The New Endoscopy Unit at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

The New Endoscopy Unit at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

[MUSIC] Hi everybody, I’m Sally Thorner. The division of Gastroenterology and
Hepatology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital is consistently recognized as one of the top
GI programs in the entire country. That’s according to US News and World
Report’s annual hospital rankings. The doctors, nurses, researchers and staff
are committed to improving the understanding and treatment
of gastrointestinal and liver diseases. And these new patient care towers only
enhance their mission. Join me now is Doctor Patrick Okolo who is
Chief of Endoscopy. Hi doctor, how are you?>>Hi Sally.>>I’m really excited to see those new
Endoscopy suites.>>Fantastic. They’re just one floor up in the Shakeside
Tower. Why don’t we go and take a look. [MUSIC] And here we are in our family waiting
area. And the scenario that was designed just
based on what our patients wanted.>>So while the patients are undergoing the procedure, the family members are
waiting here. What can they expect to happen in this
space?>>First of all, the therapeutic
environment. There’ll be fish tanks here. They can also expect a patient tracker
board which uses New technology to you
privately, inform patients as to how their loved ones are moving through the care, care cycle, through the
care process. So that that diminishes anxiety, and lets
them be well informed. They will also be a patient care
coordinator. Who’s job is really to serve as a liaison
between the patients and all the care processes in, in in the
main unit itself. [MUSIC]>>Okay, so here we are in a procedure
room. Pretty typical procedure room, but how is this different from where you’re coming
from?>>These rooms are much larger. They’re twice as large as the rooms that
we’ve had. Not just in square footage but rather in
the way they’ve been configured and in the
functional space that’s provided. Because the equipment’s on the booms,
we’re able to increase the functional space that we
have. We’ve also gone from eight rooms to 13
rooms and this increases our capacity.>>So it sounds like from all of these
changes that you’re not only more efficient but you’re set up
for all sorts of scenarios.>>Yes we are indeed set up for all
sorts of scenarios. These rooms are modeled after an operating
room. They’re sterile. They’re capable of allowing us to perform
hybrid procedures. These are procedures that intersect
endoscopy and surgery. And so we’re able to now really bring them
into the clinical space. And allow us to have patients get the benefits that these procedures are able to
provide.>>Dr Okolo, so after the procedure,
they go into recovery?>>Indeed. So after the procedure, they’re able to
move into a lovely recovery space.>>Wow, okay. So this is intake and recovery for
patients?>>Indeed. This is where the care cycle would begin
and end. And you can see how this has been
designed. For very large vistas, easy to navigate
hallways. And will end up in a typical room like
this. And we have these rooms all around both
our intake and our recovery areas. Instead of having temporary dividers or
temporary partitions, this actually comes with a
permanent partition. And the effect of that is to give,
patients, the privacy cocoon that we think, we need to
deliver care properly.>>We can’t have a discussion about Johns Hopkins without talking
patient safety. How does that apply to the new endoscopy
suites?>>What we did was to take, every
portion of the patient care cycle, and look at
that just, in the very same way that the aviation
industry for example would look at different parts of
the, care cycle. In this new facility, we’ve brought all
the new technologies to bear.>>So to sum up, patients who come to
Johns Hopkins for endoscopy are gonna be treated to a
whole new experience.>>Without question. This new facility takes into
consideration, some of the things that we’ve always done here at
Hopkins. We’re just going to do it a whole lot

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  1. John Hopkins Hospital is truly world class. Their endoscopy unit will further increase the quality of the service that the hospital offers. 

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