Treating Sick Pet Snakes : How to Treat Constipation in Pet Snakes

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Nicole from
Pet Kingdom and I’m here to tell you about sick snakes. Internal masses can be a very
good indication of constipation. One thing that you’ll be able to notice with your snake
even if you don’t notice the defecating at all. You’ll be able to tell cause of the mid
section here or the belly here will be descended kind of blown up, it will feel like a balloon
to press on it. That is a good indication that the snake is constipated now along with
constipation will often come into the internal masses which are basically feces with uric
acid that formed a very hard ball. Which is very hard for the snake to pass, at that point
you are going to wan to soak the snake in warm water several times a day until you can
actually see the snake. If the snake is not being able to pass the masses within a few
days I highly recommend taking it to a vet because these masses may need to be surgically
removed. Cause it can compromise your snakes life. Surgical removal is a last effort made
by vets we much of course would rather the snake pass the masses by themselves. But a
lot of times that’s in advance cases that is not so easy the belly becomes descended.
It’s not able to use the bathroom this causes them to not want to eat or to regurgitate
their food. What they would do is they would just basically cut a little slit in here remove
the masses, remove the gas, remove the air that is all built up in their, then close
it back up. It’s very stressful for snake its likely that it will cause secondary problems
and this is the last effort to save your snake from the uric acid masses.

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