Smarter Driving for the Holidays

Smarter Driving for the Holidays

Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart
Drive Test talking to you today about holiday driving, answering your questions
about passing a road test… And we’re going to talk about four years on
YouTube and the founding story of Smart Drive Test. So stick around, we’ll be
right back with that information. [INTRO & UPBEAT MUSIC} Hi there smart drivers. Welcome back. Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about driving, passing your road test, and
being a safer and smarter driver. And as well, four years on YouTube. Because now
we’re four years and I find it hard to believe that it’s been four years. It’s
just incredible. So anyway, we’ll start off with a little bit of a humor story. I
was texting a friend of mine and I said you can come to our house for Christmas
and instead of it being our house for Christmas, the phone autocorrected to
out house. So you can come to the outhouse for Christmas. Oh yes so that was that
was the funny that. I just had with texting people excellent Jaden passed
his road test that is awesome and hello everyone carries here from Minnesota in
experience opinion hi Rick wanted to let you know I passed my road test for the
first time that is awesome nathan is here game al is here Adler is here
excellent lots of people has here JFS a380 as well so let us know where you’re
tuning in from what class of licence you’re going for and I’m not gonna do a
PowerPoint presentation today I’m just going to talk about the holidays and be
really happy that it’s you know only three or four days to Christmas which is
awesome Happy Holidays Annabelle I got G license in first attempt coming from
another country with experience left-hand-side driving the Bell which
which country are you in that they drive on the left side of the road that you
came from and then you’ve got your license in Ontario that is absolutely
awesome congratulations I’m pretty excited about Christmas this year as
some of you know and this is what I’m going to talk
terms of the founding story of smart drive test and how I got started on this
four years ago seriously started about four years ago if you look at when my
channel was founded it says earlier than that I’m not sure exactly what happened
so yeah it was four years ago almost to the day and thus the thumbnail for the
live stream today top ten tenth taunt top ten tips to pass your road test and
the reason for that thumb is because that was one of the first videos that I
made and I’ll just sonobelle so Pakistan I see I did not know that nabela did not
know that Pakistan drove on the left side of the road that’s really great
information film on quarry is here at Brix four wheels and quarry is an
excellent excellent moderator he gets up videos that I suggest for you to have a
look at when you ask me questions as well quarry is really good at keeping
the bad people out awesome Nazz had my license for almost a year no
crashes that is awesome Nass have you had any close calls Nass okay Nicole hi
Nicole happy holidays Adler I just passed my permit test four
o’clock four days ago and now practicing my road test need to know everything
awesome so Adler any questions you have we can certainly help you with that and
Bali class five tests in ten days awesome the inexperienced opinion yes I
do have tips for dealing with tailgaters the the interesting part about dealing
with tailgaters and as well Cory I’ll put the video up for you on rear-ending
so you’d prevent getting rear-ended one of the things you need to do when you’re
being tailgated by other drivers is increase the space in front of you
because you now need to drive for yourself and you need to drive for the
the goofball who’s tailgating you because essentially the person who’s
tailgating you now has given up their autonomy their ability to drive their
vehicle they’re now hoping and praying that they react fast enough when you
to make a move or a maneuver that they’re gonna be able to do that so you
need to just increase the space in front so you don’t have emergency stops you
don’t have emergency acceleration and stuff like that so that’s what you do
when you have tailgaters simply increase the space in front of you more vigilant
observation and less aggressive technique so if you’re gonna break and
somebody’s tailgating you tap the brake pedal and that’ll flash the brake lights
a couple of times and indicate to the person that you could be too close the
other thing with tailgaters is just slow down a little bit and oftentimes they’ll
get around you they’ll pass you or whatnot and get out of the way Adler how
much do you pay for road tests where are you that you’re gonna go for a road test
Adler Adler’s in Massachusetts so does anybody know what the cost of the road
test is in Massachusetts I don’t know off the top of my head I know that for
the purposes of most places in my experience I think it’s about $50 not
sure but it’s it’s weird the way they do it because there’s there’s a cost for
taking the road test it’s $50 and then if you pass your license then it’s
another fee for issuing your license there’s another fee for there’s a bunch
of different fees the way that they do it which kind of really ticks you off
when you go to get your license I know for most people when you go to get your
license when you pass your road test your success is successful in issuing
your license it’s usually somewhere between 80 and 120 dollars all told so
NASA’s it’s 32 dollars they’re in North Carolina so I suspect it’s probably
similar there in Massachusetts Patricia is in Bellevue Idaho welcome
from Idaho that’s awesome jadynn me and my dad are having a
problem finding a new car for me so I do not know what to do I beam to a
dealership good things he’s calling up buddy to get me a new car so Jaden are
you looking for a new car are you looking for a used car just let me know
that okay nabela thank you sir watched your videos
to learn a lot about aspects excellent okay Nets had a close call on my first
day outside a bar suspected drunk driver escaped with no crashes that’s awesome
Emma hey joining for the first time but always watched her videos helped me a
lot to pass my computer test which is your learner’s and now I need to do my
road test please encourage me it is my first time driving in the snow and my
excellent and Cory got a video up for you there Emma on how to drive how to
learn to drive in the winter snow and ice and that would really help you out
as well Emma yeah and feel free to ask questions I do the best I can to get to
the comments and help people out gamal I take my washington state road
test in about two months and have become pretty comfortable with every typical
environment residential cities freeways et cetera what skills should I practice
before the test de Menil one of the things that I reckon that I counsel
drivers who are practicing for the road test to do is to go back and revisit the
fundamentals and choreo put the video up for you on how to learn to drive and
basically go and get some of those 36 inch one meter tall pylons and not just
for Gemmell but for everybody who’s practicing in preparation for the road
test go back and revisit the fundamentals those things that you
learned right away at the beginning of learning how to drive and even if you
haven’t done the parking lot work yet go and do that go and get some of those 36
inch one meter tall pylons or the short witches hat whichever you can get ahold
of and go to the parking lot do the slow speed maneuvers do the forward figure
eights around the pylons and then do the reverse figure eights around the pylons
that will teach you mastery of the primary controls the steering wheel the
throttle and the brake and the throttle is also called the gas pedal of the
accelerator it will teach you to work those things in combination and give you
a higher mastery of those as well it will also teach you where your
