The 5 Best Drinks For Constipation

The 5 Best Drinks For Constipation

G’day. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for checking out my video. We’re going to talk about today the five good
drinks for constipation. It’s surprising how many people I see on Skype,
in my practice, that actually are constipated. It’s really, really amazing. So let’s talk about different kinds of beverage
approaches you could use for improving how your bowel functions. So there’s different approaches here. Some people take laxative kind of approaches,
where they’re going to really swallow pills or drink things to really just evacuate the
bowel. That’s not really what we’re talking about
here. We’re not talking about a magnesium hydroxide
or magnesium citrate kind of a drink, because that will work. If you take enough magnesium or Vitamin C,
you’re going to really help that bowel work properly. A really nice drink to have, in my opinion,
is lemon water, especially if you add a little bit of fennel, powdered funnel or powdered
cumin into it. So just water, glass of water, the juice of
half to a whole lemon, put a bit of cumin powder or a bit of … There’s different powders
you [inaudible 00:01:10]. Fennel’s quite tasty. Mix that in there because fennel and cumin
really help to improve gut function. They dispel gas, they reduce bloating, and
they also improve the motion of … passage of stool through the bowel. Chewing on fennel seeds is quite good for
doing that, too. So lemon water, a bit of cumin powder or fennel
powder, stir it up, and then have that as a drink first thing in the morning. Very good thing to do. So that’s the first one I would say, would
be a lemon water drink. The second thing I really like are vegetable
juices. I love having a vegetable juice at least once
per day, and my favorite combination would be the green Granny Smith apple, a celery
stick, and a piece of carrot. That’s going to really help the digestive
system considerably if you do that, especially if you don’t just use a juicer that squeezes
and gets the juice out of the vegetables and you throw the pulp away, because you want
the fiber. The fiber’s the important part of really helping
to improve the bowel tone. So try that approach. A small green apple, a small carrot, and a
celery stick. Nice combination. Even better when you’ve got a bit more experience,
is you add a little bit of spinach to it, okay. So that’s number two drink, would be the vegetable
drink once per day. When you start with vegetable drinks, I recommend
that you dilute them about 50 water, good quality water, 50 juice, because they can
be a bit strong when you start them. In my Candida Crusher book, I wrote about
the three different stages of juicing. You’ve got the intermediate vegetables and
fruits you can juice … sorry, you’ve got the beginners, you’ve got the intermediate,
then you’ve got the advanced, which are the real bitter things. So bitter things like grapefruit and things
like that, artichokes. There’s a lot of bitter vegetables that you
could … Bok choy, broccoli, you can even juice, but they’re quite bitter, and unless
you’re already experienced, it can make you a little bit sick or gassy or [bloaty 00:02:57]. So you may want to start with the green apple
and celery and carrot. That’s quite a smart approach. The intermediate one would be more beetroot,
for example. That’s quite a good intermediate thing to
add into a drink. Stools may turn a bit red, but beetroot also
really helps with bowel function. So the vegetable juices is number two. Vegetable juice number three, which is super
powerful, if you want to get a bit of spinach … One cup of spinach contains four grams
of fiber, I’ve written down here. That’s a lot of fiber. A lot of fiber. So spinach just juiced on its own, and take
a shot of straight spinach juice, some people do that. Or you can throw a couple of handfuls of green
spinach leaves in a Vitamix or a NutriBullet or something like that, and blend it right
up into a drink, and then you could either dilute that with water or have that neat. Having it neat’s very, very strong, a bit
like wheatgrass. It’s a powerful drink, full of chlorophyll,
full of folic acid, a lot of magnesium, potassium in there, so it’s going to really make you
feel good, but it could create a bit of a detox reaction if you’re not used to it. So drink number three would be the more powerful
approach, would be basically a spinach shot or a spinach drink. Prune juice is a good one that I recommend. That’s number four. So what you do with prunes, just buy a packet
of prunes, put three or four of them in cup, just a big cup. This cup’s, for example, probably too small. My cup of my green tea here. That’s probably too small for you. You might want a little bit bigger one. I would put three or four prunes in there,
pour boiling on top, and then you’re going to leave that, probably for about a good five,
10 minutes. Give it a stir. You could take the prunes out, pop the pips
out of the prunes, put them back in, or you could blend … take the pips out and then
blend the whole thing and it’ll go a nice dark color. So prune juice is excellent. It’s very high in different fibers, but also
it’s got sorbitol in it, a sugar that really helps to make the large intestine move quite
well. So that’s almost like a semi sort of laxative
kind of a bowel moving drink, is a prune drink. So that’s drink number four, is prune. The other one I really like is apple, apple
or pear, so that’s number five. You can either juice pears or juice apples,
or do a combo. Also you could put a little bit of cumin or
fennel, even a little bit of ginger in with this. It’s quite tasty. You could put a tiny little bit of manuka
New Zealand honey in that if you want. That gives it even more taste and flavor,
and apple and pear are excellent for constipation. Those kinds of drinks, they work quite well. Of course there are approaches like psyllium. You could mix that through water, you know,
the psyllium husks. You could put ground flaxseed. You can mix that in a drink and things like
that. But my favorite out of all of these would
be the lemon water because I have that every morning. I think it’s a fantastic drink. It cleans the liver up. It helps to keep parasite and bacterial numbers
down. It alkalizes the body, yet it stimulates the
stomach. It improves the GI function, upper GI function. It’s a very good cleansing drink. If you can’t get constipation working through
these kind of drinks, you may need a gall bladder or liver cleanse or flush, so look
at some of my videos on liver gall bladder cleansing and that will explain a bit further. That could be why. Stress is a big reason why people are constipated,
so please be mindful to chew food properly and understand that stress slows the bowel
right down. That could be your problem. Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link below if you haven’t got
my free candida report. Thank you.

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  1. you mentioned juices, are smoothies bad for you (what about combination of something juiced and something blended) and what do you think of green barley and spirulina?

  2. Hi Mr Baker, I have found lemon water to be too harsh on me as I have gastritis issues and deal with reflux too. It seems to irritate both my esophagus and stomach.
    Should I just decrease the amount of lemon, or maybe add a spoon of honey? Thanks a lot for your videos!

  3. oooh eveytime I take raw vegetable juice I get bad cramping and diarrhea especially beetroot juice it's so heavy on my stomack

  4. Wouldn't prunes feed the candida and the rest of pathogens? I want to drink it but I'm a little bit afraid.

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