What causes constipation? – Heba Shaheed

What causes constipation? – Heba Shaheed

Visiting the bathroom is part
of the daily human experience. But occasionally, constipation strikes, a condition that causes
a backup in your digestive system. The food you eat can take several days
to exit your body. And for many,
constipation can become chronic, meaning regularly passing lumpy
hard stools accompanied by straining. What’s behind this
unsettling phenomenon? Constipation arises in the colon,
also known as the large intestine. This muscular organ is split
into four sections: the ascending, transverse, descending, and sigmoid colon, which connects with the rectum and anus. The small intestine delivers stool consisting of ingested food,
bile, and digestive juices to the large intestine. As this stool moves through the colon, the organ siphons off most
of the water it contains, transforming it from liquid to solid. The longer this transmission takes, the more reabsorption occurs,
resulting in increasingly solid stool. Once it reaches the sigmoid colon, a final bout of reabsorption
occurs before it enters the rectum, distending its walls and telling
the internal anal sphincter to relax. This is the point where you can usually
decide whether to physically expel or retain the stool. That’s regulated by
the pelvic floor muscles, particularly the puborectalis and external anal sphincter. The puborectalis forms
a sling-like formation around the rectum called the anorectal angle. And when you voluntarily relax
your external anal sphincter, the stool is finally expelled. When you’re constipated, however, a desire to visit the bathroom isn’t
enough to coax your body into action. Usually there’s two factors
behind this problem: the stool’s slow movement
through the colon and/or pelvic floor dysfunction. In the first, stool moves excessively
slowly through the intestines, causing over-absorption of liquid,
which makes the stool dry and hard. With pelvic floor dysfunction, stool becomes difficult
to eliminate from the rectum because of tightened pelvic floor muscles,
or due to a pelvic organ prolapse, usually through childbirth or aging. Both of these problems
make the anorectal angle more acute and it becomes difficult to expel waste. To identify constipation precisely, researchers have developed metrics,
such as the Bristol Stool Chart. Most people who look at that chart will be able to tell they’ve experienced
constipation before. When you’re on the toilet, you should
ideally be in a squatting position. With your buttocks firmly
on the toilet seat, you can elevate your feet on a stool and lean forwards with a straight back, which straightens the anorectal angle
and eases the passage of waste. Going a day without a bowel movement
isn’t necessarily cause for alarm. But if you are experiencing
chronic constipation, simple dietary and lifestyle changes, like fibrous vegetables, regular exercise, abdominal massage, and 6 to 8 cups of water per day may help restore your daily
trip to the toilet.

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  2. OMG ….. I've been waiting for this video for DAYS now! ☹️ 🚽 😬😬😬 😣😣😣😣💩😌

  3. Well growing up my mum always said to eat "food with spoon not only fork" which means to eat soups and "Ciorba,, not only hard and dry food so I won't get constipated. She was right, and we lived in comunist times so she was smart.

  4. Indian toilets aka the squatty pottys help to put pressure on the colon and can end constipation….eat fibrous food, wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water, walk for a few minutes around the house and then use a squatty potty and you'll poop like never before

  5. Yup but take pills of dulcoflex one pill at night can remove ur constipation and gives u fresh out for a day.👍
    its natural medicine no side effects 😊

  6. This is glorious, I have been researching "severe constipation home remedies" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Qaneah Neynna Takeover – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.

  7. Three things that will help…

    1. Liquid magnesium citrate sold at any Walgreens.

    2. A toilet within 5 steps for a solid (pun intended) 24 hours.

    3. A hose with a powerful nozzle cause TP is absolutely useless.

  8. I can see the whole comment section full of praises, but sadly this video didn't actually revealed the real cause, guys you JUST need to balance electrolytes in your body, sodium and potassium play a major role in producing soft stools, and also keep your insulin under control- only real solutions for constipation!!!!!

  9. People take a vitamin c tablet with a collagen tablet I guarantee you won't be constipated . I go number 2 twice a day. I'm sure not constipated at all. 🙂

  10. And for some people like me, we may become constipated due to having a redundant part of bowel. As peristalsis waves aren't as strong or are weak for persons like myself. And yes I do eat plenty of fibre and also drink enough water…. ⚛️💩

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  12. I think its 90% diet related. I eat lots of fruits/vegetables and lean protein and i poop 1 hour after i wake up everyday like clockwork. If i start eating junk food i start getting constipated right away.

  13. I think I am being spyied by Google….
    My constipation started this morning and now I youtube recommended it to the me

    Like didn't even searched about it anywhere on the Internet

  14. I once suffered from this for just one day when the stool was rock hard. It was scary. Cant imagine how people who suffer from it regularly live with it.

  15. It's because you eat junky foods duh. I've cut sugar and junk from my food and I've never had issues. Eat right for a month and you'll be reset.

  16. Don't forget to cut out the highly refined foods that you are eating! They contain no fibre and will certainly lead to constipation.

  17. Why people don't drink water in United States? They always get soda diet or regular after meal. I felt weird when I got in States 5 yes back, still couldn't understand.

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