Stomach and Abdominal Pain – Dr Wilie Ong Health Blog #39

Stomach and Abdominal Pain – Dr Wilie Ong Health Blog #39

In this video, I will talk about Abdominal
Pain or Stomach Pain If you have any pain or vague discomfort in
the abdomen, this could mean an abdominal problem. It is not that easy to find the cause of the
pain, but I will give you a guide. First we have to check on the history:
Where is the pain located? When did the pain start? What kind of pain are you feeling? Is it a squeezing pain?
Is it on and off like a spasm? Or is it a continuous pain?
Do you diarrhea or any past operations in the abdomen?
All these questions will help the doctor find the cause. In this table, I will give you some clues
on the possible causes: If the pain is on and off, then it could be
a benign colic. If there is diarrhea, then it could be acute
gastroenteritis If the pain is in the center and you feel
it’s acidic and frequently missed your meals. Consider gastritis or an ulcer.
If the pain is on the right upper side, and if it occurs after eating fatty or oily foods,
then consider a gallbladder inflammation or gallbladder stones. Overweight people in their
forties are more prone to develop gallbladder stones. If the pain is in the right lower side, then consider appendicitis, which is a medical
emergency. For ladies with pain in the lower abdomen,
you should see an OB-gynecologist for various possibilities. As always, it’s still best to see your doctor,
a gastroenterologist or a surgeon. Especially if the pain is severe.
I hope my tips have given you some guide. Take care.

8 Replies to “Stomach and Abdominal Pain – Dr Wilie Ong Health Blog #39”

  1. doc, pag po dumidighay ako e sumasakit po dibdib ko,.heartburn po ba yon? ano po ang dapat kong gawin?..salamat..

  2. Doc pano po b kpg 3 to 4 days n d ndumi at nid p po uminom ng dulcolax para lng mk dumi..ano po kya yun
    lgi po kc ngyyri,hirap po sa pgdumi..
    Tnx po in advance

  3. i had this really sharp pain in the lower right side of my stomach yesterday it lasted for about 3 hours and hurt when i walked or if i would lay down and breath in and then finally went away but today it hurts on and off but no where near as bad. i was wondering if it could be appendix although i haven't really had any other symptoms. or could it also be built up gas? bc some other parts of my body hurt also

  4. I had delayed meals and I was diagnosed with gastritis.. Today, I still had delayed meals, kasi late nagigising, baka babalik-balik ang atake ng gastritis. I throw up sometimes. Bawal ba ang heavy exercise pag may gastritis, doc? — And btw doc, I am glad we are on the same network, TMG. Hehe. 🙂

  5. I have constant pain in right lower abdomen over a year and have been going in circle with all the ct scans and blood test. Yet everything is normal in the report.

    Along side Also have pruritus ani on and off for couple of years now which doctor said of sensitive skin.

    Is this inter related? My back and abdominal ct scan came up normal. Not sure is musculoskeletal or gastro? Any guidance would be great. Thanks

  6. My gallstone po ako, ayaw ko po magpa surgery. can you please help me doc ano po ba ibang option to clean my gallbladder..thank you po.

  7. doc good eve. ngaun kc sumasakit ung right side abdomin q ung malapit s pusod medyo mangilo s loob na makirot.
    pag naupo ako or nahiga medyo masakit sya.
    d q alam f hangin or ano to
    nawawala nmn ung sakit
    naipit kc tiyan q ung pag upo q s paglagay ng drops s alaga kg aso tpos pag tayo q.
    un na

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