The Trail to Oregon!

The Trail to Oregon!

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  1. 0:00 Gone to Oregon

    5:30 CRAPHOLE! Yeah that’s me

    9:39 Independence!

    25:22 The Grind

    37:26 Pays to be an animal

    48:13 When the worlds at stake

    58:25 Dysentery world

    1:05:53 Wagon on fire


    1:08:13 Lost without you

    1:25:45 When the worlds at stake (reprise)

    1:30:01 Speed Run

    1:35:45 Caulk The Wagon
    stealing this cause i need it at the top of the comment section lol, this list isnt mine

  2. It’s really weird when you think about the fact that Joey plays Ron in a very Potter musical and the girl who plays mouth face plays Ginny and it’s weird because they’re flirting in this

  3. Okay but the really emotional scene where Jack Bauer admits to burning the farm down, and is all like "If God had did it, he's a sneaky man", talk about A+++++ character development

  4. Ok I live in the Willamette Valley and hearing them pronounce it wrong throughout the show makes it extra entertaining

  5. I was laughing so hard during independence because I remembered that video of Joey's two mess ups and I died😂😂

    Also,when joey sing the "when you wake up with mud on your dick" line as a crying baby buffalo😂

  6. I still don't know whether the reactions for "Mud on your dick" were complete "this wasn't supposed to happen" surprise, or just brilliant acting…

  7. okay but tell me why they haven't done a shining musical when jeff can clearly play an amazing jack torrence like come on that scene when he was getting a better waggon is incredible

  8. Slippery when Wet: Hufflepuff (could have been Slytherin)
    Jack Bauer: Gryffindor
    Titty Mitty: Gryffindor (could have been Slytherin)
    Craphole: not sorted as he's only 7. But definitely a freaking Ravenclaw is ever there was one.
    Mouthface: Hufflepuff

  9. Or-again










    These are just some of the different ways I heard 'Oregon' being said in the first seven minutes

  10. I've never actually played the OT game before and I've only just got the Peperony and Chease joke after I saw a reference to it on Twitter….

  11. as someone who lives in the Willamette Valley, having people who don’t live here pronounce it ‘Willa mette” is expected

  12. Clark staring intensely at Lauren gives me a flashback to when he said his first impression of her was a Hot Latina goddess

  13. The thing I've noticed about this is that they never clarify of which side of the family Grandpa is from. Because it fluctuates. Either way, I think it's hilarious

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