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Constipation, are good citrus fruits?

Constipation, are good citrus fruits?

Are citrus fruits good for constipation? Yes, they are! Although with one caveat All citrus fruits are good for constipation? Because it is clear that oranges and tangerines are good for constipation But what about lemons? Are lemons good for constipation? They don’t! Indeed they encourage it, because lemons are

Does Hydrocodone Cause Constipation?

Greetings, Eric Bakker the Naturopath. The video today is going to be about Hydrocodone. So I’ve got a person from the U.S. asking me if Hydrocodone causes constipation. So Hydrocodone is basically an opiod drug. It’s used for pain relief. There are many different types of Condone drugs available, but

Diagnosis and treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis

Food allergies are a question that patients ask commonly. There are a number of considerations. So one important food allergy of course is gluten in patients who have celiac disease. And that really is essentially an allergy to gluten for those patients. There’s another condition that we’re seeing more often

Digestive System 5- Stomach

Digestive System 5- Stomach

– Into the stomach we go. Now, I threw on my picture of, my big picture of your entire digestive tube, just so you could remember where you are. What you know is that, really, right about here– how did I end up– what happened? This right here, we actually

Digestive histology 3- Submucosa

– Sometimes the names of the structures in anatomy land are easy. Deep to the mucosa is a layer called something fantastic. Are you ready? Dude, it’s the submucosa. Hmm, I’m going to have to write my submucosa this way. Submucosa. Most often the submucosa is made of dense irregular

Study tells people over 40 are likely to suffer stomach ulcer

Government data show the risk of stomach ulcers rises dramatically for people 40 or older. Experts say the best way to prevent the condition is to eat healthy and sleep well. Cho Sung-min explains. The number of stomach ulcer cases in Korea drastically surges among people who are aged 40