Was David’s Appendicitis Just a Distraction?

Was David’s Appendicitis Just a Distraction?

We have a voicemail number. That number is two. One nine two. David P received a number of voicemails and
emails related to my appendicitis. Uh, it was great to hear from the ag man. Take a listen to this. Hi. I’m just calling to see if David’s feeling
better. I’m worried about him. Hoping a you at the hospital soon and hoping
you recover quickly. Each fellow brother shallow mag man. Yes, I was, uh, out of the hospital within
a couple of hours of the procedure, I am feeling significantly better. Not 100%. I’m told it can take even sometimes up to
two weeks to be back to 100%. But working on it every day. I also got some people believed they thought
peop there are people now who think that the Bernie Sanders thing is a distraction and
that the producer Pat thing is a distraction. Take a listen to this. David. This is Ralphie from Pella. Hassey uh, just going to leave you a message. Uh, my concern is this appendicitis thing. Is it just a distraction? Yeah, you’re spot on. It. It’s, it’s absolutely 110% merely a distraction. No. But in all seriousness, thanks to everybody
who reached out on Twitter, email, Instagram, Facebook, I heard from a ton of people and
I really do appreciate it. And as part of my recovery, I am not doing
the bonus show today. So producer Pat is going to have a fantastic
bonus show for you today. Two ways to access it. Become a [email protected]idpakmanshowatdavidpakman.com

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  1. David Pakman (age 35) show viewers are more considerate about his health after his appendectomy (a comparatively super simple surgery) than MSM is about Bernie Sanders' (age 78) health after his heart attack and subsequent placement of stents. Just saying.

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