Top Foods to Boost Focus & Memory | Dr. Josh Axe

Top Foods to Boost Focus & Memory | Dr. Josh Axe

– Hi I’m Dr. Josh Axe, Doctor of Natural Medicine
and founder of In this video I’m gonna
share with you the top foods that can help you improve your focus, memory and brain health. And if you’re a person out there and you want to use natural nootropics. You wanna have better focus. You wanna perform better at
work and you just wanna be mentally on point and also
prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and other degenerative
neurological conditions. In this video, I’m gonna share
you with you how to do that. Food number one are avocados. Now avocados are all the craze
today, as they should be. Avocados are high in
monounsaturated fats, along with potassium and magnesium, which really support your
brain and nervous tissue. But those healthy fats found in avocados are really great for
your brain and hormones. So that’s super food number one. Super food number two
are gonna be beets. Here’s why beets are
fantastic for your brain. Beets are high in something
called nitric oxide. So beets help build your blood. They help send more blood to the brain, which actually allows you to think better, have better focus and
memory and concentration but any time you can
send more healthy, rejuvenated blood and oxygen to the brain, the brain is going to be healthier. So again, beets work
because they oxygenate and build your blood, which
then supports your brain. Super food number three
you wanna consider is going to be celery. You know celery is actually
very high in electrolytes. Did you know that hydration
is key to supporting your focus, memory and your entire system? Now a lot of times when
people think of hydration, they think of oh I just
need to drink water. Hydration isn’t just water, it’s water plus electrolytes. And celery juice actually has a little bit of bitterness to it which is gonna support your
heart and cardiovascular system and it’s loaded with
all these electrolytes which is gonna help your body with what’s called
cellular or fluid exchange. And so celery juice specifically, can be an amazing super
food for your brain. Super food number four
is gonna be blueberries. Blueberries contain antioxidants like anthocyanins,
flavanoids, resveratrol, and they’re very good for the brain. In fact they actually help with prevent neurodegeneration
which is really important. Blueberries also amazing for anti-aging. They’re fantastic for your
gut and digestive health. They’re one of the number
one anti-aging foods. But again, specifically,
they help your brain age more slowly which
is one of the reasons why they are so powerful. The next super food that
you wanna consume to support your brain
is gonna be bone broth. You know bone broth is high
in glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid along with collagen. Collagen is critical for
so many areas of the body and certain amino acids found in collagen like glycine supports liver
detoxification and cleansing and proline supports all the
tissues surrounding your brain. So for that reason we should be getting bone broth in our
diet every single day. The next super food is coconut oil. Coconut oil is probably the easiest fat for your body to burn as fuel. Now there was a story years ago about a female medical
doctor who her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She started putting him on what’s called a Keto Coconut Diet. It’s a ketogenic diet
where he was consuming lots of coconut oil and
coconut, and she said that she saw his symptoms reversed. Now he was an early stage. I’m not claiming, hey
just consume coconut oil and Alzheimer’s reverses. But here’s what I’m saying is she did it with her husband who’s early stage. She saw major improvements
by doing a Keto coconut diet. So again, coconut oil, the
reason why it’s so effective, it contains medium chain fatty acids. These fats are the easiest for
your brain to burn as fuel. It actually helps reduce
inflammation as well. So coconut oil, amazing amazing
super food for your brain. Now you’re gonna love this one. The next super food is dark chocolate. Do you ever wonder why eating chocolate, like so many people love chocolate. So many people sort of
have this euphoric feeling when they get chocolate. It’s known as a natural
aphrodisiac, in terms of a food. Why is that? It’s because it actually
activates part of your endocannabinoid system in
your brain and nervous system so chocolate is also
loaded with healthy fats, can be amazing activator for your body and supporting your brain, which leads me to another super food here, which acts in a similar way. It’s coffee. Isn’t that crazy? Chocolate and coffee, probably
two of the most popular foods in the world. In fact, I think coffee’s
the number one beverage and chocolate’s the
number one dessert food. So in terms of us eating
