My VSG Journey: Month 11.5 (175, HEARTBURN, constipation, what I look like now)

My VSG Journey: Month 11.5 (175, HEARTBURN, constipation, what I look like now)

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  1. I wondered if losing weight would change your wig size. I'm just under a 23 and on smaller wigs have to remove the straps. It gives me more stretch. I'll be getting the surgery soon myself. Similar stats as yours.

  2. You look amazing Heather!! But boy you have really been through it Sweetie!! I am so happy for you! Thank you so very much for sharing your journey!! I am so glad you made people aware how hard your surgery really is, and how it can effect a person for the rest of their life!! Love Always!! XOXOXO

  3. First of all: good for you! Second, you look stunning. It was good of you to explain this so people can evaluate the cost-benefit of VSG surgery. The discipline you speak of regarding a healthy food regimen is something each of us should learn and practice, imho. I have been a vegetarian for decades, and it takes work (not because I want meat, I never liked it in the first place) to eat a balanced diet and not overeat the wrong things (like starches or sugars). Any kind of change from the norm means complications going out to eat or even preparing meals for other people along with yourself. You apparently have that discipline. How inspirational.

  4. Good job girl! I'm happy that you're pushing through! Not many people could handle this type of surgery! I'm very proud of you!! I'm sure others are as well! Love you Heather!!!

  5. First of all, you look beautiful as always. And Eve looks GREAT on you. Thanks for the continually honest updates, even in cramped quarters:)) Hope you'll be heading back to the U.S. for fall!! Love you!

  6. Hi Heather I’ve been watching your channel for quite a while now and I really appreciate everything you’re doing for people who need to wear wigs or just like wearing them as accessories. I have bought several wigs from your website and really enjoy wearing them. I get lots of compliments too. I just want to say that you look amazing and I am hopeful that everything gets better for you with regard to your heartburn, etc. I also hope you guys get to come back to us ASAP. Stay well.

  7. Hi. Tell me, is the reason you can't take aspirin any longer because of your heartburn? Reason? I had vsg in April. My doc said it was ok to take my 80mg aspirin daily, as long as I take it with food. So far, no problems for me. Also, why do you have to space out your pills at all different times…heartburn?? You do look beautiful. I'm sorry you are suffering so.

  8. You look amazing Heather.. but what’s more? You’re a fabulous teacher and the master of “real talk”. We appreciate you! And admire you for your authenticity, bravery and tenacity. XOXO TAZ

  9. Heather, dahling, you look mahvelous!! Sorry for the heartburn and problems … like taking pills … what a pain in the butt. Surely you must be at or near goal? I hope you can start eating more, especially veggies. I would sure miss veggies. And I guess beans are out of the question totally. It was a drastic surgery and sounds like you caught all the side effects. But, dang girl, you are slender and willowy! Dine on that glory, haha.

    Hey, what hair are you wearing??? I need it!

  10. 97 pounds. Holy guacamole, woman. You look fantastic. Interesting that even your shoe size has gone down. Thank you for telling it like it is. You are one tough lady. Don't worry about the staging, the videos look perfectly fine.

    You look like Gillian Anderson in Eve – maybe there's some X-Files cosplay in your future!

  11. GREAT update Heather !!!! SOOOOO rooting for you !!! YOU look fabulous. I KNOW it's very difficult 🙁 Your entire life changes with this. If you haven't already, I would find a nutritionist that deals with what you have gone (and are still going) through. <3

  12. You look so great Heather!! I’m very happy for you! Beautiful! That wig looks beautiful on u too.. love color! Have a wonderful week.. ox Denise. Ps how tall are you?

  13. Thanks for the update Heather. I'm sure most people have NO idea what life is like after and I regularly read comments on message boards congratulating people for losing a lot weight the easy way because they did it without surgery. Your videos have certainly made me think twice about surgery (I do have a lot of weight to lose) and I'm so grateful for your honesty. Two questions. Why can't you take aspirin and why did your surgeon choose a smaller size sleeve for you?
    PS A row of houses in the UK is called a terrace. A tenement is an old building (19th /early 20th century) that these days is like a block of flats with one external entrance and at least 3 storeys, the difference being you get tenements in rows (like terraces!). Love Alison xxx

  14. Heather, this video is absolutely the most honest thing I’ve heard. You’re always honest & straight forward in your videos, but this one should be required watching for anyone who is contemplating a gastric sleeve surgery. You look terrific & I know you feel good about your progress. But in this video, you also were very direct that it comes with a cost. Your videos of GSV surgery are of great value. Thank you. xo

  15. Everything is Yin and Yang,. I totally get what you are saying. You look great though and I hope things will normalize for you.

