Top 10 EXTREME Frugal Things We’ve Done To Save Money While Getting Out Of Debt

(bright music) – Hey guys, it’s Dana, and
it’s time to talk about money, and in this video I
wanted to share with you 10 frugal ways that we got outta debt, and let me warn you, some
of them are pretty extreme, so let’s talk about that. (clanking) If you’re trying to get outta debt, it’s hard (laughs). It’s very hard to shift your
mindset, to cancel things, obviously, if you’re
trying to get outta debt you should be cutting expenses, trying to cut out things in
your life that aren’t necessary, so that way you can put as much money as possible on your debt, just to get it out of your
life, get it over with, so you can move on with
the rest of your life. So, cutting things out can be challenging, and it’s also emotional, just because I really, fully believe that a lot of times our
identity and our egos are wrapped up in our things, and so, I just want to share with you, maybe this will help motivate
you, or give you some ideas, 10 things that we as a family, or me personally, did that are pretty extreme, in my opinion, to get out of debt and so. Number one is we cloth
diapered our babies. If you’ve been watching my
channel since the beginning, back in the day, then you know that that’s
actually how I started on YouTube is sharing cloth diaper tutorials, talking about how to build
your cloth diaper stash on a budget, and so I actually got into cloth diapering because we were trying to save money, and I saw, with our first child
we used disposable diapers, and so I added up the
amount of money we spent on those disposable diapers, and it was about $3,500,
like $3,000, for diapers, and so I realized that I could
spend $500 on cloth diapers, reusable cloth diapers that we washed in our washing machine, modern washing machines can handle it, and that was it. I mean, obviously there’s
water usage, people argue that, but it was so much more cost-effective and I estimate we definitely
saved in the thousands by cloth diapering and
using those cloth diapers for three children, ’cause you can reuse
them, they’re reusable, that’s the main thing with cloth diapers, and so we cloth diapered our babies, and a lot of people would
consider that extreme. Number two on the same line as cloth, is, I personally, I’m a woman, I switched to cloth
feminine hygiene products, so yes, that means cloth pads
for my time of the month, you can also get DivaCups,
which are reusable, which is fantastic, by the way, I’ve been doing it for
years, and years, and years, I have no problem with it, and it’s so much better, because I don’t have to
worry about running out and running to the
store, and having to say, “Oh, I need more pads or tampons,” right? So, look into it, try it if you
haven’t, and you’re a woman, and you can do that, because it’s really saved us
so much money over the years at this point, with me doing this, so, something to think about. Number three is I switched
to a fully plant-based diet, no meat, it’s been years,
and years, and years, since I’ve had meat, actually I haven’t had meat, dairy, eggs, and I think I’m healthier as a result, however, if you cut out meat, or limit the amount of
meat that you are eating, it’s going to cut back
on your grocery bill, of course, you can still
spend an arm and a leg on plant-based items, there’s also a variety of
vegan products out there that are really unhealthy (laughs), and you can spend a ton of
money on processed vegan food, actually more, and more, and more products are coming out in the grocery store, I think more people,
more of the population, actually are switching
to this way of eating, and I can tell that based
off of the selections on our grocery store shelves, it’s increasing, the amount of things, we can buy cookies, I mean, I can get anything and everything that I could imagine, fake, imitation meat products, all kinds of things, so that’s what we did, so I switched to a plant-based diet, the kids, largely, as well, I mean they do eat some meat
products once in a while, I don’t enforce it on them, but they tend to eat what I’m eating, and so, we’re mostly a meatless family. Speaking of food, we pack, we still pack, we packed all lunches, we
stopped eating lunch out, and I work in a corporate environment with lots of other companies
in the complex that I work in, and there’s a place you
can go to order food, and I walk in there with my co-workers, pretty much every day, and
they’re either buying lunch, or I see lots of other people
buying lunch on a daily basis, people spend so much money on lunch, my kids tell me that a lot of