something to stimulate emotion, they’re the two most powerful foods. Both of those foods activate
your endocannabinoid system which is tied to your
gut brain connection. So really good for your brain. So again coffee, chocolate,
I’m not telling you to eat all of it but eat some of it. It can be really good for your brain. Alright, next super food are egg yolks. Now a lot of times people today are getting rid of the yolks
and only eating the white, here’s the problem with that. The white’s got a little bit of protein. The yolk has protein plus vitamin E, omega-3 fats, choline, sulfur. All these amazing nutrients that specifically support your brain and your neurological health. So if you wanna support your brain and neurological health,
and your hormones, you wanna eat the whole egg
but especially the egg yolk is incredible for your
brain and nervous system, especially because the vitamin
E is a fat soluble vitamin. Omega-3s are fat, and
choline really supports your gall bladder but also your brain, your whole lymphatic system. It’s amazing. Eat some egg yolks. Next one up is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is
full of monounsaturated fats known as omega-9 fatty acids. And also contains certain
types of polyphenols which are great for the brain. It’s the key fat consumed as
part of a Mediterranean diet. And the Mediterranean
diet has been proven in medical studies to slow neuro decline and actually help you reduce
inflammation in your body. So for that reason, Extra
Virgin Olive Oil is fantastic. Next food up are green leafy vegetables. Spinach, kale, chard, even things like broccoli rabe, which have some of these green leaves on ’em, amazing for your neurological system. These are full of calcium and vitamin K. Now vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin that’s great for your bones
but also great for your brain, great for your arterial
walls, your heart health, cardiovascular system,
all of those things. And so one of the things
you’ll notice here is some of what I’ve talked
about is your brain health can be connected sometimes
to your heart health and your gut health, partly because your cardiovascular system getting more blood and oxygen to the brain is really key to
supporting memory and focus and so many other things. So eating kale salads and steamed spinach and all of those good green leafies is gonna go a long way to your health. The next super food
here is actually an herb and it’s Rosemary. Rosemary’s been shown in medical studies to improve focus and memory. Rosemary is also highly anti-inflammatory, but rosemary in terms of
herbs is one of the most powerful for your brain. Now you can use Rosemary
as an essential oil. Take several drops, kind of rub it on your kind of temples here. A little bit on your neck. You can actually rub it in your
scalp and thicken your hair. And actually smell it at the same time which is great for your brain. So again, Rosemary and
Rosemary essential oil. Now the way I love to use Rosemary is I will throw it in burger meat. I’ll throw it on chicken if
I’m making Italian chicken or just any type of chicken dish. But using it in burger
meat and with chicken, and with salmon, actually, just using it with the meat is a great
way to use Rosemary. Next one up, one of my favorites, maybe the most powerful herb
on the planet is Turmeric. Turmeric contains curcumin,
and Turmerone. Now curcumin reduces inflammation
of your brain and body. Turmerone actually helps boost
stem cells in your brain which is amazing so
turmeric, one of those things you wanna be getting every day. Next food is salmon. Salmon is full of omega-3
fats, which is going to help you reduce inflammation of your brain and is powerful as well. And last but not least is walnut. There’s a principal in Chinese medicine and if a food looks like an
organ it supports that organ. Think about this, walnuts look like a hemisphere of your brain. They’re also full of
omega-3 fats and other fats that have been proven to support your brain and nervous system. So walnuts are the ultimate nut/seed that can support a healthy
brain and nervous system. So listen, if you wanna
support your focus, your memory and your brain health, start eating these super foods today.

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    NOW what do I do???!!!

  2. MCT oil makes me sleepy – no energy for me. I have family members intolerant to coconut so it's frustrating hearing all the benefits that they can't experience.

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  4. How about probiotics and Gluthathione? are they okay to be taken daily as long term supplements? what skin supplements are safe to be taken daily for long term. your answer will be very much appreciated!

  5. all great foods but the only thing I've found to help with menopausal brain fog is theanine….which I get from strong black or green tea

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