vehicle is in space in place and those are critical skills not just for passing
a road test but for your career of driving
and for you to remain safe and be a good safe smarter driver on the roadway so I
really encourage you if you’ve been training for a while and you feel fairly
comfortable with all of that your parking driving on residential streets
out on highways on freeways interstates those types of things then go back and
revisit the fundamentals and that will really help you out and really get you
prepared for going and taking your road testing really solidify mastery of the
primary controls and knowing where your vehicle is in space in place that will
really help you over okay Patricia you really helped me with air brake study
thank you I passed my air brake test on Friday
congratulations Patricia is so glad that we could help you out with that and I’m
gonna start revisiting some of that air brake stuff in the spring there’s some
of the videos that I want to redo because I think I can do a better job of
explaining some of the stuff to you but congratulations on passing your air
brakes and Patricia where are you going to get your CDL license which state are
where are you in the world all US I’ll just call you max well it’s a little
easier for me season’s greetings from Stockholm Sweden
thanks for impacting knowledge every time and thank you so much for dropping
in and leaving a comment that’s great Stockholm and I just had a student over
on the Facebook page from Romania passed a road test after failing three times so
that was really awesome news really great news for the holidays and I do owe
an apology to some of the smartdraft firs mark has passed his road test
yesterday Marcus was unsuccessful the first time and then he took the passion
road test first time course over at the smart drive test website signed up for
that he did do he actually Marcus is in Vernon here and he went out with one of
the driving schools here did a mock road test and then on Friday Marcus was
successful in getting his road is getting his license so congratulations
to Marcus and I do apologize I misled some smart drivers I just threw up a
stock photo when I put up the comment about Marcus passing his road test there
on the community feed and I do apologize about that as soon as I realized my air
I went back and asked Marcus to send me a picture so now there’s a picture of
Marcus up there with the comment that he had passed his road test on Friday so
that’s what happened Kemal thanks Rick I could use some work
on slow speed maneuvers anyway your videos have been a great help with your
trickier maneuvers excellent and gum al make sure that you do the forward figure
Eight’s and then do the reverse figure eight so make sure you laugh a lot while
you’re doing that because it’s important to have good fun with that because I
know that that can be fairly challenging for new drivers who are learning how to
drive to do those reverse figure eights around the pylons so that’s really great
adler when taking a road test will you be accepted – no all expected to know
all of the controls of the car adler you’re not expected to know all of the
secondary controls of the car however for the purposes of a road test to take
note for anybody who’s preparing for a road test especially in inclement
weather and in the fall and winter time at minimum minimum be able to turn the
windshield wipers on while you’re driving without looking at them and be
able to turn on the the window defrost okay at minimum you have to be able to
do those two things because if you can’t do those two things it’s unlikely you’re
going to pass a road test because what that says to the examiner is that you
haven’t done enough driving because you can’t turn on those two minima those two
secondary controls which are an app which are critical in inclement weather
if your windows fog up you have to be able to turn on the defrost to be able
to clear the wind the windscreen and you need to turn on the windshield wipers if
it starts to rain or if you’re in the wintertime and you get some gunk on your
windshield and you need to clear it off you need to be able to use the washer
fluid and the windshield wipers to clean off the windshield so at minimum the
defrost and windshield wipers the rest of it you should be okay you know you
know the other thing is is that you want to look at look at the video on
secondary controls Cory I’ll put that up for you and as well one other video that
I just had a brain cramp and it went away
it’ll I’ll come back to it in just a okay Patricia I’m a diesel roller
operator for a assault company I don’t know what an assault company is Patricia
oh okay also you’re in the military okay there we go Emma
how do I sign up for the online road test just passed just talked you just
talked about okay Emma so you’re in luck the passion road test
first-time course is on special right now it’s $27 Cory will put up the link
for you that over at the smart drive test website there you can sign up for
that alright Patricia I work at the Idaho
material and construction in Bellevue Idaho after I got my permit they teach
the rest of the information there okay so that that’s all coming together it
would kind of fell down in two comments there now if you leave a comment or ask
a question it’s it’s fairly busy here just remind me to go and have a look at
it or just retype it again and then that way I’ll get back at it
Oh Patricia so it’s not a salt company it’s asphalt see you at a typo to would
like me come to our house not come come to the outhouse that’s good fun okay
Bryan also remember that you can get out and look yes goal when backing there is
a set number of times that you can do that but they pull forward one time I
also pay attention to road signs especially truck information such as no
parking truck routes limits all that they will ask you what was the last two
signs that you passed O’Brien you had a really good instructor because I used to
do that to students who I was teaching truck and bus driver training too I
would say to them as we passed a roadside what was the last road sign you
saw and you know it’s a real stuck struggle for drivers to be able to do
that to be able to tell you what it was and I mean probably one of the things
you know the sticks out of my mind is I had a guy that I was training actually I
was mentoring him he just got his license out of truck driving school and
we went out on and I asked him three for half a dozen
times what was the last road time road sign you saw and I tried to explain to
him how important it was to have road signs and to read the road signs
especially for truck and bus drivers it is critical that you read the road signs
and take that information on board and finally I just said to him I said you
know I asked him what the road sign was he says I don’t know and I said to him I
just pulled the truck over like right now pull the truck over and I
got him out of the truck and I made him walk back and look at the road sign
because he just was not getting it like it was not registering with him that he
had to take note of the road signs and the other thing I would suggest for bus
and truck drivers people who are upgrading their license to a CDL license
truck or bus Coria put the video up for you on top 11
road signs for CL drivers have a look at that because there’s different signs
that you now have to pay attention to as a CDL drivers and some of them can
actually save your life so how to look at those carry in your toptenz videos
you talk about hazard perception catalog in the first tip what would you consider
are the most important hazards to have your hazard perception catalog the first
and foremost carry that’s an excellent question that you just asked about
hazard perception the first one carry is to identify intersections where are you
going to intersect with other road users and it’s not just at conventional what
we think of where two roads meet right that’s not that’s the most common
