Urinary Tract Infection | How To Prevent UTI (2018)

Urinary Tract Infection | How To Prevent UTI (2018)

Urinary tract infections, does cranberry
juice really help? here’s five simple tips that can actually help prevent a UTI the urinary tract infection or UTI for short UTIs are a worldwide global issue with eight billion doctor visits worldwide it’s the number one bacterial infection and women are 20 to 1 men likely to have a UTI so before we start with the tips let’s first answer the question which I’m sure you all want to
know does cranberry juice really help with the UTIs? well I’m afraid not studies have shown it has no benefit whatsoever so I guess
we’ve at least busted that myth okay so first tip yes you should drink
plenty of fluids when you have a UTI because it can help dilute the amount of
bacteria that’s in your bladder and the urethra the urethra is the little tube
that your pee comes out but remember if you’re taking antibiotics you don’t want
to drink excessive amounts of fluids because you want to keep the levels of
antibiotic concentrated in the bladder and urethra so you can kill all those
bad bacteria tip 2, you’ve gone to the bathroom you’ve done your business you
feel amazing right and now you’re about to wipe but you need to make sure that
you wipe from front to back you don’t want to be wiping from back to front
because if you do the bad bacteria that colonises the rectum like E. coli can
get closer to the urethra and put you at higher risk of a UTI tip 3, emptying your
bladder soon after sexual intercourse can help prevent you from getting a UTI especially if you’re used to getting repeated UTIs after intercourse tip
number 4, try to empty your bladder fully when you go for a pee and if you
need to go don’t hold it in so if you’ve got the urge go for a pee tip 5, try
going for a shower instead of a bath as it can help also wear loose cotton
underwear what you want to avoid is wearing tight jeans trousers and
synthetic underwear like nylon so what are the symptoms of a UTI? urgency so having
to go to the bathroom straightaway frequency you pee you think you’ve done
and then you need to go again pain or burning sensation when you pee smelly, cloudy or even blood in your pee feeling tired or unwell and in older
people changes in behavior such as confusion or agitation and that’s the
end of the video I hope my tips help prevent any future UTIs and if you have
any friends or family that will benefit from this video then please help spread
the word I’ve also left more information in the description below about UTIs so
feel free to check it out hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video
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with new weekly videos E. coli can basically be transferred to your urethra (struggling to pronounce) when you need to go tip 4, try to empty your bladi, bladi? (laughter) bladi bladder that sounded a bit weird (laughter)

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  1. Why do we get such anxiety Or confusion or aggitation when we Have this though …? I wonder. Im never restless like this any other time

  2. UTI'S are caused by parasites…red worms …I passed these in my pee when doing a turpentine cleanse

  3. I’m 10 years old and it started when I was 9 the pain won’t stop 😭😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Cranberry extract rather than juice is actually very very very effective
    Also for anyone reading this – try garlic extract and d-mannose

  5. I know I’m late but I’m a boy, And I’t doesn’t hurt when I pee
    I just have chills and fever I’m feeling dizzy and I can’t sleep..
    But when I sleep my back hurts..Please help.

  6. Hi doctor !! Actually I had this UTI problem before 3 months ago. I completed the antibiotics course of 6 days as prescribed by the doctor.after 3 months suddenly I felt lil bit pain in my lower abdomen like before. after drinking plenty water I felt like I'm getting normal. What's the reason behind this?? And I really wanna get rid of this problem permanently. Kindly suggest.

  7. Another tip which i've found helpful is that wash your hands with soap BEFOREyou pee as itwill help prevent the transfer of germs to ur pvt parts while washing them

  8. Uhm, Im just a kid 12 year old just last night i feel i gotta pee but when i go to the toilet nothing comes out but i feel burning inside and i only pee few times and when i push.I feel like my organs gonna come out and i feel like its burning or something burning inside, Is that a symtom of UTI? By the way im a boy

  9. i have a hru lmao but i don’t know how to get rid of it. it’s not bad. like it doesn’t burn or itch or anything like that. it’s like i pee w/o feeling it lmfao. idek 🤚🏼. I NEED HELP ON HOW TO GET RID OF IT. IVE BEEN HAVING IT SINCE NOVEMBER I THINK. on november 3rd i went to my friends house and stayed a night and after that i had a fever and stuff they told me i had a uti after my i stayed at my friends house. please help!

