I named him Desmond from Assassins Creed and I can't tell you how many time I want to stab someone in the eye when they're like "oh Desmond from lost!" Nooooooo!

  13. Nope, names don't affect personality and I figured it out myself: Personalities entirely are made from experiences and it's as simple (or complicated) as that.

  14. 0:51 well i looked up my name and it said it was a girls name i have autisam but im more intelagent then the avreg adoult in my country im 12 btw

  15. Yep, I think it's a good name: Elinore. My parents admired Eleanor Roosevelt, but my father didn't remember (at the hospital, filling out the form) how she spelled it. So he took out the ''s'' in Elsinore (he was teaching Hamlet at the time). The unusual spelling makes me feel different, special! Later, when I realized that the letters were almost the same as my then boyfriend Uriel, I thought it was a sign from above that this is serious! 50 years, 2 kids and 6 grandkids years later, I guess it was. 😉

  16. My name is Airlea. It seems so simple at first, but then substitute teachers have such a freaking hard time pronouncing it. ITS NOT THAT HARD😡😡

  17. I kinda feel bad for those whose names are longer than 8 characters. I had this one Thai classmate in first and second grade who dreaded filling out scantron-type forms. It also didn't help that the teacher kept butchering it, each time she tried to pronounce it…….. out loud……. every morning during the roll-call.

  18. What does it mean, when your parents decide to name you after your father, which is one of the parents naming you but yet choose to not put junior on the name. pretty sure my parents were on something when they thought that was a smart idea…

  19. i hate my name so much. if anyone has a way to make my name sound better i will sub to your channel and like all your vids.

  20. I was named after my great great grandma, my name is Anna. (An-u) Yep, a Disney princess. My sister is Lydia, I don't know where it came from but it's like a silly but beautiful name to me, just like her. I'm not too happy but upset over my name, I'm glad to be named after someone in my family.

  21. I have an obscure name, and I do not like it. My mother picked it on its sound.

    Now, I have seven children and named each one. Partially, I actually studied the definition of the name, i.e. William means "Protector." I also used the sound of the name as well with two of my daughters, Camellia and Karalea.

    Most people in the United States do not know definitions of first names nor surnames. However, I love writing and the use of colorful words.

  22. I had a name my birth mother gave me then my adoptive parents decided to change it. Yeah, I’m definitely going back to the only thing I have of my birth mother.

  23. I think people associate my name, Victor, with being weird, zany, or sinister like a lot of movie characters named Victor

  24. I like my name (full first name, NOT any of the shortened versions of it!) but my name doesn’t match my personality at all.

  25. Oh hell no… sounds like youre discrediting the study.. well you could have the name that sounds like the ond they want and at the interview level be seen and still have the same result. So there's that

  26. Back in high school, I'm one of 12 or 13 named Michael. No one called the other Michaels by their first names because of this. Some of my classmates don't even know my first name because they're so used to calling me by my surname, they forgot why they call me that in the first place. I'm one of the least popular Michaels, I feel inferior to the other Michaels.

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