definition of an intersection but there’s also a crosswalk is an
intersection because you are intersecting with pedestrians so
crosswalks when you have laneways coming out from see a drive restaurant that has
a drive-thru you’re intersecting with other vehicles and other road users when
you come out of a prot of a mall for example and there’s a sidewalk there’s
going to be pedestrians walking along the sidewalk that’s an intersection so
in terms of hazard perception what are the intersections that I am crossing
where I could potentially have conflict with
other road users and first and foremost and I need to make a video on this
because this is an excellent topic that was a such an excellent question Carrie
about intersections and for new drivers you need to be able to identify what the
intersections are and then determine what are the potential hazards at those
intersections the places where you intersect with other road users on the
roadway and those can be different places so if you can do that it’s really
going to help you out in terms of hazard perception on the roadway and really
work you know go a long way to keeping you safe on the roadways so that’s one
of the things you can do Nicole I’m in my 30s and I don’t have my
driver’s license yet do you have any advice for me now it is a must-have for
me but it looks so far for me to have it yes so Nicole I just start at the
beginning give yourself you know plan out a
schedule and actually if you look at the past your road test first time course I
have a schedule in there it’s like it’s an eight week schedule it’s an eight
week schedule and it’ll take you through all the topics that you need to cover in
terms of being fully prepared for a road test and I would encourage you to do
that Patricia all the best take care thanks
for dropping by and leaving a comment that’s awesome so Nicole do that I would
I would encourage you to do that and it doesn’t matter that you’re in your 30s
you can certainly get your license you can certainly do the work that you need
to do you might even consider having a couple of lessons with a driving
instructor but I would strongly encourage you to go over and sign up for
the course and you everything there is what you need to do in the in the
outline of six to eight weeks of preparing for a road test prints have
been driving for a year so far I still struggle to change lanes when lots of
cars around especially on the 401 through Toronto when some of the cars
are going 140 plus yes that can be difficult and definitely prints one of
the things I suggest is is that especially after you get your license is
for you to keep up with the traffic flow it just makes you much much more
on the roadway and as you know on the 401 you know you start getting out into
that far left lane and as you said they’re doing 140 kilometres an hour you
need to be doing at least that if you are going to merge out into that Lane
you don’t want to be pulling in front of other drivers who are you know
accelerating and doing crazy amounts of speeds and those types of things so take
your time again have a choreo put the video up on Corey’s already put the
video up he’s got ahead of me here which is great how to change lanes have a look
at that especially Prince at the end of the video if you go near the end of the
video I go out on the highway and do some lane changes out there so do that
as well I have a look at that and then come back if you have any questions at
all leave us a comment howay good topic today excellent drive
smart BBC merry Christmas merry Christmas to you as well Tim thank you
so much for dropping by and leaving us a comment it’s a great time of year great
holidays yes I know that’s a little crowded in the shopping malls I’ve been
to the shopping malls and yes indeed it is a little bit crowded but you know
just say to yourself when you go to the shopping mall I got to park at the back
in the parking lot that’s three blocks away okay if you come to that
realization that you cannot park near the door or at least it’s very unlikely
that you’ve got to park near the door then you’re gonna have a lot less stress
when you go to the mall because I’ve been to the mall and you go to park a
ways away so there you go Brian nice cup yes spider-man spider-man and I always
do the livestream every week that’s my little signature thing there you go so
Corey’s put up the passion road test first time over the smart drive test
website awesome as well both the winter driving smart and the defensive driving
course are both over there they’re both also on sale have a look at those as
well if you’re having some issues with driving in that sort of thing all right
so let’s talk a little bit about four years on YouTube and what four years of
you on YouTube has looked like I am I am NOT one of those I’m not one of those
superstars on YouTube I did not go like zero to a hundred thousand people
in one year I know there are people out there who have done that people who have
been successful in doing that I did not do that I had to work three years before
I got to a hundred thousand subscribers and last year this was the year that I
got my silver play button which is up here behind me up in the corner
somewhere where no I’m not pointing the right way over there I’m just turning
around luckily I can point to it so this year I got my silver play button so it’s
been a really great three years I I’m a little I’m not you know the first two
years on YouTube I worked really really hard I put up a lot of videos this year
I didn’t do as much work as I should have and I’m you know rethinking
everything that I’ve been doing on YouTube and stuff I put it on social
media and those types of things I’ve been a little III I haven’t been
maintaining the web the YouTube channel is as much as I should have this year
I’ll just say that okay I’m not gonna say anything further because I’m gonna
try and correct the prop that not correct the problem but I’m gonna try
and do better right so I’m rican sexualizing what I’m gonna do so I’m
sort of looking back on four years so what so what happened five years ago I
went through a divorce as many of you know I have two kids at the time of the
divorce they were three and five years old she took them with her and took them
away from me which was really really challenging for me and very difficult
for me because in the five years that I was with my kids I was never away from
them for more than a day or two at most so I spent a lot of time with my kids
and so when when my ex-wife took the kids away from me that was very
devastating for me that was incredibly hard not to mention I was working at the
truck driving school here in town at the time and that summer I think there was
one week that I got like four hours so my job really went downhill at the time
and if you look over here on the YouTube website or on my website I just bear
with me for one sec and I will get the rape there we go okay just transition
over there you can see this log sheet here and so the plan was in 2015 in the
fall 20:15 I finally came up with a plan to
try and you know reboot my life so to speak the plan was is I was gonna go
back driving truck I was gonna drive truck for 10 months running long haul
and I was gonna make enough money to go back to university I was gonna go get my
teaching degree and I was gonna pursue a career as a teacher so that was the goal
and so I told the truck driving school that I was going to quit I was gonna go
off to drive truck and I wasn’t gonna come back well the owner came to talk to
me and convinced me to come back and you can and so it wasn’t very good because I
called the guy that owned the truck and I said listen I’m giving you my two
weeks notice I had even got in the truck yet so I went off and drove truck and
you can see here I’m driving between Vancouver and Edmonton here in Western
Canada so I did that in October for two weeks and then I came back I went back
