SUCCEED® equine digestive supplement

SUCCEED® equine digestive supplement

SPEAKER: If you’re serious
about horses, you understand that happy healthy horses train
better and perform to their potential.
That’s why you make sure your horses get the right care,
the right feed and SUCCEED digestive conditioning program.
SUCCEED is a once a day program that provides a natural
nutritional approach to digestive health.
SUCCEED delivers highly specialized nutrients
that support the entire digestive tract. You’ll see the results little
by little in a healthier appearance and temperament.
And ultimately in performance. Serious horse people
from virtually every major equestrian discipline have used
SUCCEED with tremendous results. In fact. Many of the very best
have put their name behind SUCCEED. DAVID O’CONNOR: We think SUCCEED
really has a huge impact on all horses whether they’re high
performance or whether they’re your everyday horse,
because you’re talking about the health of the horse
as a whole. But to find a product
that basically makes the hindgut work as well
as it should in their
evolutionary side. I think is a huge impact.
And so for all horses that’s going to make a difference
that are going to be stabled or we’re going to feed grain to or
we feed the hay that we feed to. That really makes
a huge difference, because we’ve taken them out
of their natural environment. KAREN O’CONNOR: When we start
them on SUCCEED, we see immediate results
in those horses. They are able to start
to utilize their food better. They’re happier. Their behavior gets more calm,
there’s less stress on them and all of those behavioral
situations for the horses become so much more easy to deal with
on the product SUCCEED. I see a lot of horses getting
a lot of different types of grain, a lot
of different types of hay depending on their area that
they live in, and SUCCEED is able to whereever you are in
the country and whatever discipline you’re doing at
whatever level, SUCCEED’s there to help your
horse metabolize his food and ultimately give
you the highest quality performance from your horse. RON RALLS: We’ve been using
SUCCEED for seven years here in our program. Friend of my
wife introduced her to it and she tried it on a horse
that she thought that it might help.
And she got good results from it.
And we’ve been using it ever since. I think
it benefits the training. I think they train better.
I think they’re more at ease. That just goes full circle.
Their condition looks better. They’re just more relaxed.
I won’t endorse a product that I haven’t used and don’t
believe in. If you’re not using SUCCEED
you need to be. It’s a great product.
It gives great results. STEFFEN PETERS: During
a show situation, we want our horses to be
extremely comfortable. And a happy horse
and a comfortable horse simply performs better.
SUCCEED helps us to achieve this goal.
I would tell my competitors to use SUCCEED because at
the end of the day, we have to do everything we can possibly
can do to make our horses comfortable as athletes. NANCY SUE RYAN: In breeding,
I see a huge difference. The mares love it.
They eat their food better. You can see the bloom
in the babies you can see their digestion is good.
They acclimate to new surroundings so everything that
they do they stay with it and you can tell. Once a horse comes
in that hasn’t been on SUCCEED, we put them on it immediately.
Within 30 days we start seeing a change in their hair coats,
their attitude. The whole system of the SUCCEED
really works well. You can see this improvement in
the overall condition of the new horse that comes
in to our program. I probably talk about SUCCEED
probably ten times a month to people, cause
it is such a nice product for the horses.
Every horse show someone comes and says to us, “Do you really
believe in that stuff?” Yeah. If I believe in it it’s very
easy for me to promote it. SPEAKER: SUCCEED digestive
conditioning program is available in oral paste or
in granules for top dressing feed.
In three sizes of buckets or in the convenient SmartPak system. SUCCEED digestive
conditioning program. My horse at its best.

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  1. A perfect example of an ad that says a whole lot of nothing. Whats in it? Why does it work? I couldnt care less about the "expert" opinions! Useless….give me facts, not opinions….

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