The Origin of AIDS, the CIA and Army Biological Warfare

The Origin of AIDS, the CIA and Army Biological Warfare

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  1. It seems that there was a patent by the US army on weaponised macroplasma that would cause AIDS depending on the dose administered. This was in the late 60s I believe the patent dated. There is evidense that Lyme, a spirochete similiar to syphilis can be transfered laterally, not just from a tick bite as the wise Dr. of the ISDA have told us.

  2. How do you think swine flu transfers to human? Macroplasma is an open cell organism that needs a host. Look for the patent from the US army on weaponised macroplasma. Macroplasma is in everything including vaccines, most harmless but some are not and some have been weaponised. This video refers to speculation that the vaccines had been the carrier of the disease. I'm not a dr. but I have done some research and you should to, there is plenty of evidence that biowarfare is being conducted on us.

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  4. There is evidence, not considered in this interview (or the synopsis introducing it) that HIV and the AIDS epidemic caused by it was, indeed, man-made and was designed to reduce the supposed "threat of overpopulation". The introduction to Africa (especially the previously Belgian colonies of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi) was probably done in the early 1970s, possibly earlier, using vaccines (including polio and smallpox), blood products and specially bred mosquitoes (entomological warfare).

  5. Question pondered; How did the German citizens let the Holocaust happen? Answers usually point towards money & intimidation…Shhh, was a joke. I think many people know about Entomological Warfare & all the other accompanying games played alongside.

  6. duh the fellows that did invent this horrible disease were eventually slaughter and kept secret in royal scientist family.

  7. Calm down man. I am from Afghanistan and yeah we have 2.5 % Neanderthal in our DNA because our land was also a territory of Neanderthal but that doesn't mean I am racist and this has nothing to do with this subject. I also didn't wanna discriminate Black people. I just said what is true.

  8. Youre a racist and I was born in Queens. And if I was Pakistani I would be proud, my heritage is Indian. I also know for a fact we have evolved from Apes, you are proof enough and then there is Darwin.

  9. john stockwell the cia guy was asked did the cia bring aids to the US to get rid of gay ppl. he said no. he threw to hoover and the fbi cause hoover was a gay homophobe. then the renegade question was asked o thats possible but not likely.but then the cia mk-ultra to test virus and other bio weapons on general pop. why do you keep lying. tell the truth the cia did it.

  10. i read my first psychology at the age of 12. u mr.stockwell are a pathological liar u where asked did u and the cia do it? u gave quick denial then redirected to the fbi or a renegade as being possible (blame some one else).then tried to pull it sightly of topic with the movie that was similar. but then o us in the cia did mk-ultra testing bio weapons on the general population. the cia and the fbi arent buddy buddy there like two kids fighting in school did u do it no he did. the lie.u did

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  12. As if the Majesty of London England is going to come forward and say, "By the folks to prove that the Anglican Church is not sinners, the British Empire created a virus to kill out the gays!"

    So I can understand there would be no evidence of that. The British Empire is not going to show proof. Hello…. !!! Some people…

  13. Some of the comments on here are so ignorant.. Sad and funny at the same time. as much as most ppl. blame homosexuality "gay man". for what i have read and learn through documentary on polyo vaccine. it goes back to late 50's
    I do believe though that through out early 80's man having sex with man did not help..

  14. That MK ultra program is STILL going on today. It's been found to be in effect with pop stars & actors. People like Britney Spears, Niki Minage, Rihanna, Beyonce, etc. 

  15. Oh, you dumbass. Try explaining what you DO know about. AIDS Stain 1 was created by David Wilson Russian KGB. He also desired to synthesize Octylpentenesulfuryl chloride. Later strains 2-6 was created. AIDS is cured by a bone marrow transplant, blood cleaning, and eighther Cat's Claw herb or Sheep's wool herb. I have a success story to my cure. The other 9 cures are classified "Top Secret by C.I.A.
    In Houston, Texas, The Army "accidentally" spilled biological warfare substance from a plane over Houston.
    The C.I.A. was utilizing mass genocide on the 'Undesirable" public. The Counterintelligence agencies authorized that.