to the driving school for a period of time and worked there and I started
doing videos okay main camera here we go transition just having a little
technical problem here so bear with me there there we go okay so went back to
the driving school and just while I was driving truck one of the things that I
did when I was driving truck was I went and I looked at audio books our listen
to audio books while I was driving truck so I went to the library and I picked up
a bunch of audio books and they were all fiction and I was feeling kind of guilty
about the fact that they were all fiction so I pulled one of the
non-fiction books off the shelf and I didn’t even look at the title or the
cover or whatever it was about I just remember it was purple that’s all I
remember and I thought to myself well if I don’t listen to it I can just bring it
back maybe just not listen to it so it laid on the floor of the truck for about
10 days and then finally I looked down I saw it there and I’m like okay I’ll
throw that in and I listened to it and it turned out it was Robert Kiyosaki and
some of you may or may not know Robert Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad Poor
Dad and he has a very successful international business Rich Dad Poor Dad
has a game board games you know numerous books he’s written and he’s been
incredibly so sex he’s one of the top financial advisors
in the world and I listen to this book and it wasn’t Rich Dad Poor Dad it was
increasing financial intelligence by Robert Kiyosaki and he said to me he
said in the book he said you need to build an asset and I’m like what is an
asset and he said an asset is something that will make you money even when
you’re not there and he started talking about businesses
and those types of things and he says you know if you have a business that you
have to show up to every day or it won’t continue that’s not a business he said
you’re self-employed you know and I’m struggling with this and I’m thinking
you know what is an asset what can I do what can I build and so I came back
after the two weeks off truck I went back to the driving school I was working
there and I started doing the videos right and I was struggling with social
media social media can be overwhelming for anybody who’s done any sort of
social media you know you got Facebook and you got Twitter and Instagram and
YouTube and tik-tok and all of these social media platforms and you’re just
you if you’re trying to do all of them you’re not gonna do any of them and so I
came off the road I started doing a third plane with a little bit of video
I’ve been doing a little bit of it before but they didn’t really know
anything about online video and I’d had the smart drive test website on the back
burner for a long time I created that in like 2011 with my good friend Tim Davis
who runs basic Joomla tutorials he is a YouTube channel and helps people out to
build websites and whatnot and I came back to the website I was struggling
with this the social media and I think it was November I came across James
James Wedmore who’s built a very successful YouTube channel he’s built an
incredibly successful online business and he said you need to build a YouTube
channel and I started making videos and this video as I talked to you about in
the thumbnail this video here top 10 tips to pass your road test first time
which you can’t see right now because I haven’t changed it over there we go okay
so this video here top 10 tips to pass your road test first time this video I
made on the 27th of December or I put it up on the 27th of December
20:15 so that’s almost four years to the date and this video now has almost nine
hundred thousand views 894 thousand views so it and it’s the fourth most
popular video on my channel it’s the next video that’s going to go over a
million views on my channel so it’s been incredibly successful it’s been a good
video and I remember this video because I was struggling with you know getting
my videos noticed because the first nine months there were there was essentially
crickets in May of 2016 the on my birthday I remember I you know hope
begging people for two subscribers because I was at 98 subscribers and I
remember begging people to say to me to subscribe to my channel so I get to 100
hundred subscribers for my birthday which was pretty funny and so I I
committed to two videos a week I was making two videos a week and there was
so much to learn if any of you have done YouTube I’ve tried to make videos have
tried to put videos up on the YouTube channel it is an incredible amount of
work learning the YouTube platform learning how to make videos how to do
audio how to shoot videos oh and I didn’t know anything about video right
and I was under the the misconception that you know oh this was going to be
fairly easy because I lectured at universities I got it I got a doctorate
I taught at the universities and I thought well how hard can this be but
you know it took me literally almost two years before I developed my on-camera
persona you know and there’s there’s some funny videos and I’ll dig them up
and maybe put them up on the community channel for you but there’s there’s a
video with me with one arm down at my side because I’m
trying to figure out what to do with my hands and my good friend Tim says to me
I said what do you think of this video he looks at it he goes you look like a
stroke victim because I was only moving one arm for
the video you know so it took some time and some of my first videos are not very
good I mean you look in that video on top 10 tips and I look very I’m like
look constipated there’s there’s no comfort on camera so you know if any of
you were thinking about building an online channel and doing online video
you know just go with it because later and you know when you when you get good
at it you can start to make fun of your you know have a good laugh about the
whole thing right you know and all of the experts you know Sean Cannell video
influencers Nick NIM and all the rest of them they will all tell you your first
videos are your worst videos right and so you know there you go with all of
that so that was kind of the fall and I started making videos I started doing
that and then in September of 2016 I was watching the the statistics on YouTube
and for anybody who’s done YouTube it’s not views it’s not how many subscribers
you have it’s watch time watch time is what matters on YouTube so in September
of 2016 I got two minutes of watch time two days of watch time which meant that
for every minute of the day people were watching one minute of my videos oh yeah
and I thought okay this thing’s finally on it’s people are now watching this and
it’s from September till about November I made one video a day six days a week
which I wouldn’t I would not recommend for anybody to do
it’s an incredible amount of work I was working from like five o’clock in the
morning till 11 o’clock at night making videos and you know it was an old
computer it didn’t work very well it’s not like the setup that I have now it’s
just like a you know everything runs super fast and so my goal was from
September at Christmas to have ten days of watch time at Christmas I hit 10 days
of watch time in like 2 October and by Christmas I hit 20 days of watch time
now I’m averaging somewhere between you know seventy and a hundred days
everyday like 1,500 1,500 hours or watch time a day on the channel is doing
incredibly well but I want the channel to do better I think that we can help
more people and I’m gonna do a couple of international trips coming up my goal
will next year I have a I have a very lofty goal not sure I want a ten times
the jail that’s that’s my goal so it’s it’s a big goal so that’s essentially
the founding story of of the YouTube channel and how smart drive test got
started and of course you know there you know it’s a business the smart drive
test is a successful business I make my living off smart drive test so it’s been
very successful I’ve helped a lot of people pass the
