Oklahoma City Bomber Cries About His Constipation

Oklahoma City Bomber Cries About His Constipation

terry nichols and he is and i do supply in oklahoma city bombing stamp use a domestic terrorists on he’s been in jail and he’s been
complaining because he’s suffered severe constipation and have rights and he says it’s because of the food
that they did in him and he wants them to start feeding him
kellogg’s brand products so could help with state-of-the-art let have to say about this issue is
deflector and city cat left that that i hope he
has had was for the rest of his life surrounded christopher non-ferrous than frustrated about but if you could pick and choose wrote you know what peeling dairy queen can we
get nancy in a world class and then again i wasn’t and then tomorrow the feeling that last
year industrial system i had if you didn’t
kill him sixty eight people that exactly empty uh… so i’m not and then of department actually pissed
me off the most about that story is that look if the guys having real
health issues he’s no matter how bad a years and terrorists and killed all those people center which he
did this there comes a point where he said all
right discovery of straight and we’re not supposed to be into the is several i don’t know when you along products ltd
fees that will in the public as i was reading through their complaint
head and eric rudolph also complain arrest olympic bomber benedetto bombed
abortion clinics right and other domestic terrorists and they say uh… the body in starts sexual unknown an okay and a it is since this whole week citizens this sacred place that it has to be
treated right right how about the body’s of the people of
oklahoma city building you and how about the bodies
and the the land during the olympic bonds is
over or they’re not dead bodies were not
alone or your body’s all please what the minute i saw that at all
yesterday to say hi and almost lecithin wiseguy other plus free so our
although not the direct that to you on unworthy that are not perfect please

100 Replies to “Oklahoma City Bomber Cries About His Constipation”

  1. Great commentary… for these "holy" bodied slimes.

    On a side note, eating too much processed foods isn't good for you anyways, Mr Holier-than-thou.

  2. i bet you one of those keyboard warriors who wouldn't say a damn thing to ANY liberal scum, keep on typing badass.

  3. Since when do liberals support terrorists? You nutjobs are all either A) stupid or B) full of shit. Or C… both. What happened to the Republican party?

  4. They say karma will come back to bite you in the ass – I guess in the case of Terry Nichols, they mean it literally.

  5. Fuck that. We take c are of them if they have real health issues. If the guy has kidney problems or breaks his arm, yes well help him. Complaining about constipation and requesting better meals gets no love.

  6. Damn Pulsar, I knew you had the problems with being in a "braindead zombie-like" state, but the other stuff is news to me. Maybe you should see a dotor.

  7. I got a pill that will get rid of the his Hemoroids.
    Oh and his headaches, and his arthritis, and his cold and cankers, and his fever.

    (warning: pill will cause death)

  8. Yes, Nichols is entitled to be defended from water-boarding and other forms of torture. He is entitled to habeas corpus and due process. I think he should even receive food that meets his religious or allergic needs. Is that liberal scum enough for you, you slime-ball, anti-American, freedom-hating, sadistic internet hero?

  9. I believe the prisoners should have medical treatment, a basic diet, and some sunlight/exercise. It is not cruel and unusual punishment for someone to get those 3 basic things. If they have some problems take a look at the complaint and see if it is right.

  10. Kelloggs is not that healthy anyway. I will give him a strong dose of castor oil, followed by some senna. His colon will be so regular, his voice would echo agianst the walls of the small intestine.

  11. Heh…."Silly rabbit, Trix are for non-terrorists."

    Wait, so someone in prison is…suffering? Hmm. I never made the connection.

  12. Maybe my comment is a bit extreme, but isn't this a cruel and unusual punishment issue to leave the guy constipated? If he has real physical dietary restrictions then we have to address them since he's a ward of the state. I'm not saying that he needs real kellog products (those are more expensive) but some chnage is needed for him. It's the same sort of moral argument that would be made for victims of torture. We don't do that in America!

  13. Do you understand what he did? Before 9/11 what he did was the biggest terrorist attack in America. He killed plenty of people. I love people who don't think this was as big because it was in Oklahoma and not Chicago or New York.

  14. If the 9/11 terrorists were captured and held and complained about this you wouldn't be saying the same thing.. Because this happened in New York?

  15. Finally someone not on the TERRORISTS side. I lived in Oklahoma when it happened. I have friends whose parents died in that building. This was a serious thing.

  16. hes got roids because he is being fucked up the ass by a black dude, LOL………its not your diet terry, its the sodomy

  17. People think constipation is a funny but it still is a medical issue. It doesn't matter how many people he killed they should help treat it.

