Vegan Strongman Eats ONE MEAL A DAY !

Vegan Strongman Eats ONE MEAL A DAY !

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    3 months ago (edited)

    1:15 daily cyclic fasting promotes HGH release. 2:30 aerobic activity during day, weight/resistance training later. 3:15 workout/exercise keeps you young. age-related muscle-wasting is a catalyst for premature decline, specially in women.

    5:50 amen regimen incl 23hr daily fast, 1000-1500 calories/day, nutraceuticals, daily exercise, meditation/asisis, diet devoid of meat, centered on staples: nuts, grains, tubers, dried fruit, always eat in evening, after evening resistance regimen. in the am and afternoon we do aerobic exercise, in eve we do resistance routines incl weight lifting and integrated weighted yoga between sets.

    10:55 about rejuvenating protein. 11:55 about sugars. 16:25 triparteid meal after 23 hr fast, is the amino elixir, soy/spirulina/brewer's yeast etc. then we have the main meal, typically 1 of 3 beans/rice incl red kidney beans. 18:15 fruit and fresh veggies are not high on list of staples due to cellulose/water content take up space.

    19:15 minor meal dessert, crudely crushed roasted (not raw) peanuts and fruit preservatives on bread. raw nuts can promote fungal growth. 21:30 teas: green, black, oolong, s. african: honey bush, red/hisbiscus/rubbarb.

    22:40 nutraceuticals: niacin-bound chromium, glucosamine, tumeric. 25:20 i promote multi-mineral multi-vitamin supplementation. 27:30 organisms can make-do with less, a reduced energetic demand, reduces waste byproducts, more efficient increased detox capacity. 29:30 our environment is toxic and we can only optimize our detox capacity. 32:40 committing to a self-imposed discipline is the best way to improve the quality of your exitence.

  2. I eat one meal a day. Its hell because of the hunger craving I am use to but since I felt fat and slow I actually feel more confident. If you look good you feel good if you feel good you look good. Plus I had an eating issue. I would kill 20 tacos back to back. Now i starve myself all day and eat a huge meal. Then switch days to eat 2 big meals a day. It's all about getting in tune with your body.

  3. The eye of Ra on his stick tells me he is looking for longevity like the Egyptians were. They served Satan. This man has great ideas on nutrition. But,he lacks the most important factor in the human body . The Holy Spirit. His body may live longer than most. But his soul will not inherit Gods kingdom .

  4. Can anyone help me out here?– how can you eat rice and bread (carbs that aren't much different to sugar in the end) on this kind of diet? I know I'm missing something…

  5. "Aerobics during Day"

    "Weight Training Later" …huh? wow so informative video 😀
    I walk 3 to 4 hours a day during day time, so that's okay…I think..

    what I need is weight training …I guess…maybe I can use this bag of rice I have…it's 5kgs 😀

  6. Sabali 🙏🏿… Dear fellow users, be wise enough to figure out why he is talking the way he is doing.
    Secondly, you should all have knowledge of medicine today in order to UNDERstand his actions ❤️🔐
    Because non will challenge a doctor with license. Moreover it should be indispensable knowing today's ~LEGAL LAW~

    Furthermore,… He is talking like a master of ancient African high cultures 👁️🌈🙏🏿

    Angel's livin' among 👁️

    The spell is broken now and for all🖤

  7. Cardio gets my blood pressure down and increases my endurance but weight loss and perfect stats have come from resistance training of high reps medium to low weight. I eat very little meat hoping to go completely vegan one day. I usually eat once or twice a day. This is motivational! I hope I figure it out one day!

  8. He is obviously a very knowledgeable man about this subject but I would love to see him performing a regular 40 hours job and see how is performance would be 🙂

  9. This guy thinks fast and talks s l o w. he also speaks mutiple languages .I thought he was going to say "you don't know the power of the darkside .the man is ripped for someone who only eats beans , rice , nutts and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. WOW

  10. This guy was born a thousand years ago. He's one of those immortal beings that has seen the rise and fall of civilizations. One day he's going to disappear back into the woods and come back in a thousand years to teach the next generation; The secret of immortality.

  11. Brother Nun Amen Ra is my hero. I'm on day 5 of a WF and can no longer fit my pants. I choose health over being a food addict.

  12. You mention older women gaining muscle… I want to point out that wome’s optimal time for building strength and muscle actually starts at an older age than men. The female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are muscle growth inhibitors and also act as muscle relaxers, so women who work out and practice a healthy lifestyle and diet actually start to gain more muscle in their mid 30s when these hormones start to become less abundant in the body, and as long as a woman is doing some type of strength training, the most strength and muscle gain will occur in the 40s and 50s. Unfortunately, so many Americans live a sedentary lifestyle that we don’t even get a chance to observe simple phenomena like this in our society.

  13. If he's 65 he's aging in reverse. If he's 50 ( my age) you're an inspiration. Either way if he's reading this he should look to an excellent acupuncturist. Your eyes show signs of suppressed liver or endocrine function. They aren't as clear and bright as they should be.

  14. Well took me a few hours to watch this after researching and reading up on all his biochemistry but this all makes sense. Now I'm aware that the glycation process is causing my high blood pressure, I guess it's bye bye sugar. Thanks Amon Ra. x

  15. This guy was probably squeezing the umbilical cord when he was in his mother’s womb so he could fast, as well as resistance training by kicking his moms insides at night.

  16. what irony that this silly video went viral
    the one time the true master sits behind the camera
    apparently need to talk funny or be all mysterious to make it more memetastic for average ppl

  17. This guy is a damn keeper of knowledge. Amd he uses a very wide array of vocabulary. But there is something about his calmness, seems like AI talking. A robot or something but ofc this must be due to the continous meditation he does during the day.

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