The Love of My Life Passed Away Before We Even Met

The Love of My Life Passed Away Before We Even Met

I always thought romantic fiction
books were way better than reality. That is until my life began turning into one. My story – it sounds like an impossible cliché, but I wish it was only just a fantasy. I was living the dream of finding the love of my life… but it quickly became a nightmare. So, there I was, 16 years old, just another unremarkable day
scrolling through Facebook after school when a new friend request from… ’Sky’. “Who’s Sky?” I thought to myself. So, I did what any normal person would do: I stalked his account for a while, looking through posts, pictures, and friends. He was a model apparently, my age… and we had a mutual friend – Joanna, my best friend! So, I accepted his request. A message from Sky. He introduced himself, saying “Hi! I’m Joanna’s cousin.” Oh yeah, that makes sense… I remember Joanna mentioning
she had a cousin a while back. I was about to reply when he sent another message saying, “You’re my long-time crush.” What? My heart skipped a beat. I mean, how could someone I never met have a crush on me? Surely this was a prank; someone had dared him to do this. Then he said, “I fell for you the moment
I saw you dancing in the rain with Joanna”. Oh, the time we forgot our umbrellas and got soaked while
everyone else ran into the store. He told me, after that moment, he couldn’t take his mind off me, so he asked Joanna, found my name on Facebook, and added me. And now we were chatting… and chatting… and chatting. For almost 3 weeks we talked to each other every day. Until I began developing feelings for him too. Joanna saw us as a match made in heaven and was endlessly supportive. But because Sky’s mother was so strict, he was barely allowed to go out and would have Joanna
give me the love letters he wrote. And – oh my – his letters gave me butterflies
every time I read them. With every letter, I fell for him more and more. And like any in a romantic novel, we became boyfriend and
girlfriend like a whirlwind. And even though we never had
the chance to go out together, we were nothing if not committed to each other. We tried our best to see each other in person – we really did – but between his strict mother, our disagreeing schedules, and distance from each other, we weren’t able to. It had been 3 months since we met, and I was… disappointed. But… I knew we loved each other, and I knew if this was meant to be, we’d find a way eventually. That was what mattered. Then he told me something
that made my heart sink: he was going back to his family’s province to resume his modelling career. But the second thing
he told me broke my heart altogether. The truth was… his mother hated me. She believed I was the reason
he wanted to stay here in Manila, that I was the hindrance to his career. Maybe I was the reason he wanted to stay… but how could I have known? That’s why he was never allowed to see me. In her eyes, I was the one keeping Sky from his home and she wasn’t about to let me
take him from his mother’s too. I was distraught… what could I do? Convince her that
she was wrong about me? That I loved him as much as she did? The next thing I knew, Sky and his family were about to leave. He begged and pleaded his mother to see me, just once, before he left, but she wouldn’t let him. And I was LOST. I felt helpless, like my heart was chained down, while the love of my life left
for who knows how long. Even as we chatted through our tears, we tried to comfort each other, repeating “I love you”, and “it’s going to be okay” – not knowing for sure if it was ever going to be. Even though he became
busier and busier with his career, we never stopped chatting. And while we talked less than before, my love for him grew, leaving him long, sweet messages
when he wasn’t online, and talking like he had
never left when he was. But one day, I saw his picture and he looked so pale I almost didn’t recognize him. “Are you okay?” I asked, and he told me that he’s
just a little bit sick from the flu. But when I saw Joanna the next week, she told me something
I never could have expected. Sky wasn’t just sick. He was suffering from appendicitis. I broke into tears. “What? Why didn’t he tell me?” I confronted him when he was online, and he said he was sorry; he just didn’t want me to worry. Well, too bad, there I was, more worried than I had ever been. He comforted me, saying “I’m going to be fine… I’m getting surgery in a couple weeks and then maybe I’ll come back for a bit… just to see you, okay?” I convinced myself everything was going to be okay. It was Valentine’s Day. He wasn’t online much
leading up to his surgery, but when I logged onto Facebook… he had left me a message. I smiled as butterflies filled my stomach. He didn’t forget. My face beamed all morning as I got ready for school, and just as I was about to leave, I heard a knock on the door. Still, with a stupid grin on my face, I opened the door, it was Joanna! “Hey! What’s going on?” But nothing… she was paralyzed. Then, I noticed she wasn’t
wearing her school uniform… and that’s when I… I looked closer and saw her eyes were swollen. Bringing her inside, I asked, “oh my… are you okay? What happened?” But she just shook her head and sat down, still trying to collect her breath. Then from her school bag, she handed me a jar of
chocolates and a love letter… from Sky! “Huh?” I was surprised. “Read the letter first,” she said and left the room to give me
this private moment with him. I opened the letter and tears began falling from
my eyes and onto the paper. I thought it was another
Valentine’s day message, but I was wrong. He was saying goodbye. He was sorry. Sorry for leaving me in Manila. And sorry for leaving me for heaven. He was sorry for never
being able to see me in person. And sorry for not being strong enough… he told me he was tired and that he knew it was time to leave this world. My heart sank further and further until I was buried with my pain. I couldn’t breathe, I was drowning in sorrow, gasping for air. But he also reminded me
how much he loved me and that he will take care of me from heaven. He told me he’ll be happy when I find someone new to love, someone caring, and someone who will be
there for me from I need them. He knew this was happening. And when Joanna came back into the room, she held me in her arms as I sobbed, she confirmed the one thing I didn’t want to believe: “He’s gone; he’s in a better place now.” She told me how Sky’s father told her
he whispered my name in between spells of pain, how he confessed to his mother
how happy I had made him. “Even in the end, he was thinking of you.” I cried for hours, days, weeks. It didn’t feel real; just wanted to wake up
from this terrible nightmare. So, in the end, I never did get a chance to see him. I was so broken – depressed – I didn’t leave my room
for the weeks that followed. I didn’t go to class, didn’t bathe, barely ate. I didn’t want to go into a world he wasn’t in. He was my first love and I wanted him to be my last. So please… take a risk and cherish the time you have with loved ones. Whether it’s a romantic novel or a tragedy, enjoy each chapter because the story goes on…