road test CDL licenses motorcycles trucks buses all that stuff I’ve helped
people so you know you can do it and the the message just to kind of come back to
what the message of all of this is about my founding story yes five years ago my
my life was pretty dim I was you know my mom said to me at one point after the
the marriage broke down I lost my job I got two babies cuz I was a single dad I
had two little babies I had a three-year-old and a five-year-old to
look after and you know I just it was hard
and but the best advice I ever got about being down home was from my mom she says
ten minutes of time ten minutes at a time do ten minutes get through the next
ten minutes ten minutes get through the tenth next ten minutes and that’s that’s
how I made it I just you on one ten minute chunko time and you know that’s
what sometimes sometimes your life is so hard it’s so challenging and you’re so
you cannot see anything beyond your arm’s reach that that’s what you got to
do is ten minutes at a time and you can do it but at one of the same time the
YouTube channel kept me from going crazy because I had lots of work to do so I
wasn’t sitting around either I was I was do
a lot of work and it’s really great and so the point that I want to make about
all of this is that yes it’s kind of you know if the Phoenix metaphor out of the
ashes rise the Phoenix right but this isn’t the first time that I’ve done this
in my life I you know and I think it was Carrie that asked me a couple of weeks
ago you know on the wall here behind me you know what is my greatest achievement
I think one of my greatest achievements was getting my doctorate because I was
the kid that was never supposed to get a doctorate I grew up blue-collar my dad
was a welder he was a bit of a drunk it was a bit of an abusive so you know I
left home when I was 16 I worked on jobs and those kinds of things hadn’t even
finished high school you know I didn’t even have a great an education I went
back to high school got my high school degree went on to university but
university was like you know I didn’t have anybody mentoring me and I
mistakenly cooks it’s this I failed calculus 3 times in university and
realize that maybe science isn’t the thing that I should be taking in
university and then I dropped at a university I came back to university
finally finished my degree and in the last year that I was there I found
history loved history applied for a graduate degree went off to mal went off
to the University of Melbourne in Australia I graduated with my degree my
Doctor degree I had no idea how I was gonna do that I married an Australian I
went back to Australia she wanted to be back near her family got enrolled in the
University of Melbourne and I was like how am I gonna afford going to the
University of Melbourne and you know something when you when you when you
start to move forward in life and you just you see a gold you set a goal your
brain starts to work on how am I going to do that how I’m going to figure that
out and if you want to do something in life and you want to do something really
great with your life just figure out what you want to do and go for it the
universe will help you figure out how to get there because I had no idea in 2002
when I bought a plane ticket and I flew to his drive I had no idea how the heck
in the world I was gonna figure out how to do
a doctor degree because as some of you may or may not know I was an
international student and the international students pay three times
the tuition fee that domestic students pay so somehow I had to figure how he
was gonna afford this well it turned out that once I got my permanent residency
in Australia the Australian government paid for my degree I only had to pay a
$300 administration fee to the University every year I mean I still had
to work and live in those types of things but the Australian government
paid for me to go to university and get my doctor I mean
how magic is that magic is that it’s you know and I see people on YouTube all the
time and they’re complaining about YouTube and what YouTube is doing and
they’re taking away this and they’re taking away that yeah there’s there’s a
kind of a downside of YouTube it’s a huge corporation but at one in the same
time there are you know thousands of people who are making incredible
businesses on YouTube with a cellphone they’re using a cellphone as a camera to
make online videos and and and and they’re building incredibly successful
businesses six figures seven figures a year and more so YouTube if you you know
and in coming back to what I was talking to but when I in in 20s in October 2016
when I went back driving truck going back and driving truck long haul that
was the low point of my life that was the absolute low point of my life
because I did not want to go back driving truck especially long haul with
two little babies at home when I had kids the only thing I ever wanted to do
was be a dad and being away for a week at a time in a truck was not it was not
in my plan so when I climbed back in that truck my life had gone to an
all-time low because I as soon as I got back I’m like what am i doing what am i
doing with my life but I had to be there for a reason because that’s where I
found the book that’s where I found what build an asset what is an asset you know
it’s like he said you know it’s you know you know the opportunity shows up with a
tool kit and a set of overalls and goes here you go it’s a lot of work yeah it’s
a lot of work it’s a heap of work to build a YouTube
channel I know I would never say to you in any stretch of the imagination it’s
easy but YouTube is an asset it is an asset it is something that builds that
sends me money every month and I don’t have to be there all the time yes
there’s a lot of work involved answering comments and questions and little such
thing if you want to maintain the channel but I can still go away for a
couple of days and YouTube will sit a Google sends me a check every month not
to mention my smart drive test website also makes money this is an asset this
is something that makes me money and if you can do that if you’re 20 years old
and you’re building an asset in your life oh my god you were gonna be you’re
gonna be retired by the time you’re 55 because you can make an incredible
business on YouTube and just Shawn channel is one of my heroes on YouTube
and he is one of the people that I follow religiously if you want to see
somebody who’s been incredibly successful somebody who has an
incredible story on YouTube go and watch some of Shawn Connell stuff I just I
cannot you say enough good things about Shawn channel he’s an incredible person
he’s an incredibly giving person he’s highly motivated he puts out incredible
content and you know I wouldn’t be where I’m at because of Shawn can all video
influencers and his partner’s name is is escaping me for just a moment here but
I’ll it’ll come back to me in just a moment here but have a look at that
stuff okay so we’ll go back and answer some questions here mad trucker I did
that but I made a series also congratulations on your channel thank
you so much Victor I just wanted to thank you all
your videos helped me upgrade my driver’s license from a class v to an
advanced five in Alberta that helped me get a better job thank you so much you
are most welcome Victor congratulations on that Frederick your general is like
this to me improvement equals growth that’s why I keep coming back there’s
always something good and inspiring keep it up thank you so much Frederick that
is awesome awesome compliment there and and that’s
really what I want the smart drive test channel to be about that was the
exactly what I wanted to be about when I started the channel it was about
empowerment I wanted all of the videos that I do to be about empowerment I want
them to be about teaching people how to pass a road test how to be a good driver
and how to move forward in their life and I am
