Urinary Tract Infection In Women | Causes & Treatment

Urinary Tract Infection In Women | Causes & Treatment

Feminine health and hygiene issues are often considered uncomfortable to talk about but we at Glamrs want to open up the conversation. One of the topics being, Urinary Tract Infections or UTI’s. Have you heard about UTI’s, but aren’t sure exactly what they are and how to prevent them? We’re here to help you understand how they occur and how they can be easily avoided, to make sure you’re informed, healthy and confident! A UTI is a type of infection that can affect any part of your urinary system. Including your kidneys, ureters, bladder or urethra. A UTI occurs when fecal bacteria from your large intestine enters your urethra, the tube that carries urine from your bladder to outside your body. Once it enters your urethra, it can travel up to your bladder and cause an infection. If left untreated this infection could travel even further up to your kidneys and result in more severe symptoms. Unfortunately, women are more prone to UTI’s than men because of our anatomy. Our urethras are much shorter than men which makes it easy for bacteria to travel up to our bladder easily. UTI’s can also be caused by sexual activity, improper hygiene or menopause. We are also more prone to the infection while pregnant. A UTI is accompanied by symptoms like a strong and frequent urge to urinate without actually being able to pass much. And an extreme burning pain when you urinate as well. Another symptom is urine that is cloudy or contains blood. If you experience these symptoms, see a doctor immediately! You will be made to give a urine sample to test and then can be easily cured in just 2-3 days with antibiotics. Although it’s frustrating that women are so easily prone to UTI’s, it’s also very simple to prevent them by incorporating these quick tips into your daily life. Drink lots of water and liquids throughout the day to stay hydrated and cleanse your urinary system. Urinate before and after sex as it will flush out any bacteria that may have entered your system. Make sure you’re pushing bacteria away from your urethra by wiping yourself from front to back in the bathroom. Scented feminine hygiene products like washes and wipes might make you feel like you’re fresher down there but they might irritate you instead. Cranberry juice doesn’t cure UTI’s but prevents it by stopping bacteria from traveling in your system, so drink up! Above all make sure to maintain proper hygiene and keep yourself clean. UTI’s often recur so if you have experienced one in the past be extra cautious! Urinary Tract Infections are a pain, literally! But they are also extremely easy to avoid. So we hope you find these tips helpful and that this information arms you with the knowledge you need to feel comfortable, safe and to openly talk about female health issues. Until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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  2. in your last intimate hygiene video you had said that intimate washes are actually good for us and now you're saying the opposite! very disappointing.

  3. Thank you so much team Glamrs for this very useful video.
    I have been suffering with very severe infection between my butts. the skin is very itchy, red and its at times very painful if the skin streches,
    My gynac did prescribe "Oanbet" cream twice a day but its is only able to control the itching but is not curing the problem from the root.
    What is the possible reason, plz help me out .

  4. Well done my dear friend one of the important topic and well done 💜🤝😘have a wonderful day ❤💜💖

  5. always be careful in using public toilets.. it also causes UTI particularly western toilets..
    maximum try to use Indian toilets when u want use public toilets.. like in temples, hotels, bus stand etc., avoid western toilets..
    we should try learn pee by standing… without much contact with toilet seat.

    This was advised by a doctor, one one of relatives was suffering from uti for 2 weeks..

  6. @glamrs I hv a question as a teen I hv some premature white and grey hair which starts growing more frequently.. Will u help me to get rid of them easily

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  8. Thanks a lot for updating this video… Team, undoubtedly have done a great job… Love you guys 😆

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  10. I had been dealing with UTIs for decades before I discovered D Mannose . I started taking it daily for prevention and haven’t had an infection since . Several good videos on YouTube about it .

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