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss, and that you didn't get to meet him, this makes me cry, his mother let him be a model, but not let him see you, wow, she could have at least let you be with him in the hospital, there should have been a way, you are a strong girl, I would be put in a straight jacket if I was in your shoes, I would go insane, I hope you don't give up on love, I believe you will find it again, I believe that is what sky wants for you, and go to god for comfort because sky is with him, and someday when you pass on, you will see him again.

  2. i was able to get a response from the person who owns this story, confirming that she was her. it seems like she’s in a better place now. 💞

  3. The story is really sad but something I don't understand is the fact that he had appendicitis and he died me and one of my friends had appendicitis and where are okay now

  4. Oh my this hit me so bad and brought up my own memories with a similar sitution…

    I meet probably one of the sweetest guys I've ever met back in the late summer of 2017. I meet him over a game we played and it all started with me making a joke because of his username. And then it all started from there. We added each others social media and we talked for hours that everning. About our mutual interests with horses and games. And everything you could think off.

    But two days later he had a confession to make, that he was in hospital. I live in Sweden and he was from Germany. He said he had been in an accident about a month prior to when we meet, and that it was because of a wreckless truckdriver that hit him and his horse when the where out for a ride, and he and his horse were launched into the ditch and he got the horse over him.

    After suffering from a couple of fractures, a punctured lung and inner bleeding he eventually couldn't take it anymore and he passed away during the night of September 15th. After not hearing from him for over two days I suspected the worst already, even though his lung and his fractures had been healing fine, one of his inner bleedings wouldn't heal as it should, and kept ripping after the doctors did surgery after surgery to try and keep it together.

    When I got a message from his brother some days later I broke down completely. I had planned on visiting him during the fall break in november. But I didn't get the chance to.

    Even though its been almost 3 years now and I'm no longer hurting, I still occationally think about him and sometimes I really still miss him.

    But I know that he's in a better place now.

  5. I was doing good until the last part😖😭😭I’m in a long distance relationship from USA-Vietnam and his mom doesn’t like me. We haven’t met but Ik that I love him more than anything.and I want to marry him.

  6. She said then I saw someone added me and then I had someone followed me on Instagram wow he added her and I haded a following request haha conviendence

  7. that is so sad that even i cried,btw girl,you're an aesthetic cutie😍Edit:Woah girl I'm from Philippines too but I'm from Cavite

  8. "Reason why he wanted to stay here in Manila"


    Like if you're a Filipino, too.

  9. Bro this is the fakest one ever, why would doctors make you wait WEEKS to get an appendectomy, as soon as they identify you’re suffering from appendicitis they do surgery on you and how did he know he was going to die if this is usually not that hard, they just extract the appendix and that’s it. I had to get surgery bc of my appendix, that’s how I know.

  10. The story: he wanted to stay in Manila
    Me: ItS A FilIPiNo StoRy

    But on a serious note, this stoey is one of the first to make me cry and this is such a heartfelt and sad story ♥️♥️

  11. Have you ever lost someone you truly loved and cared about? If not, you don't know how much it hurts. So If you have any empathy, go joke some place else…

  12. "She believed that I was the reason why he wanted to stay in Manila"

    No one:
    Not a single soul:

    Me:"…………..why ain't i surprised that they're Filipinos like me?"

  13. it's… it's so sad… i couldn't continue watching this video… im… im really sorry for you… and sky too i wish i had someone to love…

  14. Joanna had an emotional relationship through 'Sky' it was her who fell in love while dancing in the rain with her friend. She poetically killed off her character on valentines day. I understand gay relationships may be more frowned on where they are from but hope she felt shitty after what she put her best friend through.

  15. It’s sick how some of you people are using this video just to get likes! And making jokes! It’s honestly sickening! SO MANY PEOPLE RELATE TO THIS VIDEO! ITS SO SICKENING

  16. Why the hell would they wait a couple of weeks for appendicitis?? It’s a medical emergency! It has to be removed the moment that it is diagnosed…jeez

  17. Im from Manila too, and Believe me Asian parents Are strict asf and they think caging their offspring is always for the better. 😭 even if they meant good. The results were opposite 😫. This story is sad men ☹️

  18. With all do respect to the story and the story teller, but who tf waits TWO WEEKS for an appendectomy ! It's a medical emergency !!! and either he had cancer or some other life-threatining condition and was hiding it or this is just a heart breaking story with some seriously wrong details…

  19. This story irritated me. When he saw her in the rain with is own so called cousin he didnt approach. Then, he could never see her even though he could travel to model. Next, only Joanna could communicate with him but could never get him to be alone with her friend. Not even a *video chat*!!! come on, this screams catfish; she only saw pictures. Did she go to the funeral? No right? Because he never existed as Joanna's real cousin.😠😠😠

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