Treating Kids with Flu | Memorial Hospital

Flu season is from the
early fall until April. But it tends to peak at different
times, in different years. Influenza is something, that I think, most of us have experienced in
our lifetimes, at least once. You get a fever, a
little bit of a headache, body aches are definitely a
big component of Influenza. But when things get worse, that’s when we need to
have the child evaluated in a center that can
provide a higher level of diagnosis and care. Things to look out for
when Influenza gets bad is first of all, the sort
of minor complications are ear infections, and sinus infections, but probably the most
common bad complication of Influenza is Pneumonia, either Viral Pneumonia
or Bacterial Pneumonia. And the problem with this is that it can progress to
respiratory distress, respiratory failure or even sepsis, which is best described
as a body’s reaction to an infection. If the flu is severe, if there’s any signs of dehydration, if the child is not
taking in liquids or food, if there’s a decrease in the urine output, then that would be a good time to have the child evaluated
in the Emergency Department. – [Narrator] The Memorial
ER at Julington Creek.

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