Top 10 Toxic Foods and Top 10 Healing Foods | Dr. Josh Axe

Top 10 Toxic Foods and Top 10 Healing Foods | Dr. Josh Axe

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today we’re going to be talking about the
top ten toxic foods and the top ten healing foods you should be getting in your diet every
single day. Let’s dive right in. We’re going to talk about how to use food
as . . . how many people today are using food as poison and then we’re going to talk about
how to use food as medicine. By the way, help me share this message. Press that Share button right now and if you
like the video, click the Like button as well. All right, here is the number one toxic food
you need to stay away from, vegetable oil. Vegetable oil such as canola oil, soybean
oil, corn oil, they’re very high in omega-6 fatty acids which is going to imbalance your
omega-3 ratio causing system-wide inflammation. This can cause high cholesterol, it can cause
your skin to age faster, can cause weight gain big time and really just disease throughout
your body contributing to things like autoimmune disease. So again, stay away from vegetable oils. Most of them are hydrogenated oils and many
of them also come from GMO products. In fact, over 90% of vegetable oils today
come from genetically modified plants such as GMO corn, soy, and canola. Stay completely away. Number two and by the way if you are one of
those people, I know my grandmother was convinced growing up that vegetable oil was good for
us. I’m glad that I know now that’s not true,
but again, it’s kind of tricky because people think vegetables are healthy. Vegetable oil though is not healthy. Switch to healthier alternatives we’ll talk
about here in the second part of our broadcast. Wheat products. You know, originally I remember my wife Chelsea
and I, going over to Europe, we were over in Tuscany and they have all of these rolling
hills of these grape vines. But they also have rolling hills of this beautiful
golden wheat. There’s a wheat over there it’s known as einkorn
wheat and that type of wheat actually contains half the gluten, it’s easier to digest, it’s
just a very different grain. Today, our grains or our wheat has gone through
a process called a hybridization, so now it has much more starch, has less nutrients,
and has much higher levels of gluten than it did let’s say a couple hundred of years
ago. So what I would say is you want to stay completely
away from all wheat products unless it’s a sprouted ancient grain, even then only consuming
it in small amounts. Go gluten free if you can, unless it’s a sprouted
ancient grain. Most wheat products, not the best. Soy, I’ll tell you, this is one of the things
that frustrates me the most. The reason is soy, 90% of it is genetically
modified and then typically isolated into a soy protein and the thing that makes me
so mad about this and I would love to hear if this fires you up as well. But soy today is also put in infant baby formulas. We know that soy can be an endocrine disrupter,
it can affect estrogen levels and today, it’s probably one of the top things that are found
in infant, in baby formulas today. So it’s absolutely crazy that we are putting
soy and giving this to our kids. And hey, if you want other people to know
the truth that soy should not be in infant formula, press Share right now, help me get
the message out, or can I get an amen or a yes if you agree with me right now that soy
should not be in infant formulas. It’s in hospital formulas, meal replacements,
there are loads and loads of soy today. This is not a super food unless, hey if you’re
in Japan or if it was prepared as it was traditionally in Japan as a natto which is an organic fermented
soy consumed in certain amounts, then yes, it can be a good food. But today it’s not organic, it’s GMO, it’s
typically isolated, it’s not fermented either and so it’s not the same thing. Number four, conventional dairy products. Listen, dairy if it’s grass-fed, if it’s organic,
it’s from an animal like a goat and then it’s fermented, hey, it might be healthy. The problem is most conventional dairy today
in fact, a study out of Spain found that if you go and buy your average glass or gallon
of milk, has around over 21 different medications and chemicals in it including hormone, different
hormonal drugs like estradiol, it contains antibiotics, it contains growth hormones like
rBGH and rBGST and some of these other growth hormones. Conventional dairy is one of the most toxic
things you can ever put in your body. So if you agree with me on this that dairy
and again, not all dairy, but 90% of dairy is highly toxic to the body, very dampening
causing weight gain, mucus, and phlegm buildup, gut digestive issues so on and so forth, let
me know that right now here on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. But again, conventional dairy is white poison
if it’s not consumed in its completely natural and fermented form. Number five, corn. Remember corn is GMO. Remember, just say no to GMOs. My buddy Jeffrey Smith who started the non-GMO
movement is a great person to search online, but we know that corn products, now listen,
I’m not saying that corn is a bad food. If you’re consuming some certified organic
corn on occasion, it can be okay for your health. But, GMOs, what GMOs are they had literally