  18. We can't bring those people back. It doesn't matter how many people he killed, he should get proper care, he is still a human being. If the constipation is as bad as he said it was then that is almost torture. Hell no he shouldn't get Kellog's but at least some care. People want too much revenge for these type of people. We cannot be hypocritical when it comes to our justice system.

  19. the prison folk have to weigh the cost of corrective health care against bran flakes. Something tells me he'll get some bran flakes.

  20. So the guy is suffering from constipation
    He should have thought that may come from Incarceration
    When you have chosen terrorism as an occupation
    But this may not come as a big revelation
    He is also complaining about the islamisation
    As if that has something to do with bowel manifestation
    Well I can't see the possible relation

  21. theyre supposed to be treated humanely its a medical problem they should be fed a proper diet of give him some ex lax whatever do i care at all one little iota no but its important to maintain morality to treat him so now would indeed be a form of torture now if we wanna quit bullshitting and treat these guys the way they should i know bullets are cheap and the gun you can technically call green cause you can use the same one over and over right

  22. It's not that ridiculous. So where do you draw the line – killers should not get medical treatment unless it's dire whereas people convicted of minor felonies should be allowed treatment? Who cares if it's roids or fucking skin lesions, if it makes his bunghole feel uncomfortable and it's a medical issue it should be alleviated. Yeah, he's an asshole (no pun intended), but we are a country by the people. You can't exclude some people and not others or else we're on our way to fascism.

  23. No, I believe 9/11 was the work of pancakes. DUH!

    But really, do you have factual documents to some how prove that 9/11 was an inside job?
    Now, I said FACTUAL, not opinion..

  24. No. I think he believes that law-abiding citizens are better human beings than people who set off bombs in public places.

  25. i think Cenk thinks people who didn't murder 180+ unsuspecting people including many small children are better human beings than people who did. it's kind of hard to argue against.

  26. It was insanely low, followed by fighter jets, heading straight into the 3-block radius from 9-11, you moron. I'd like to see you stand still and smile as a 747 barrels down on your position. You'd s**t yourself like a newbie doing turf-cals.

  27. There's a difference between agnozing constipation and my sort of constipation which just occasionally makes my ass slightly bigger thanks to the big ass shit I have to push out or the 20 minutes I sit there not being able to crap anything.

    There was no differentation made between constipation and a possibly serious medical condition. I'm not for inhumane punishment (except for those who act like waterboarding is just a fun activity -looks at karl rove) so someone go and find the balance there.

  28. Anyone with a brain can see the airport 'security' is a show and little else. Also, since that part of NY and the Statue of Liberty are NO FLY zones, you can hardly expect people to say "oh, look, a little plane, everythings normal!"

    It isn't about "feeling safe," its about not INSULTING people with stupid, threatening photo ops, especially when it could have been made public beforehand and wasn't, in which to avoid public panic.

    It doesn't surprise me your an "inside job" person. Loons.

  29. Riiight, can't insult your way through? Make sarcastic, bad jokes! Great response strategy, really effective. *rolls eyes*

  30. I think he deserves a reasonably humane treatment and limited freedom of choice.
    Because he is a human being and making hia life miserable doesn't do much to bring back the people he killed.

  31. I love how you jump topics, the protocols of the elders of zion is a bullshit document created for pogroms.
    If you really believe there is some group of guys controlling everything that goes on – your a complete idiot.
    The world is too fucked up a place for a couple of evolved apes to control it.

    Anyway – have fun living in fantasy land, im sure its lonely… or at least nutty.

  32. There's a point where someone is getting justice. There's a point where it becomes true torture.

    You see the thing is this guy committed the crime within the terms of reasonable doubt. Of course what about the people that are falsely accused of a crime?

    The way I see it, is if they get convicted they are a prisoner. If they are a danger to themselves, others, and most importantly guards, then they deserve death row if they can not be reformed.

    Torture saved for Karl Rove, Hitler, etc…

  33. I disagree with them in this case. The guy is in prison for life, they've gotta give him food he can eat. It's not like he is asking to BE RELEASED, for cryin' out loud.

  34. Sorry – never had that problem. I was guessing that you were being sacrcastic for those people who start typing in the comments box. We don't seem to be having any trouble. Hmm?

  35. Jumped the shark? More like pointed out a fact, which you'd like to ignore. Those areas are not no-fly zones for nothing, and the people living there know it. There was NO reason they couldn't have informed the public to avoid an obvious panic.

  36. They are just an internet show, it's paranoid to think the "Illuminati" or whatever would go through that much trouble for something that is only seen by a couple thousand people. And the ideas they are pushing are already very mainstream. What's the point?

    Btw, what have they lied about?

