What Can I Do Should Constipation Return After Candida?

What Can I Do Should Constipation Return After Candida?

Greetings! New Zealand naturopath Eric Bakker. I’m the author of a book called Candida Crusher,
and the formulator of CanXida supplements for Candida, parasite, gut problems, etc. Thanks for tuning in. I’ve got a question here from a guy called
Paul Sherman in Sydney, Australia, wonderful Sydney. If you haven’t been to Sydney, it’s a really
nice place to check out. Paul’s asking me: “What can I do should constipation
return after Candida diet?” I think he means after the Candida diet. Well, good question to ask you, Paul, is did
you have constipation before you started on the Candida-going to close this window, it’s
a bit noisy out there. Just a moment. Sounds like the old guy next door with the
chainsaw. I love chainsaws; they’re very fun. Anyway I’m sidetracked. What can I do if the constipation returns
after Candida diet? A question for you, Paul, is did you have
constipation before embarking on the Candida diet? Is it a problem that you have generally in
your diet? How long have you had the constipation for? Try and examine your lifestyle In particular
when it comes to a bowel that’s quite sluggish. Because many people that think that constipation
is a lack of drinking sufficient water. In fact, if you look at a lot of the old health
books behind me, a lot of them actually talk a lot more about just drinking water. They talk about walking regularly. They talk about not sitting all the time. They talk about stress. People knew these things a long time ago. My favorite health books would be the ones
from say 1900s up to about the 1960s. I’ve got some very nice ones from the 1890s. A lot of the modern books don’t really have
a lot of these gold tips in them that the older ones have. Now, bear in mind that in those days they
didn’t even have computers or mobile phones. They had stress, but not at the level that
we’ve got today. Question for you is do you have a computer
job? Are you sitting down all day? Are you walking much? Are you stressing much? Do you get caught in traffic a lot? These are very important questions I ask people
with constipation. Constipation in many cases can be a lifestyle
problem, too. Let’s assume you didn’t have constipation
prior to going on the Candida diet and you started to develop it after the Candida diet. Then I would start saying let’s have a closer
look at the beneficial bacteria that you’ve got in your gut. Have you got a good amount of bacteria in
your gut? Did you affect them through any kind of treatment
that you did as part of your Candida cleansing regime? Did you go on an antibiotic or an antifungal
from your doctor? Did you take probiotics? Have you used digestive enzymes? Are you looking at foods that really help
to increase the beneficial bacteria? In fact, if you look at my book, Candida Crusher,
I wrote a quite big sizable article exactly about this topic should constipation occur. This is exactly what you do. So check out my book, Paul, because there’s-from
your email that you have got a copy of my book, so go to that page and read because
you’ll find I give you tips on foods to improve the bowel flora, foods that help to soothe
the digestive tract. Many different hints and tips in there on
alleviating constipation in general. That’s what I want you to do. I’m sure I’ve done some videos directly on
constipation. So let’s talk about some tips and give you
some hints about what you can do if the bowels not functioning optimally. You certainly want to, as I mentioned, go
for a walk every day. At least 15-20 minutes or if not half an hour
every single day. That’s going to make a big difference already. I want you to start looking at the fermented
or cultured foods in your diet. That could be a bit of yogurt, a bit of sauerkraut,
a bit of kimchi, some kefir maybe. You could include that into the diet. Another very important but overlooked tip
is chewing foods slowly and take your time chewing each mouthful. Chew, chew, chew, chew. That’s going to stimulate digestion. That’s going to improve blood flow to the
digestive organs. It’s what we call a parasympathetic stimulator. That stimulates the part of the nervous system
we call a rest and digest. The fight or flight is a sympathetic, which
is the stress mode. It’s what happens when you’re caught in traffic. It’s what happens when you watch elections
with people getting in. When you get all fired up, blood tends to
get drawn away from the digestion with any kind of stressful event. Meditation, relaxing, prayer, whatever you
do to relax helps to draw blood towards the digestive organs. It also improves the flow or passage of stool
through the bowel. Parasympathetic is exactly the mode you want
to be in to alleviate constipation. You’ll achieve that again by walking, relaxing,
chewing food properly, breathing nice and slowly, belly breathing. That’s going to help to really calm you down. But checking your social media feeds every
15-20 minutes through the day is not a great way to alleviate constipation. Chewing food in front of the computer, eating
food quickly, drinking alcohol, eating fast, skipping meals or eating meals at irregular
times. These are all ways to increase constipation,
not decrease it. Small amounts of lemon juice and olive oil
in the diet are great ways to alleviate constipation. Taking a good quality enzyme probiotic formulation. Check out the CanXida Restore product I developed. It’s got lots of different enzymes in it. Seven different enzymes, six different probiotics. That’s going to really help to alleviate constipation. I’ve got many people-hundreds of people now
in many different countries that rely on CanXida Restore regularly to alleviate constipation. One or two capsules per day. It’s going to go a long way towards it. And the other one I would say is assess yourself
for issues like yeast infection because if you’ve got a Candida overgrowth, that could
also really help to slow things right down. In that case, check out the CanXida Remove
product, which is going to help to cleanse the gut. Works beautifully with Restore. And then Rebuild is a tablet that I use to
help nourish and feed up the digestive system of nutrients that are required. That’s also something you could also look
at, Paul. As I mentioned, go back to the book and read
about constipation or check out my videos or go to yeastinfection.org and look at some
of the articles I’ve written on constipation. EricBakker.com, I’ve written a very long article
on constipation, which I think you’ll get a lot of benefit from, too. These are all free resources for people to
use. So do use them. That’s why I spent time making these resources
to help people with gut problems just like you. So I hope that gives you some information. Click on the link below if you haven’t got
my Candida report. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. I am still suffering with Candida and have hyper-sensitivities to everything. I am limited to about 10 foods. I have tried everything for constipation which I figured out I have been constipated for about 2 years. I just do not go. When I do find something that works, it's only for a few days and then dead stop. Fermented foods give me a horrible reaction with feeling like death. I get a build up with mucous and my breathing gets bad. What can I do? Please help me! I keep getting sick over and over and over again. Also, I have tried everything you mention in this video. It all makes me deathly ill.

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