  10. I don't have a uti, but my girlfriend has. and this video helped her so much out and now i learned something to, cause now i know you need to pee after you have sex. thanks for all those tips man you are a lifesaver!

  11. bro my penis and balls hurt and i have back pain now with throat hurting………my gf had UTI and she was taking antibiotics … and we had sexy time …..3 days later my balls ANd penis started hurting so bad, and when i pee it hurts. I cant sleep. I am keep drinking ginger tea and take advil due to pain its been 2 weeks. i am so agitated……i think its time to go to doctor ..fuk

  12. If you keep getting urinary tract infections after sexual intercourse. Try emptying your bladder soon after sexual intercourse as it can help you prevent a UTI.
    Wear a condom, simple…….

  13. as im overweight its hard to wipe front to bak I found if i separate my fattly sides then its easlier to wipe with wet cloth backwards.. thats the fun of being fat..lol

  14. Im 30 years male.i have frequency.burning urination.pain in low back.pain after ejuculation since 6 7 months.in check up there is no inflamation in prostate no infection in urine culture.so doc give me flotarl 10mg a alphablocker but it didnt help me.after 3 months i went to ayurveda and they check and said there is no infection n inflamation but 5give me prostacare capsuls..dysuria urinary infection antibiotic.a digestion syrup.in 20 days im 80% symptoms free feel normal.what is this sir.in hospital there is no any infection in culture and after take ayurvedic antibiotic all symptoma dissapear.dont know what is this and what to do?

  15. I feel like iam half alive and half dead . Iam peeing every 15 to 20 min . I go toilet like 10 times at night and like 20times a day . Pls help me iam young but i feel like iam 60years old man

  16. So I had to take a urinalysis for my job and found out I have white blood cells in my urine, so I’ve been drinking a lot of water and now my urine is a really light yellow color is it possible that when I return for another urinalysis I won’t have white blood cells in my urine ?

  17. Hello Abraham. Nice to listen your video. I don't know alot of English but I understand easy speaking English. I have urine incontinence. I can't understand that what you speak about. I read all comments. I really wants to do that you told. Please help me. Tell me in written or something that your convenience.

  18. My mother has had 3 urinary tract infections in 6 months . how can we stop this crazyness if it keeps Comeing back.

  19. After I pee very immediately,I feel like some urine drops are stuck in my Penis.This causes Urgency to Urinate again.And when I urinate again, I again feel like some urine is stuck in my penis.This cycle continues,I'm Messed up!!!

  20. So like ive been taking antibiotics for 5 days and ive been drinking a lot of water cause i thought that was gonna help me even more. Im still in pain after im done with the pills
    So u saying i defeated the purpose of the antibiotics with drinking too much ? Great 😭🤣

  21. You never know when you really have to urinate. That's where the anxiety and fear comes in. Had this before and would go to the restroom and nothing would come out then when I left all of the sudden I had to really pee 5 minutes later.

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  23. If you're having Inflammation or pain, make sure you drink alot of water and pee alot. It might help alot eventually but kinds problematic if you're currently taking antibiotics.
    Hence you can also use heatpad or something similar and put it on your groins.
    God it's a blessing to have a heat under there to reduce the pain/cramps.

    I am currently getting it while posting this, I hope you guys are healthy and get well soon if you currently having it.
    This thing is one of the most unpleasant sickness I had so far and I already got it like 4 time.
    (first as a kid I can't remember how I even get it, Then the 2nd was during my early college days after taking pretty shitty food, hygiene and sitting with lacks of water, 3rd one because I live similar to 2nd except I rarely move around, 4th (current) seems due tight underwear and I was lazy to change it fuck me.

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