Obati Kura Darat Sariawan dan jamur dengan ini..

Obati Kura Darat Sariawan dan jamur dengan ini..

– Back again with me, Rivo Cahyono, on CV Karepku Channel. In this video I’m going to show you how to take care of your ill tortoises. Right here we have an ill tortoise. One of the characteristics of an ill tortoise is swollen neck. So if a tortoise has a swollen neck and white pimples on its cheeks, it means that it has some respiratory problems. There might be some kind of infection in its lungs. What causes this? One of them is due to adapting to the moisture and temperature of the new area. So some of these tortoises are having some health issues. So what we do first is we give them a medicine called Mycostatin. And this is a common health issue for tortoises. And it could be cured when we can identify the issue early on. So don’t be late. What we do is we carefully open the mouth. And put some drops of the medicine. So just drop some onto its mouth. Mycostatin is commonly used for children who are having mouth ulcers. To get rid of the bacteria. After we give it the medicine, keep it in a place with high enough temperature. Separate it from the others. So that it could have some rest. So after we give them the medicine for 2 – 4 days, they will get into healing period and gradually be cured over time. Okay, that’s it for this video. Always love your pets!

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  1. 😱😱😰😰🙏💪🐢👍 macam sakit turtle sad me tolong sakit abng macam tahu bilik doctor ok

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