Surgery Free Appendicitis Cure May Become More Common

Surgery Free Appendicitis Cure May Become More Common

Surgery-Free Appendicitis Cure May Become More Common children who suffer from appendicitis may not be facing inevitable surgery if a new study touting the safety and effectiveness of an antibiotic treatment becomes mainstream practice more from Reuters before going surgery to remove the appendix may not be an option for all kids researchers say that just three of 30 children who tried the antibiotics only route ended up needing surgery in this group of patients with uncomplicated upend the site as in the people we studied non operative management with a antibiotics of loan appears to be a reasonable alternative the AC Ter Peterman si told Reuters Health he is the study’s lead author Tom Nationwide children’s hospital in Columbus Ohio appendicitis is when the appendix a small tube shaped extension of the: becomes inflamed and filled with us the appendix May 1 without treatment and causing widespread infection although the cause of appendicitis is not known him si said in a often occur when a piece of feces blocks the appendix and allows bacteria to proliferate other inflame tissues may also block the append expand cause the condition it used to be that people would operate on appendix is in the middle of the night he said then we found that it was safe to give them antibiotics and operate on them in the morning doctors began noticing that some of the children were feeling better in the morning after the initial treatment of antibiotics they were hungry and they didn’t have pain anymore than si said to see whether antibiotics of loan might be enough to treat appendicitis he and his colleagues enrolled 77 children and teens brought to the emergency room at Nationwide children’s hospital from October 2012 to October 2013 and all the participants had been diagnosed with uncomplicated a cute appendicitis there appendix is have not burst were not overly swollen and imaging did not show a hard piece of stool blocking the Oregon for those on complicated cases represent about one in five appendicitis cases at the hospital the researchers note in the journal of the American College of surgeons

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  1. Surgery to remove the appendix, called appendectomy, is the go-to treatment for patients with appendicitis and is one of the most common surgical procedures in the U.S. However, antibiotic drugs could take the place of surgery for the many patients who have mild cases of appendicitis, according to new research

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