Preventing and Treating Diarrhea with Probiotics

Preventing and Treating Diarrhea with Probiotics

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  1. Antibiotics are routinely given to factory farm animals to make them grow fast, and virtually all of them get SUPERBUG infections and handling the raw meat – I read in poultry about 80% has MRSA and other superbugs. About 40% of all raw meat is contaminated with ***SUPERBUG*** C. Diff. That's how people get it and it contaminates surfaces .

  2. Dr.Greger obviously had a few laughs while doing this one. There is no denying it.. this is funny…kinda… LOL at 3:00…."…squirt the sshhtool into their nose through a tube…."

  3. Doc, What about fermenting cabbage? From what I understand, it can produce trillions of good bacteria. I have been studying this for the last month. thanks for your video.

  4. story arc through videos feel schizophrenic. the closing enunciation is done using "dramatic emphasis" but rarely is the closing content relevant to the tagged subject or of much significance.

  5. GROSS!!! Think i'll stick to Symprove. Dr Greger have you seen the study done on this product? I'd be interested to know your thoughts.

  6. Wonder if this can control Crohn's Disease related diarrhea where surgery's been done.  The results for me are rather mixed, one problem being the cramping it caused and I used a very reputable probiotic, VSL #3.

  7. imagine u pull out that tube
    ….the end where the shit came out is all covered in…well…shit!
    i bet u will taste it at least a little bit!

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