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The Man Who Tried to Give Himself An Ulcer… For Science

Here at SciShow, we don’t like to indulge the idea of the ‘mad scientist.’ But sometimes scientists do live up to the stereotype, and resort to doing things most of us would never do. Like experimenting on themselves to prove a point. In 1984, an Australian doctor named Barry Marshall

Meet Gastroenterologist Xavier Llor, MD, PhD

– My focus is on cancer genetics, G.I. cancer genetics, particularly colorectal cancer. The most important thing is knowledge is power, and it is truly the case. We can do very little when cancers are advanced. Yet we can do a lot when we know about predisposition or early cancers.

GMO Side Effects with Jeffrey Smith

Dr. Axe: We’re going to be talking about genetically modified foods and the side effects and what you should be eating instead. I’ll say this, I think a lot of the information here Jeffrey’s going to share with you is going to blow your mind. In fact, Jeffrey, if you

Top 5 Health Benefits of Java Plum| Indian Blackberry| Naval Pazham| Mani|

Top 5 Health Benefits of Java Plum| Indian Blackberry| Naval Pazham| Mani|

Hi everyone!! this is Mani All 70s-90s Kids had an experience like buying Naval Pazham in front of School during our Interval period But nowadays we couldn’t able to see this except for village side schools it because we did not share about its good and medicinal values to our

Dr. Mapow on Mucinous Neoplasms of the Appendix, Pathology Perspective

– There’s really no finer pathologist than the pathologist you’re gonna meet today, Dr. Beth Mapow, who is kind of my… She’s got a great team that she works with, but when it comes to peritoneal surgeon (mumbles), she’s my go-to, and hence she’s the go-to for our presentation today,

“Deconstructing colon cancer” – Meet Our Scientists: Eduard Batlle

“Deconstructing colon cancer” – Meet Our Scientists: Eduard Batlle

The intestinal epithelium is the organ in our body that regenerates with the highest renewal rate. Cells are born and die within less than a week and this continuous renewal happens to the presence of a number of stem cells that divide continuously and provide new cells to this tissue.