the pesticides and different types of viruses laced into their DNA to now, they are toxic
to your gut. They may kill off probiotics in your gut microbial. But again, if you’re against GMOs as well
as me, hey, click the Like button and the Share button right now as well. But corn, toxic food, conventional meat products. Conventional meat especially pork or conventional
beef today is loaded with steroids and growth hormones. We know pork today is a carrier of many different
types of parasites. Very, very toxic to the body, conventional
meat. Now, I do believe there’s a place in our diet
for grass-fed certified organic meat that is humanely raised and cared for. The problem is again, 90% of meat today is
these animals are raised in small cages, they’re cooped up, they don’t get the sun, that’s
a whole other thing. We’ve all heard the principle, you are what
you eat, what they ate, so if cows are eating grass, then hey, they have more omega-3 fats. But it’s not just eating grass, it’s having
happiness. It’s actually being out in the pasture, it’s
drinking clean water, it’s getting sunshine. All of these things that affect the animal,
when we consume their meat it actually affects us as well with their tissues. And so, I know we probably have some people
watching here as well who are vegans and vegetarians and for that reason, they don’t consume any
meat whatsoever. I don’t go that far, but I do say only consume
meat that is completely organic, grass-fed, humanely raised and cared for. All other meat is toxic to your body. Number seven, white flour products. White flour is basically sugar. This is essentially sugar when you’re eating
it. It’s highly inflammatory in the body, stay
away from white and wheat flour products both. Number eight, artificial sweeteners. We know artificial sweeteners such as sucralose
and NutraSweet, they’re toxic to the body, they may cause kidney and liver damage. They may support tumor growth, there have
been some studies to prove it. I know one of the most popular studies was
retracted because a pharmaceutical company didn’t like the study. But again, just to say artificial sweeteners,
there’s a great documentary called Sweet Misery. You may check out that documentary about the
dangers of these toxic artificial sweeteners. Number nine is sugar. Plain old sugar is toxic to your body. Now, I’m not talking about raw local honey
or blueberries, I’m talking about isolated sugar can feed candida, can feed yeast, potentially
even cancer cells within the body, but sugar is toxic to your body. You want to stay completely away from it. And listen, tap water this may shock you. Did you know tap water is loaded with chlorine
and fluoride, medical studies have actually shown that fluoride kills off probiotics in
your gut. You know all of the things probiotics are
responsible for? Probiotics actually create vitamins and minerals
for you, they help you absorb nutrients, they modulate your entire immune system, they are
critical for your overall health. We’re destroying them by drinking tap water
on a regular basis. And by the way, if you are enjoying the truth
of this live broadcast right now, take a minute right now and punch that Share button. There are millions of people that don’t know
the truth that genetically modified organisms, conventional meat and dairy products, tap
water, these are toxic things that are absolutely destroying our bodies from the inside out. All right, now let’s move into the top ten
healing foods we should be focusing on getting these in our diet every single week. Number one here is kale and other green leafy
vegetables. Kale is known as the king of the vegetable
kingdom because it is so high in chlorophyll and also the cruciferous vegetables, and so,
contains some compounds that support liver detoxification, very high in calcium, very
high in vitamin K. It is one of nature’s true super foods. I would throw kale in that category, but also
other greens such as collard greens, spinach is high up there, dandelion greens as well. Bone broth, one of my favorite super foods,
if not my very favorite. Most of us are missing the amino acid in bone
broth today of proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine. These amino acids are kind of like the glue
that holds our body together, they support healthy skin, they support our joints, they
support our gut. Getting a bone broth liquid or doing a scoop
of a protein powder that comes from bone broth every single day is something I’ve recommended. I recommend it to all of my patients. It’s something I do in fact, I had it for
breakfast and right after a workout here today already. So again, bone broth, you want to make sure
you’re getting this every single day. Bone broth also contains the compounds hyaluronic
acid, glucosamine, chondroitin which are incredible for healing and sealing a leaky gut and for
different types of joint arthritis. It’s fantastic. Number three here, salmon. Wild caught salmon such as sockeye or king
salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. We know omega-3s reduce inflammation. Also that dark red color of salmon that comes
from an antioxidant called astaxanthin which may in fact, support athletic performance
as well as anti-aging and may be a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin C and vitamin E both. So again, getting salmon in your diet, one