that’s another direction that I see the channel now going is some of the
inspirational educational stuff because driving is really a metaphor for a lot
of other things in life that we do right you know because you can take all of
those skills that you applied to learning how to drive and pass a road
test and be successful in you know not crashing a car and you can apply them to
other things in life those skills of learning something learning maneuver
skills all that can be applied to something else and you know in this time
of the year of the holidays I know it’s not happy for everybody but for most
people it’s a very happy time of the year it’s a happy time of giving and
those types of things it’s the same thing with learning how to drive you
know it’s a magic time you’re learning a new skill and the ability to learn is
going to be one of the constants in your life because no matter what you do
you’re always going to be learning something and I’ll tell you right now my
own experience I’ve been to rat I realized the other day that I have been
around computers since computers started in 1998 when I went to university I
worked in I got a job in the computer lab in the old days of you know
WordPerfect and dot matrix computer printers dot matrix printers and you
know everything was keyboards there was no mouse right this is mice came along
later we didn’t have computer mouse’s is it mouse is what’s the plural of
computer mouse is it mice or Mouse but anyway you know I started in that and so
I was at the beginning of the computer revolution now the things that we can do
on computers I mean I can sit here by myself in my house in my studio with my
lights and my thing and I can live stream to the world it’s absolutely
incredible it is saw magic and it’s the things that I try to tell my kids I try
and tell my kids everything you say every thing you think is real and it
truly is it’s you know the world is a magic place the world is incredible you
know if you think certain things if you if you shoot for the stars you can get
there you can get there think of it like this if you take an axe and you go into
the forest and you find the biggest tree you can find say it’s like 30 feet
around if you go to that tree every day and you take five whacks at that tree
eventually the only thing that stands between you and success is time and
space because eventually you are gonna cut that tree down if you come back
every day and do the same thing so know that control your thoughts write stuff
down don’t you know don’t think your goals are crazy because the things that
you think are crazy are the very things that are gonna that are very gonna be
gonna provide the vehicle to take you to the success I mean you know when I was
in my 20s somebody had said to me oh you’re gonna go on to university and
you’re gonna get a PhD in in legal history I would have looked at them like
they grow on foreheads and I would have said that’s not possible because of my
20s I was the epitome of Billy Joel’s anger
young man I was very angry with the world you know and the world was a
miserable place but I was still making amends and still moving forward I can
remember in my mid-30s I I got up one day he was moping around
I went in the bathroom and I looked at myself in the mirror and I said you’re a
good person I like who you are and my life changed from there on in from there
on Eddie changed I went forward I found a martial arts studio I got my
head on straight so if you believe magic happens if you believe that good things
will happen to you if you believe that you’re gonna pass your road test first
time that will happen to you I know it will trust in it you know whatever your
energy is in life whatever your higher power is it will happen it will happen
and if you don’t believe that it’ll happen
look at this YouTube channel smart drive test in four years I’ve built this
channel to 135 thousand subscribers and as well I can remember saying to a
friend of mine the hand signal video I was I was doing the hand signal video I
was talking to Tim on skype and I said to him and I can remember this was in
early this was in the spring of 2016 remember saying go I said nobody’ll ever
watch this nobody will ever watch this because traffic safety is not sexy mind
you at the st. one at the same time in in the early days of smart drive test in
2016 I was not doing videos that you guys were looking for I was not doing
videos that my audience was looking for it took me a few months to figure out
what my audience was looking for and once I did the parallel-park video how
to parallel park that’s what you were looking for and as soon as I did those
videos then then it took off then the channel started to go forward and it
started to grow and it started to accelerate and we started to build a
great community so this is the message that I want to leave with you for the
great holiday season the world is a magic place and whatever
you think is going to be real for you if you have lofty goals and you take those
five whacks at it every day you do the things every day that you need to do you
will eventually grow that you will eventually be successful you will
eventually get there believe that you can do that
awesome awesome there we go Frederick I’m a music teacher in Denmark and
somehow this channel has improved my teaching and I do have a few axes with
strings on them that’s awesome Frederick and you know
the other thing that I do every day I go on duolingo both my friends both my
friends both my kids rather are in French immersion and they both they’re
fluent in speaking French I come from Ontario and for those of you who don’t
know it’s next door to Quebec and if you go to certain parts of Ontario it’s very
bilingual if you go to Ottawa for example the capital of the federal
capital of Canada you have to be by angle to get a job there and I’ve been
I’m currently on an 85 days streak on duolingo I’ve done it everyday for you
know I do it for about 20 minutes every day
and well you know I’m not not littered in any stretch of the imagination but
I’m getting a lot better at French I can actually read some of the stuff which is
great so every day do what you need to do the other book that I would recommend
to you is the one thing have a look at that book if you want to go forward meet
it your goals that’s another book that I would suggest
that you have a look at carry you do such a great job I am grateful for your
teaching and how you drive as safe as possible awesome thank you so much Kerry
really great 380 I can tell what’s obviously broken but the names and
tolerances are Greek to me I think I miss okay 380 you said you can you’re having
trouble with pre-trip inspection I don’t why are you having trouble with pre-trip
inspection preacher of inspection have 380 of you looked at the video on the
work pre-trip because that might help you out in terms of your work preacher
up there at work mort’s your parallel-park is the best
I’ve been practicing a different technique for a while and couldn’t
perfect it I tried yours and I can do it consistently awesome duolingo is garbage
invest in as simul I might actually do that because yeah I’m not I’m not
convinced the duelling what was teaching me French okay three I have a hard time
with downshifting with a bobtail how do you do that with an Eton 13 speed
transmission okay so one of the things you’re gonna do to be able to downshift
an on-suite commence transmission Koryo put the video up for you on shifting
theory for a non synchronous transmission but I would suggest to you
make sure that when you downshift you bring the tachometer down to a thousand
rpm that is probably first and foremost of what’s going to help you the best
because remember in a non synchronous transmission you’ve got to slow down to
gear down so you actually got to slow the truck
down first before you can gear down in the truck alright
oh the other thing about duolingo just going back talking about duolingo I
