Preventing the Common Cold with Probiotics?

Preventing the Common Cold with Probiotics?

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  1. Back in the 80's I was coming down with a cold, I had that tired weak feeling that you get when a cold is coming on, I related it to "hitting the wall" the low blood sugar feeling I would get when cross country cycling. I boosted my blood sugar level by eating oat meal with a lot of honey and rasins. I was able to stave off the cold, and It has worked pretty good ever since. "I think" the raise in blood sugar gives my immune system energy to fight the germs off.

  2. until this past year, i usually got a little sick during flu season and usually experienced allergies. i started juicing last year and did not experience any problems. i'm convinced that daily intake of fresh vegetable juices kept me from getting sick.

  3. I started juicing in the last year too and associate feeling better with juicing BUT I wonder what might you have been doing before you were juicing with the time you now spend juicing. If you spent that time visiting say Starbucks, maybe the combination of unhealthy food and exposure to sick people in the line coughing in the story might have made you sick and it might have anything to do with juicing?I wonder about things like this the more complicated things get-how do we ever know anything

  4. i'm not a coffee drinker and i don't hang out at starbucks. i am also generally a pretty healthy eater – i don't eat junk food – haven't been to a fast food restaurant in more than ten years and i don't drink soda, and i have run a few marathons. i'm waaay healthier than most. it was mainly the juice.

  5. Sorry, I didn't mean to be accusatory, I just meant is it possible that you gave up something that might have been bad that you replaced with the juicing?

    It's funny when I juice and then drink – usually green juice – I always feel better, and that seems to last for a day or so, my whole system feels better and more normal … but I just wonder what part of that might be psychosomatic?

  6. I just had a coaching client ask me about the use of supplementing with probiotics and your video answered her question perfectly for me thank you!

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