New Working Model of Heart, Realistic Human Circulatory system for Science Project

New Working Model of Heart,  Realistic Human Circulatory system for Science Project

Assalam o Alikum, welcome to Pakistan science club . i am Abdul Raud and our todays project is our today’s project is working model of Heart in today’s video we will try to explain all the parts briefly and explain you each part step by step and i hope that you will understand today’s project. for making this working model the things that will be needed includes electric tape scotch tape two caps of PVC pipe , threads,small balloons two large balloons One foaming ball you can have this ball from any book shop or sports shop. and its specialty is that when we release it after squeezing so it restores it’s shape. it is made up of foam. apart from this we need IV set, two IV sets will be needed their pipes will be used so we distribute heart in two basic parts first part that perform suction work foaming ball and second will be valves of heart, that we will make from PVC pipes. So first of all we will make valves of heart and we will try to describe you briefly and step by step. first of all we will take PVC pipes and IV sets pipes this part of IV set is called drip chamber. this part and pipes will also be used these PVC caps are of 3/4 these PVC pipes can be had from any hardware shop. if these PVC caps are not available in your area first make two holes in these PVC pipe caps of 3mm with drill machine and will be at a small distance from each other we have made two holes here in these caps these holes are of 3mm this pipe is also of 3mm and can pass through it. after making hole in PVC pipe now we will cut one inch drip pipe and after cutting one will be on first hole and other one will be inserted in it and we will have to attach the balloon with it so that we can make valve. for making valve i have small balloons thees are small one.first we will cut the collar after cutting collar we will cut the neck that is longer. this part is of our use now we will now we will insert the part of drip pipe that we had cut keep the drip pipe in half of this balloon after that keep the drip pipe on one side of balloon fold both layers under the balloon like this and after folding again you can see how to fold it from both sides. folding it is must after folding we will apply tape here half tape should remain on balloon and half tape should be on pipe tape it like this balloon side will be on outer side we will not cut the larger pipe through holes of these caps like this we will stretch it bit more outside same like this balloon we have taped on pipe same balloon will be taped here on this side and taped the balloon and we will stretch pipe back and this will be bit outside boundary of cap pipe should not be left much outside if it will be much on outside so it could be blocked due to touching with foam surface pipe should remain till its half remaining balloon part will remain till here now on second valve we have to attach drip chamber i will not cut this part of drip chamber instead will cut it from here now this drip chamber will be fixed on it like this for attaching it i will use glue gun if you do not have glue gun so you can elfy or super glue or you can also use any other glue. now i will attach drip chamber over it this valve inside drip chamber must be in center apply glue gun for attaching it to stop water leakage we have attached drip chamber over valve we have to make another valve same like this for two chambers of heart separately i hope you have understood this part first we have to cut this ball with help of knife in two pieces we have cut the ball into two pieces now we have cut smaller portion from here with help of scissor so that water could come out from here now the PVC pipe cap that is our valve system will be attached to it by glue gun apply glue gun over PVC pipe cap and now attach PVC pipe cap to one side of ball apply glue on corners so as to make it more strong. after this we will cover it in balloon in case bigger balloon is not available plastic bag can also be used benefit of applying balloon will be that air will be only allowed to pass in and out through valve we will also demonstrate you that this balloon is quiet big so we will cut from here and paste it on ball we will cut the neck of balloon this balloon is quiet big so we did not faced any difficulty in covering ball in it now balloon along with cap will be tied up with help of thread tightly now we will apply a layer of electric tape because balloon is soft and on pressing it can easily spread and pressure that we will be needed i one direction from here will not be developed so we will cover it with electric tape apply electric tape gently and not tightly on applying tightly its shape will be changed not even a minor part of balloon should be visible now lets test it and see if it sucks the water or not and we will make second one same like this pour 1-2 drop of red color in water mix it now now there are two pipes first one with drip chamber second one that is going directly into PVC pipe cap the pipe on chamber side is outlet means from where blood or water will come out and from here water or blood will be sucked in keep in mind that this one is suction pipe and this one is the outlet pipe so dip the suction pipe in solution and keep outlet pipe out of it and press it bubbles can be seen and water gets into it water can be seen sucking from here and water is going out from here on pressing it on releasing it water will move inside of it. so this part is ready our second part is also ready now we just have to attach them like this these both will remain separate and will work separately now we will apply transparent tape to attach them i will recommend you to make this project in group because it is difficult to make it separately it can be made easily in group our working model is ready now and is also working properly. this model is bigger than previous heart model that was made by Aiman now we have to apply more force and by applying more force it will work now we will demonstrate it to you i hope that you like this project for more such projects visit Pakistan science club website and join our Pakistan science club community.

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  1. Sir,my model is sucking but water is not coming from outlet chamber and the valve is also proper. So,what can be the problem?plz reply. I have to submit it

  2. Hello sir .
    Mene sara project bana liya h per sir vo water suck hi nhi kar rha pipe se pani uper hi nhi aarha
    Sir please reply………….
    I have to submit it

  3. Sir mera chamber wale part me se pani andar ja raha hai aur nikal bhi usi me se rha haii, aaisa kyuu?

  4. Hello guys this is Fatima
    I made this project And my didn’t give me result but kept putting glue on it and kept working on it and now I have my both sides of hear and they work so so so goooooood the thing is this that u guys don’t know how to make it properly and that’s what was with me keep it up and try to fix it
    Thank you 🌹🌹🌹

  5. Sir hame Heart breathing ka modal banana hai,aap koi video banaiye,🙏🙏🙏✌️✌️👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. I made same as yours but not coming correct I tried so much and used every material you used except PVC pipe cap. I used a cap of a bottle. So what can I do?

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