recently got access to stories in duolingo and one of the things that
actually is helping me improve my French on duolingo is the fact that the stories
the stories are much better they really did improve the ability of duolingo to
kind of get french into my head so there you go you’ll never reach fluency no that is
absolutely true and somebody said that to me of the day that if I actually
wanted to get some sort of ability to speak French and understand French I
would need to get a tutor and actually that’s if anybody is learning a language
this is something else that you could do duolingo will help you and and I agree
with that statement the dual lingual will not get you to fluency however
you could hire a tutor and I mean this is the other amazing thing about
computers if you got an internet connection you can talk to a
french-speaking person who will tutor you to teach you French how magic is
that you can sit in your house in your pajamas Skype with somebody and learn
another language I mean how fantastic is that you know what an incredible world
we live in what an incredible world we live in so
you know because I was talking to a friend of mine who travels a lot and she
was going to Latin America and another person that she was going with that’s
how they learned Spanish they went on duolingo they did the work on Spanish on
duolingo and then they hide her hired a tutor a Spanish tutor and they just
basically get it through Skype just this magic magic there you go and see a cheap
tutors online for italic e there you go there’s the thing awesome
Mohinder I’m a French teacher I like your personality look good when bald awesome so that’s that’s how you do it
you gotta you gotta wear a turban to cover the bald head there you go yeah I
embrace my my bald Aslam but I was fortunate I kept my hair till there was
45 and then I lost it when I was 45 so you know I thought that was a pretty
good run okay 388 enzyme why your downshifting he said
bobtail that Jake’s are most effective at higher rpms usually they work at a
thousand but not much as two thousand right oh okay so maybe I missed
something there in terms of the downshifting yeah
no Eaton okay all right so we’ll come back to that I want to answer this
question with place adventures how do you stop on an ice on Hill I almost had
a crash yes excellent uh Cory I’ll put the video for you B D on top five
reasons for crashes in the winter on ice and one of the things you have to do on
a hill when you’re going down a hill on ice excellent question
you you got a do stab breaking because if you lock the
wheels up you don’t have any control so you got to keep the wheels rolling and
actually in that video top five crashes in the winter the reason you see the
vehicles coming down the icy hill and the only vehicle that keeps control is
the bus because the bus isn’t on the brakes the bus is actually letting the
Tigers roll and he’s he or she has some steering control all the other vehicles
come down the hill and lock up the Tigers and as soon as they lock up the
tires they lose their steering ability so what you got to do is you got to kind
of stab breaking slow down off the brakes steer where you want to go on the
brakes hard lock up release the brakes and then get a little bit more so that’s
how you go okay Prince lost your hair when you’re 15 oh
I feel for you mate I really do I had a student when I was at the
University yeah he had a huge dinner plate when he was 18 and he just he just
shaved his head after that so yeah there’s unfortunate they don’t get to
keep their hair and actually it was you know I had long hair for a long time
when I was in my 30s and this the second time I grew it long and then cut it I
realized that in the front it was beginning to thin and I you know I
really I really seriously contemplated I went to the drugstore I looked at
Rogaine and the other hair growing products and those types of things and I
just thought there there’s no way I can make an application of that two times a
day every day for more than a year I just I’m just not that committed I
wasn’t that committed to keeping my so I just came to grips with the fact that I
was gonna lose my hair and look like my grandpa so here we are
epic I like watching your videos Rick on both car and commercial driver licenses
speaking of driver’s licenses in New York and New Jersey they both have
legislation on standard licenses for undocumented learner drivers when you
say undocumented learner drivers epic are you talking about learner drivers
that have not yet passed a learner’s test or what I’m not familiar with that
language what that what that means okay so we’re wrapping up near the end
here we got Christmas on Wednesday depending on where you are in the world
and I wish you all the very best for the holidays and that you get what you want
and remember magic happens Santa Claus is real you know we’re gonna
have a great great holiday season I’ll be back next week on Sunday I just
looked at the count of the date here real quickly next week is the 29th yeah
so two days before New Year’s awesome and we can all excuse me make our New
Year’s resolutions Tina do you recommend buying driving
tests besides buying your course now Tina are you going for a CDL license or
are you going for your first license and you want to do some practice driving
tests in order to get your learner’s is that which is that what you’re working
towards Tina destiny I like watching your videos with driving tests and then
you’re in Cleveland thank you so much destiny that’s really awesome and we’re
so happy that we can hear you help you out yeah Tina just let me know whether
you’re going for a learner’s test whether it’s for your car or whether
it’s for a truck or bus license okay did we miss the 13 speed downshifting no we
didn’t miss the 13 380 so essentially what you want to do when you’re down
shifting especially in a big truck when you’re bobtailing it’s gonna be a little
bit different in when you’re bobtailing obviously because you don’t have a
trailer on that’s what bobtailing means it’s a it’s a truck without a like
without a trailer on it it’s gonna be a little bit different but essentially you
know just let the RPMs drop right off get on the brakes slow it write down a
thousand nine hundred rpm and then downshift and you’ll only you’ll find
you only have to bring when you throw it a lot B only got to bring the RPMs up
two or three hundred rpm for it to go down into the next gear and that’s for
the purposes of a license okay after you get your license
don’t downshift just put your foot on the brake and come to a stop and
actually look at the downshifting video there that I’ve got and it basically
says use the brakes because you’re gonna have more control than you are if you
downshift okay so you won’t for your first license you don’t know anything
about driving okay so I I would suggest Tina is I have some free
practice driving test questions over the smart drive test website go over to have
a look at those do those tests know for a first license I wouldn’t recommend
that you buy any of those because there’s plenty of free questions on the
internet you just type in free practice driving test questions don’t read the
manual cover to cover choreo put up the video for you on getting your learner’s
license and do the practice driving test questions don’t use them as a test of
your ability rather use them as a learning tool so use the driving test
questions to identify the gaps in your knowledge the things you don’t know
about driving so for example you don’t know the procedure for doing a left-hand
turn you don’t know the rules for right-of-way you don’t know about
driving over painted islands and those types of things so do the practice
driving test questions identify the gaps in your knowledge and then go back to
the driving manual and look up in the index the bits that you need to do to
fill in your knowledge to be able to practice the the the learners test and