their friends purchase lunch at school almost every day, even though it’s only $2.90, that $2.90 adds up if you’re ordering lunch every
single day at the school, or if you’re buying lunch every day, it’s a lot more economical,
it’ll save you a lotta money, if you pack, if you can pack your lunch, it’s just gonna really cut
down on your food expense. We, or I, started camping (laughs), which is extreme, for me, it
really was extreme for me, the first time we went I
was terrified, terrified, to go camping, it’s kinda funny now that it’s been so many
years I’ve been doing it, so no vacations when we
were getting outta debt, no vacations, except for camping trips, where the campsite at a state campground, was like, I dunno, $18, $13 a night, and so we’d go for one night, two nights, it’s like $20 for a vacation, and I would go, I say “I,”
’cause my husband, he’s older, he’s a lot older than I am, but he was like, “I’m not sleeping out, “I’m not gonna be sleeping on the ground,” so I took a couple of the kids, I went with my sister and her husband, they had all their gear, I
was able to borrow their gear, so if you have a friend or
relative who goes camping, you can go with them
and borrow their stuff, so you’re not spending
a lot of money on gear, ’cause I know that that
can get really expensive, but you can possibly
team up with somebody, or another family, and go
camping, but no vacations at all, didn’t go anywhere,
stopped going to the shore, stopped whatever, we didn’t
really take tons of vacations, but stop going to Disney World, or whatever you’re doing, stop vacations, so we stopped vacations
and started camping. Okay, next (laughs), I drove my car until the
wheels fell off, literally. So, the car I was driving was really old, and the wheel fell off (laughs), okay, so it kept making this
noise, and I was like, “What is that noise?” ‘Cause it was old car, it kept having all these
repairs needed to be done, but I was driving this old
car, it didn’t have any heat, it didn’t have any air conditioning, I drove it through a
whole winter with no heat, a whole summer with no air conditioning, that’s what I did, I drove to work with no
heat or air conditioning, had the windows open in the summer, and in the winter I just wore
gloves when I was driving and just like just made it
to work without any heat, and then when it was
snowing it was stressful, because I actually really
didn’t try to drive when I knew it was gonna be snowing ’cause defrost is a problem,
was kinda dangerous, but the wheel actually
ended up falling off because I guess the lug nuts popped off, it was making this noise, and I thought the noise was
the muffler, I was like, “Gosh, the muffler must have gone,” so I just kept driving it, and then the noise got really bad, and so I pulled over, thank goodness, I pulled over actually
at my daughter’s daycare, I got there okay, I actually
got a phone call the day, she was throwing up and she was sick, so I left work early to go pick her up, I get to the daycare, and I
pull over, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, the noise
is getting so loud,” so I get there, I made it there, I get outta the car, I look
at the car, and the wheel, it was like this, like it had fallen off. I wish I had taken a
picture or a video of this, I don’t know why I didn’t, but it was like this, I think I was so stressed out, and I was like, “Oh my gosh,” like the
wheel just fell off, and I’m so glad that I didn’t get hurt, and it didn’t like completely
fall off while I was driving, my point is, if you hear a noise
that sounds like a muffler, check all the lug nuts on your tire, now I know to do that, I had
no idea to do that before, so now I know to look and make sure, because I guess like three
of the nuts had popped off, and so the wheel was like this, so then, of course, I had
to wait for a tow truck, and for my husband to come get me, and then my daughter, who’s in the daycare, sick,
really with a flu or something, I dunno if she had a stomach bug, so I’m in the daycare with her, sitting with her in the bathroom, waiting for my husband to get there and for the tow truck to get there, it was really not a great situation and I don’t think that the daycare teacher was probably very happy that we were sitting in the
bathroom while she was sick, I’m sure she wanted us to
get the heck out of there with my sick kid, but I couldn’t leave till I got a ride, so we were both sort of trapped there, but the wheel literally