  37. It's okay if I do this one thing to you….but it's not okay if you do the same thing to me.
    Remember this: This is the textbook definition of elitism.

    Elitism knows no party.

  38. Er, is there some double standard with the far left here? Laugh about a "right-wing" terrorist being locked up begging to be released but they desire to close GITMO and allow Islamic terrorists to go back to the battlefield?

    Double standard?

  39. They were caught on the battlefield in Afghanistan helping the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Those whom were already let go went back into the battlefield and formed other terrorist groups.

    Examples can be found with former GITMO detainees being wanted terrorists of Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

  40. OKC was an inside job. Tim M was a fed asset, the FBI created his supremisist group, he go the BOMBS!!! from a military base. watch 9/11 road to tyranny.

  41. Oh, so if they were caught fighting for either the Taliban or al-Qaeda on the battlefield of Afghanistan they are not terrorists?

    What the hell of a world do you live in?

  42. good point the facts you presented completly proved me wrong. you must have been captain of your debate team huh.

  43. So what are your little "sources"? Alex Jones? The John Birch Society? You call yourselves "Conservatives" whom suggest that government is "comptent" in murdering over 200 people with OKC.

    But then suggest government is incompetent among other issues.

  44. im not a conservative, i dont look at things trough your biased point of view, i never said that the gov was incompetent with anything, idk were you came up with that. you keep playing the paradigm and losing. both parties are bought and paid for by the same people, and they laugh at you cause you cant see through thier facade.

  45. So it that the reason why a certain Naomi Wolf is beocming quite the fan of Alex Jones but she voted for Obama?

    The same Alex Jones that accused Rush, Beck, Coulter and other right-leaing commentators "government agents"?

    What nutty world do you really live in that makes you this paranoid?

  46. Oh so apparently those whom were found on the battlefield helping the Taliban and al-Qaeda whom hold no loyalty to their own nation of origin somehow fall under the Geneva Convention?

    They're not a traditional military.

  47. What about the sacredness of all those children that were in the daycare those two blew up? How sacred were their bodies? They murdered children? I'm not against adding fiber to their diet but it doesn't have to cost us a fortune in Kellogg's products. Add some bran to the inmates' muffin mix. It's how the rest of the population gets buy then they can't afford Kellogg's or Post. Better still, have their families buy them fiber supplements.

  48. If he becomes completely constipated, they'll have to intervene with treatments or even remove it physically for him, so this is not a very good way to get petty revenge on the guy.

  49. It's not about revenge, he made the choice to kill those people he doesnt disserve any compassion. If it was up to me, he would already be dead. He is not worth having around to continue to be a drain on resources.

  50. When I read about this shit, I was like "What the… is he serious?"
    That bitch doesn't even deserve a single thing, I can't believe he dares to even ask for that shit.

  51. that logic is flawed we might as well be terrorists because everyone is to have rights its the rights

  52. Maybe if they were to send a goon squad into his cell they might be able to soften that brick turd up with some good abdominal blows with their boots and night sticks.

  53. I agree with rmrmr. People are only being negative about his health issue because it's funny and because he's labeled as a terrorist. If he commited a lesser crime and had a more "serious" health issue, peole would probably be on his side. Though it may be minor to some, constipation can become a serious issue if not dealt with. Ignoring the health issues of prisoners is against the law and could be considered torture. the Kellogs part is stupid, but they should figure out a way to assist him.

  54. This fucker took part in killing around 170 people, and you think he deserves to be fed kellogs so he doesn't become constipated? how the fuck does your mind work? That mean should have been killed by a firing squad the second he was caught, and people like you need to get shot along with him.

  55. I don't give a shit if it's kelloggs or fresh fucking fruit, he should have been killed on the spot, and people that support his right to a good meal deserve to die along with him.

  56. Guess what, we have been for a very long time. Traitors were killed, criminals were killed. In TODAY's society which has been destroyed by the liberal douchebags, we're going to feed a terrorist Kelloggs because his ass hurts. Hello? Problem? I think so.

  57. Nobody has been killed for sympathizing with a criminal who has a legitimate medical problem. If they don't feed him fiber (not necessarily kelloggs), it might get to the point where one of the staff is going to have to remove it from him manually, then that staff member has to suffer, and it will probably end up costing more money than just a little bit of fiber. Taking every little opportunity to make criminals suffer just isn't worth it, but you sound like you're 10 years old so whatever.

  58. *shake head* What the hell do these moron bombers know about Holy & God?
    Maybe the bomb making materials are causing it.

  59. Come on Terry you're hardly in any position to make demands about your meals, unless the constipation will cause your bowels to rupture, just take some medamucil and you'll be fine.

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