What Causes Constipation

What Causes Constipation

the final stages of food digestion take place in the large intestine or colon after nourishment is extracted from what we eat the leftover waste material mixed with water flows from the small intestine into the colon after entering the colon school loses water as it travels upward through the ascending colon and across the valley through the transverse colon as water is lost school returns from a liquid into a solid as a goes down toward the rectum in the descending colon stool is moved to the sections of the colon by waves are squeezing muscles in an action called peristalsis constipation can occur if too much water is absorbed from the school worth Paris Tarsus slowdown many other factors can also play a role such as a poor diet low in fiber emotional stress or other medical conditions

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  1. Scientists be like:
    We are great scientist..We give everything a new name..We won't call it what everyone call it..We won't call it potty from now it's new name is stool.

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