  16. The suggestion that HIV came from monkeys is so absurd. Monkeys do not know how to use hypodermic needles. Man injected monkeys for biological scientific experimentation at least since the 1950s. If Man injects a monkey with a mutated virus and then the monkey bites a Man, it comes from Man still, Man is still the causer. Man is the creator of HIV. Either intentionally or accidentally it came from scientific experimentation.

  17. There creating these dieases with alien dieases from the ones ingaing in our planet using what they carry so no one can find a cure. Population control I read that it first showed up in china then started spreading. But aids doesn't kill fast enouff so they created cancer mixing it with pestisides and hormones and containers that store our food. Explain why kids are getting it at such a young age its the food and drinks where cusuming wake up to these designer dieases that our governments are creating!

  18. Knowing what's really going on is good, but I take offense @ John Stockwell saying 'the moral majority' headed by Jerry Falwell might consider destroying a segment of population by purposely infecting this culture. He's obviously not a Christian to be this maliced against the Right/Conservatives.

  19. What really happens is that operatives are planted into programs that are designed to cure something or discover things, and the next thing you know they do something terribly evil and these agencies are all on the hook.
    Knee jerk reactions set in, and the bank vaults open to cover everyone's tracks.
    The real knowledge is knowing where the operative came from and who sent them.
    That always leads back to the deepest pockets on earth, the problem is by the time a bio-threat has been realized Rothschild has already moved it into the status quo.
    using it as one more reason political puppets with large military's need to pay their bills.

  20. Do you know what virus is more powerful than any virus, the human virus of reproduction. The population is growing rapidly despite all of the war, killing and virus's out there, none of these things have even put a dent into human reproduction, we are spreading like a virus throughout this planet. Honestly how could you blame any Government for trying to slow the rate of reproduction, if they don't then there will be no humans on this planet in the future, you can't honestly expect the governments to come out and admit this can you. Right, wrong or indifferent it needs to be done, the average person can't think on this level, to see down the road hundreds if not thousands of years into the future to ensure the survival of the human race. It sounds damn harsh but logically it's something that has to be considered, asking the public to openly accept not having children is like asking a drug addict to babysit a pile of drugs, it's just not possible. As cruel as it sounds I commend those who have the foresight to do something to ensure man kinds survival, this is the true meaning of selflessness, to sacrifice oneself to ensure the safety of those that you will never know, like it or not, think about it, how else can it be done if not this way?

  21. i lived in edinburgh when the aids epidemic hit and i saw alot of people contract and die cause of aids i think if its a man made virus its one of mans most evil creation

  22. AIDs wouldn't work as a biological weapon , even if it was put in aerosol form it wouldn't work . Unless your an infected CIA agent that went around having unprotected sex and jabbing infected needles into people how else could you spread it ? And as we all know now AIDS isn't just a junky or Homosexual disease , it affects all parts of society . If it was being developed as a biological weapon then the AIDS as we know it would be a failure as an easy weapon to spread and it takes way to long to kill you . Just my take on this I may be wrong .

  23. AIDS is not a Virus. You can't be infected with AIDS. You cannot catch AIDS. AIDS doesn't exist. AIDS is a monetary acronym designed by the CDC to market previously discovered diseases and surrogate laboratory numbers.period.

    since 1985, and To this day, there is STILL no test that can determine whether or not anyone has HIV. Conspiracy Theories are just bunk ideas that make no sense at all. If they wanted to kill people they'd poison the water supply 200 years ago or just land a helicopter in your back yard and kill you.

  24. Why are these guy sit so close to each other lol it kinda creepy if any guy sit so close to me like that ewww errrrr

  25. Probably a biological weapon developed to eliminate enemy nations without arousing suspicion and triggering a war because the government would deny their involvement.

  26. A person with a plan can backfire. Population control can only be achieved thru education,parental being a huge factor in raising society. Safe sex,early sex , no sex r all educational .It's regime's that overpopulate to have huge armies is a concern…shall we name them…they know who they are and it is a pathetic way of being for the modern world.They say when Christianity was on the move and spread to Japan, Korea that if they sent more Christian scholars to Asia as requested orthodox churches wud of been in China too. If we can't live in peace how can we balance population.When Gabriel said to Mohammed there is only one God he obviously meant for all people ,known 500yrs b4 by The Christ ,Moses etc.,if we can understand this peace flows & flowers & then the rain falls

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