Ridiculous Medical/Police Slang (GAME)

Ridiculous Medical/Police Slang (GAME)

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  1. It took me a minute to realize David Hill was back there and it took a couple more seconds for it to sink in that he was the "sketch artist" XD

  2. As a registered nurse who has had to “bob for apples” many a times…… no, we don’t enjoy it and yes, it must be a finger. Double and triple gloving is a must!

  3. Why were there no British medical slang terms? I can give you a few and see if you can guess their meaning:

    NFN, GROLIES, EPB, PAFO, GLM, FLK, Digging for worms, Organ donor, PGT, Page immediately, Dagenham, Cabbages and Turnips, Dirtbag Index, Crackerjack referral, Pumpkin positive, UBI, pneumacephalic and CNS-QNS.

  4. As a nurse, I've had to "bob for apples," but I've never heard the term before. (BTW, it's very painful for the patient.😔 So no, I don't enjoy doing it.)

  5. I know a lot about Law Enforcement and Officers, but I have never heard any of these terms. Makes me wonder where they come from

  6. I really liked these guys back when they were way smaller on YouTube. I get it, but nowadays it just feels like I'm watching the today show on TV.

  7. 🔥
    definitely deserves this place in trending
    0:46 💝💛💙
    👇 👇 👇💞

  8. 🔥
    Like if you want it to stay in TRENDING
    0:33 ❣🧡🔥💃
    👇 👇 👇 👇❤

  9. 🔥🔥🔥
    📈📈📈📈deserves this place in trending 📈📈📈📈
    1:00 💞🔥

  10. I have never called it bobbing for apples and now I still never will 🥴
    There really are a lot of urine spills in hospitals. But the “special team” to clean it up is either going to be nurses or housekeeping. The backbones of the facilities.

  11. How did none of them know the term "berries and cherries"???? Is that just a midwest term or what cuz guarantee I could ask anyone in Wisconsin and they would all know what that was.

  12. My local rescue squad likes to use the term "FUBAR" a lot. For those patients who are literally unrecognizable. And they also have the nickname "The God Squad."

  13. My 1st thought on hearing Stream Team was about urine, but I didn't go with my gut and figured it was the team of the doctors that use video calling to meet patients cause they are streaming. Oh well

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