Share Plum for Constipation, Detox, Cleanse, and Weight Loss – Massage Monday #361

Share Plum for Constipation, Detox, Cleanse, and Weight Loss – Massage Monday #361

Hi everyone, I am Yasuko and it’s time for
Massage Monday. Since one of my most popular videos is acupressure
for constipation and I also get good feedbacks for my video on how to massage for constipation,
this week I’m going to share with you my new favorite that helps to cleanse my body. It’s called Share Plum. It’s a Chinese product. I found out about this product when my friend
in Japan posted about it on Facebook. I am a very regular person and I’m not constipated
but when I was in a raw food class, they said if you eat three times and don’t go four times
you are constipated so I may be constipated in that sense. So I wanted to try this product more for even
better elimination, detox, cleansing, and possibly weight loss. The box comes with 15 individually wrapped
plums and about $25 in the US. I heard it’s about half the price in Taiwan. Its expiration date is 2 years from the manufactured
date. It’s basically a green plum marinated in Chinese
herbs. You eat the fruit except the seed and that’s
it. The taste is not bad and it’s like a snack. When I got this product I was very excited
and started eating it without reading the direction. I ate one at night, one the following morning,
one in the afternoon, and one before going to bed. So I had four in a day. The following day I had a very bad diarrhea. Sorry for TMI but it was just water coming
out. Then I read the direction and I was supposed
to eat one every two or three days with plenty of warm water. So be very careful. The usage is different depending on what you
want to accomplish whether for general detox, constipation, reducing visceral fat, reducing
acne and pimples, and reducing adverse effects from smoking and drinking including hangover. You can learn how to take this product in
more detail in the link below. Anyway, I’m more careful on how often I
take this product but for me, I noticed my belly goes flat and I feel great when I take
this product. But as with anything, it may not work for
you. I have a friend who is severely constipated
and although she had some activity, she didn’t think it worked for her. If you want to try this please decide for
yourself. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t
forget to subscribe.

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  1. Hehehe I am the first….Hallo mam I big fan of yours…I try your all massage therapy ,it's amazing mam… Thankyou so much mam…Love from India

  2. I live in ireland. Constipated for years. I've found wheatbran mixed with porridge, more wheatbran than porridge is terrific for breakfast. Tks for sharing. I tried your techniques last wk, couldn't believe it, worked too!

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