once you’re getting 80 to 90 percent consistently on the tests that you’re
doing on the internet then you’re ready to go into this driving test center and
do your learner’s license test so that’s how I recommend that you go about doing
it and Corey I’ll put the video for you on passing your learner’s tests as well
and the tests are going to be multiple choice for possible answers usually
right off the bat you can eliminate two of the solutions and then it’s a matter
of picking up the other two and figure out which one it is and which one is
going to be the best answer and that comes back to the the by line that I
have here in the video or the tag line that I have which is you know pick the
best answer not necessarily the right answer right so do all of that okay
there you go how to pass a driver’s learner’s test okay Matt how do I stop
in time for a red light if it’s icy in an easy way okay so Matt I can eliminate
that fear right away because it’s unlikely that it’s going to be icy at a
traffic light okay most traffic lights are on major roads major roads are you
we maintained first they’re usually salted in Santa it’s very unlikely on a
road test that you’re going to come up to a traffic light and it’s going to be
slippery at the traffic light I’m not saying that it’s not going to but 99.9
percent of the time it is going to be clear it’s going to be free of ice
because it’s been salted and sanded and you’re gonna be just fine okay so do
that okay yes Tina the passion road test first time course is for somebody who
doesn’t know anything about driving we’ll give you all the information about
driving there our practice driving test questions in there that will prepare you
for the learners test it will give you a schedule of all the topics that you need
to cover for the purposes of passing your road test the only stipulation on
the course is because it’s an online course self-paced course in the seven to
ten days before you go for your road test as part of the guarantee you need
to go and take a macro test of practice driving test with a local driving school
and that’s just one hour you go and work with a local driving school and they’ll
go out and assess your ability for the test they’ll say you know you’re ready
or you need to work on these skills or those types of things but yes it will
take you from kind of zero all the way to fully prepared for a road test is
what is the course and it’s $27 the $27 cars yeah exactly it’s complete passion
road test first time it’ll take you right from the beginning of your
learner’s test all the way through to preparing you for the road test okay CA
I passed in August but I am still not confident or very good in Reverse I know
we’re in Vancouver to put up pylons and practice or any alternatives CA there
should be lots of places there in Vancouver you can go to a mall in the
morning or at night go to churches those work as well recreation centers those
types of things all have parking lots mall parking lots if you go to Walmart
usually up in the back and those types of things you can do that as well
you can do your and you don’t even need to put up
pylon CA the other thing you can do is if you go into a parking lot and there
are light standards as there often are and parking lots you can use those for
the pylons and you can do your figure eights around the the light standards or
just drive around the light standards and kind of figure out where you are in
space in place okay will abroad what is situational awareness and defensive
driving I had this question during my test but wasn’t taught okay so
situational awareness that’s an excellent question
situational awareness is where am I on the roadway all right am I on a
multi-lane City Road with complex intersections and what are the potential
hazards that are particular to being on a multi-lane roadway in the city at a
complex intersection those hazards are going to be different than if you’re on
a freeway out driving along you know on a freeway that’s going to be a different
situation awareness if you’re in a residential area it’s going to be a
different situation awareness so situational awareness is knowing where
you are on the road what section of road you’re on what is the traffic what is
the weather what are other drivers doing what is the vehicle what are the
vehicles doing so it’s situational awareness about where you are on the
roadway at a particular place in space and time and what are the potential
hazards that you could encounter at that time on the roadway alright so that is
situational awareness and it’s basically knowing the different hazards that are
particular to one traffic situation as opposed to a different traffic situation
all right so that’s the long and short CA mall cops kick you out well CA if
they kick you out then just go somewhere else okay don’t freak out about getting
kicked out I’ve been in lots of mall parking lots and they don’t they don’t
kick me out I mean you go like I said you go to church recreational centers
lots of places that have parking lots especially if you go in in the morning
and as long as you’re not impeding other traffic through the parking lot you’re
going to be pretty good and Tim made an excellent point at drive at drive smart
BC there that pylons don’t your car yes that is an excellent point
you know when I was saying use light standards yes there is an advantage to
using pylons for sure Mohammad Thank You Rick your videos are always helpful I’ll
be taking my G on the 30th of this month awesome congratu good luck on that and
all the best epic is it okay to stop before the two roads meet even though
there’s a stop line at the intersection occurs here in my area where a local
residential road needs a main road okay no generally epic you want to stop at
the stop line if you’re first in the queue you want to stop at the stop line
okay or at the correct position at a controlled intersection you don’t want
to stop back from the intersection okay excellent so I think we’ve answered all
the questions so thank you so much for showing up thank you so much for
participating all the best for the holidays magic happens
magic is real and remember what comes out of your mouth is real so and it’s
going to happen so remember Santa Claus is real and
you’re gonna have a great holiday okay for how long do I get access you can
have access to the course for as long as you want
it’s indefinite Tina for the course Prince could you check my previous
comment where prince prince prince prince how do you turn when visibility
is blocked by parked cars okay excellent question Prince I’ll just
answer this question then we’ll move on when there’s blocked cars you’ve got to
go slowly stick your nose out it just go very slowly until you can see and when
you’re when you can see and you’re sure that the way is clear then you can go
alright so everybody who participated thank you so much everybody who’s passed
a road test in the last couple of weeks congratulations on passing all the best
with your new license and new freedom and for those are you coming up to
road-test in the next couple of weeks good luck on that and remember pick the
best answer not necessarily the right answer have a great night

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  1. Thank you so much for your help I always listen to your videos to help me with my driving I’m trying my road test second time on February 14 i enjoy listening to your tips when cooking and cleaning 😊 any tips for coming to complete stop ? Thanks again you are the best.

  2. Thank you for the helpful content and Merry Christmas! I have always been wondering if you can put in a special video just about tailgating and how to best deal with those drivers. Seems they are getting worse overall as people are in more of a hurry and are not satisfied going the speed limit or up to 5 miles over it. With the holidays here it seems worse than ever.

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