of those super fish that is a great fish to get. And then blueberries, and by the way again,
if you are enjoying this live training in the top ten super foods, take a minute right
now and click that Share button, help me spread the word that food is medicine. So blueberries. Blueberries actually contain many different
unique types of antioxidants, flavonoids, but also, that same antioxidant that we hear
that makes red wine so beneficial, resveratrol? Resveratrol is also found in blueberry skins. Not just grapes, but also blueberries. Blueberries are great for anti-aging, they’re
very high on the antioxidant scale, they’ve got a good type of fiber that’s actually very
gentle, but cleansing for your gut. And so, blueberries it’s great to do blueberries
on a daily basis. Flax seeds. Flax seeds contain different types of lignans
that have hormone balancing effects, flax seeds are also very high in omega-3 fatty
acids that are great and are really high in fiber, so great for cleansing the colon. So I typically do a couple tablespoons of
a sprouted flax meal in a bone broth smoothie every morning for breakfast. Cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower,
cabbage, Brussels sprouts, watercress, these vegetables contain a compound that increases
something in the body called indole-3-carbinol that actually detoxifies estrogen based compounds. Have you ever heard that drinking out of plastic
or heated plastic is bad for you? The reason is because it contains phytoestrogens. Well, cruciferous vegetables will help your
body detoxify phytoestrogens from your body, really have tremendous health benefits. Also, they’re very high in sulphur, great
for anti-aging, great for supporting cellular health. So get more cruciferous vegetables. Now, I don’t recommend cruciferous vegetables
raw, I recommend consuming them cooked or fermented as you would get in let’s say a
sauerkraut or a kimchi. Number three here is chicken and beef liver. Did you know part of the original Gerson therapy
and the anti-cancer protocol was not just juicing vegetable, but it was consuming raw
calves liver or beef liver? They’re oftentimes pressed in juice and the
reason is, liver is known as nature’s B vitamins. It’s very high in B vitamins, also supports
the detoxification of your own liver there as well. Number eight is kefir, I mentioned this earlier,
we need more probiotics. You are what you eat, you are what you digest. If you don’t have enough good bacteria in
your intestines and gut microbiome, you are not digesting many of the nutrients you’re
eating properly. Probiotics, again kefir has more probiotics
than any other food on the planet in most cases. Again, kefir, very, very high in probiotic
counts. So if somebody needs to build up gut bacteria,
kefir is the ultimate super food which is great for the immune system and gut health. And then mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, shiitake,
maitake, turkey tail. These mushrooms are great, it’s great to do
a mushroom broth soup on a regular basis. You can do like rice and chicken, it’s absolutely
delicious. But mushrooms are known as acting as adaptogens
helping balance cortisol and help your body better deal with stress, they’re also great
for naturally energy production. Again, for boosting the immune system and
even some studies on them fighting cancer. Reishi mushroom in Chinese medicine was known
as the mushroom of immortality. It was that beneficial for the health. And the number ten super food you want to
try and get your diet every single week is a seaweed. You can do a seaweed powder such as spirulina,
or chlorella are great as well. There’s also wakame and different types of
seaweed salads you could do. But seaweed is one of the most nutrient dense
super foods on the planet. Very high in chlorophyll, very high in B vitamins
and very high in plant based protein as well, and very detoxifying. In fact, there are studies showing that seaweed
may support and protect your body from radiation damage and other chemical and other toxic
exposures there as well. So getting seaweed in your diet is another
great thing you can do. And by the way, if you’ve enjoyed this live
training, do me a favor, press the Share button, click the Like button, help me get this message
out that food is medicine. Let’s do a quick rundown. Here’s the top ten things you’ve got to get
out of your diet now. Vegetable oil, wheat products, soy, conventional
dairy, GMO corn, conventional meat, white flour, artificial sweeteners, sugar and tap
water. Here are the top ten foods you want to consume. Kale and other green leafy vegetables, bone
broth, salmon, blueberries, flax seeds, also cruciferous vegetables, chicken liver, beef
liver, kefir, mushrooms, and seaweed. Hey, if you switch out those ten and add in
these ten, you are going to take your health to a whole new level. Also, if you’re not subscribed here, make
sure you subscribe to our Facebook Live page, our YouTube channel as well as our Instagram
page there as well. And if you want to learn more about these
things, you can also check out my site Guys, this has been me, Dr. Axe talking about
the top ten toxic foods and top ten healing foods you want to get in your diet now.

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