fell off my car, yeah, so. Next is, our dishwasher broke and the door wouldn’t stay closed, so we used a broom handle, and I think I have a video of this, which I’m gonna try to insert, we took a broom handle and shoved one end into the
radiator to hold it there, and the other end into
the top of the dishwasher, to keep the door shut
so it would keep running ’cause if the broom handle wasn’t there then the door would pop open and the dishwasher wouldn’t run, so we propped the broom handle in the dishwasher to keep it going, so we definitely did that, I think, for at least a year and a half, yeah, a year and a half, before finally getting a new dishwasher. Next is, the tub faucet broke on our tub, and we didn’t fix it. So we filled up the bath with shower water just would turn the nozzle
so the shower would run and then the tub would fill
up for baths for the kids, but the actual faucet that would fill the tub
with water to take a bath, it wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t function, ’cause that little thing that you turn to make it switch between
shower and tub, broken, so we did not fix it, we
just filled up the tub, ’cause we didn’t want to
spend money to get that fixed. Next is we sold furniture. We sold our furniture on eBay, we actually sold a loveseat, I sold a bunch of strollers, so, if we didn’t need
it, we sold it on eBay, which was kind of extreme, and then lastly is, I became a YouTuber (laughs), so, a side hustle is
an extreme thing to do, and having a YouTube channel,
and a blog, is my side hustle, and this is an unusual side hustle, something that most people do not do, but that we did to bring in extra money, but that’s not really the main reason, ’cause if you wanna make extra money, YouTube is not the way to do it, but I didn’t really know that
in the very beginning days that it takes years, and
years, and years, and years, and it definitely is a labor of love, and you do not wanna get into this if you’re just looking
to make extra money, but there it is, at this point now, it does provide a little
extra income for our family and it is a side hustle, in addition to being something I enjoy, ’cause if you don’t enjoy it, there’s no way you’re
gonna make it, doing this, it’s just impossible. Okay, so those are 10 extreme things that we did to get outta debt, or to save money, or to live more frugally, insert whatever you want on there. If you’re trying just to
save your emergency fund, or to save for something
special that you really want, there’s obviously so many
reasons to live frugal, maybe you’re trying to
reach millionaire status, a net worth of a million dollars, and so you’re trying to
really do extreme things to save money, or to cut your expenses, maybe that’ll give you some ideas, or share your ideas down
below in the comments, what are you doing to be extremely frugal so that you can hit a financial
goal, whatever that may be? It can be many, maybe you’re trying to
buy your first house, or buy a rental property, just whatever it may be, I’d love to hear the extreme
things that you’re doing, and if you are doing extreme things, also try to write them down, I highly suggest that, because I feel like
there’s more that we did that I have forgotten at this point, or, like the car, I wish
I’d taken a picture, because when you’re going through the stages of getting out of debt, or doing something to hit a goal, it can be, like you’re thinking, I don’t ever wanna be
in this position again, because it’s not necessarily easy or fun in the moment, obviously. Looking back, you’re gonna
be kind of, maybe, proud to have those moments, those stories that you
can share with others and to help motivate them, inspire them, or just to remember, as a family, “Hey, this is what we did,
and we’re proud of ourselves, “we did this to reach this goal.” So, try to write it down or
do something to help remember, take a picture of whatever
it is you did, or are doing, that way, like I said,
you can think back on it, and either think back on it and say, “Gosh, I am so glad we are
not doing that anymore,” or, “Hey, kids,” or “Hey,
grandkids,” or “Hey, friend,” or “neighbor,” “look what we did when we were
trying to get outta debt,” so you can do this too, right, okay. Enough said. Thank you guys so much for watching, if it’s your first time here, be sure to subscribe, I’m here every single week
talking all about money, we’re a family of six, and we live in the Philadelphia area, and I work full-time in finance
and I do this on the side, because, I dunno, I’m just weird (laughs). Okay, all right you guys, thanks so much, talk to you later, bye.

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