What Are the Different Types of Teeth – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

What Are the Different Types of Teeth – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

The Last part of the mouth Teeth which we need to discuss Now speaking of human Teeth students human Teeth are Diphyodont, Thecodont and Heterdont now let’s understand meaning of Diphyodont, Diphyodont means to this to cells of Teeth in our life through life gets to cells of teeth the first set of teeth which Arises or Erupt in your mouth is called it Milkteeth or Deousteeth and the next stage which comes after falling of Milkteeth is called as Foremanteeth so to our throught we get two sets of teeth that is why our Teeth are are called as Diphyodunt next meaning of Chico dot Tico don’t mince it is rooted in the jawbone it is firmly attached to the job boom government teeth Tiko Tiko means form attachments so the tip is firmly attached to the jawbone that is why it is called it Tico dot the last one is heterodon headroom is different document feet so we have different types of feet in would be set that is why human peeps are called hetro gone to study later order types of hetero don t now there are four types of teeth present in our mouth the four types of teeth are incisors canines premolars and molars this four teeth in the front is emphasis look into this picture carefully one two three oh this are these in sizes frist and six is ten nine then comes premolar and then come molar so two on either side premolar and three three set of molar so these are the types of teeth present in our mouth now what are the function of this different types of teeth inside the if by T of thirty canines are for tearing tearing the food which are both shop in case of tiger lion dots the candidate amniotic cavity bowls animal have more sharp canines now we don’t need to tell before that must satisfy our canines are not too sharp now speaking about premolar dream on our helps improper biking or food of Mexican of food molar it says the last molar the first of all ours are used for the same purpose what molar does that is mastication of food of proper churning of food speaking about the last molar last molar is called as wisdom tooth this one is called wisdom tooth it is less to chill in our case why this which ages first of all what are the meaning of vestigial organs the organ of the part which are present in our body but non functionable it is not used anytime particular organs are called it vestigial organs so in case of teeth the last molars are less teaching because it does not carry out churning of food and it is also called as wisdom tooth now why it is called as wisdom tooth because it’s last in your body till you’re dead once it comes it lasts throughout this life it is with you throughout the life that is why it is called wisdom teeth be completed with a tight shock feet now we are going to study in the next video once vendor formula thank you very much student

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