Pregnancy Tips : How to Avoid Constipation While Pregnant

Pregnancy Tips : How to Avoid Constipation While Pregnant

Do you have questions that you are afraid
to ask our friends or your doctor about your pregnancy? I’m Dr. Jill from Tampa, Florida
here to answer those questions that you might be embarrassed to tell others. How to avoid
constipation in pregnancy. It is a very common common. About 50% of women suffer from some
form of constipation at some point. In the beginning it has to do with the progesterone
levels. You are not used to seeing that hormone. Stimulate your bowels to swell and to slow
down, that way the passage of stool that normally goes through your colon doesn’t occur as fast
and you start to get backed up and well constipated. Not a good feeling if anyone has been there.
So what can you do to avoid this? Well simple things like drink lots of fluids, keep yourself
well hydrated. Remember the more that you are drinking through the softer your bowels
are going to be. Other things are increase your fiber in your diet. Eat salads, fruits,
prunes. All of those are really good to help make your stool a little softer. If you have
tried all the home remedies and that is not working what are some other options? Well
go to the drug store, Metamucil, two fibers a day or mix it in your orange juice, that
can help relieve some f your constipation. If that is not working, stool softeners such
as Colace, over the counter and it is safe and easy to use in pregnancy. I recommend
those. I do not recommend laxatives at all, mineral oils, those can be harmful to the
baby and the pregnancy so don’t take those. If you are still constipated after everything
I have told you before you really need to talk to your healthcare provider. In some
cases you might even have to go to the operating room to have that stool removed. Hopefully
that doesn’t happen and I wish you luck. I’m Dr. Jill from Tampa, Florida telling you how
to avoid constipation in pregnancy.

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