  16. Oh, Heather, I'm sad to hear some of your problems associated with the GS have not improved. It has to be hard to get the nourishment your body needs. The surgery seems to take away any enjoyment that food can bring. I have been overweight most of my life but chose not to have any surgeries mainly because I was an anesthesia assistant (no degrees just OJT) and was warned off even the Band. Yes, I'm diabetic and since my MD wanted to put me on something other than Metformin alone since Dec 2017, the med has been AWFUL. I've been thinking the drug co's want to kill the diabetics off!!! And we who are on retirement $$ restrictions all they want is NOT prescribe the newer and better, So I'm trying a med that works in the gut, and it seems to be working, No almost coma's for this lady! I'm hoping the weakness/shakiness goes too. I am glad you have someone who supports and loves you. I hope some things get better over time for you. Take care, (((hugs))) Barbara….p.s. the wig looks darling on you, flattering cut. 🙂

  17. Wow, you look great. I always thought you were adorable as you were and I'm sorry that you had to take this tough journey. Thank you for your videos, wigs and weight loss! I hope that your health improves soon and things get easier for you.

  18. Thank you for educating your viewers about bariatric surgery. People think it is the ‘easy way out’ to losing weight. Keep up the great work-you look fabulous!

  19. Hi Heather – wow, it does sound like a daily challenge. A good friend of mine had your same surgery about a year and a half ago, and I thought she had it rough. But she isn't dealing with ongoing issues at the level you are. Sorry it's like this for you. Regardless, you look great and I hope you're feeling healthier in many ways. My best to you.

  20. You sure have been thru it. I don't know if it would help, but I was just reading last night that magnesium is good for constipation and heartburn.

  21. Probiotics? I take papaya enzymes for heartburn. Super Papaya Enzyme Plus.Natural digestive enzyme support. Promotes nutrient absorption. Vita Cost or Swanson are the sites I use. Been taking them for 40 years! So effective! Chew 3-4 after meals or whenever heartburn occurs. I believe they have a helpful cumulative effect.

  22. Excellent update….. so good to hear the negative and positive aspects of your gastric sleeve surgery. Looking great 👍🏻. Hope the heartburn eases up and that you can diversify your diet soon x.

  23. Wow Heather! You've come so far! I know it's not easy and there are daily challenges but you're right at a whole year later!
    So proud for you. And the hair is darling!

  24. Oh Heather..I am so proud of you…You look amazing and yes you are having a hard time..I am so sorry for that but dang in the long run you will do better..this is only the beginning. I wish I were there I’d give you a big bear hug..thank you for updating us..I can’t wait until you guys are back here in the states..congratulations you are doing a magnificent job. xxoxo

  25. You look Awesome!! I have a couple more months before my paperwork is submitted for my gastric sleeve💞💕💖🌸🦄

  26. Heather, you look absolutely fabulous! But, I agree with you 100% this is drastic. I hope as time goes on your “system” will become more adjusted and you won’t have to deal with so many negative side effects. Thank you so much for your always honest and concise update. I wish you well. Hugs, Mary 😍🤗 P.S. Eve looks absolutely dynamite on you!! 😉👍🏻👍🏻

  27. I take 1 – 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water and drink to forgo my heartburn! Works like a charm!

  28. You look great Heather! I know other's whom had this type of surgery. It's not easy at all!! I wish you the best, you really are showing people how hard this really is. I love how passionate you are about this and your wigs also. You are such a sweet, caring, humble lovely young lady. Oh ya missing Nigel and your story. ☺ Take Care and say hi to Nigel. I hope you can fill better soon. I just love you both so much!❤

  29. You are an amazing person and I’m so proud of what you’ve accomplished. You said that this surgery is not for everyone but I’m curious….do you fill it was the right thing for you and are you happy with that decision?
    Hugs, Angie💕

  30. I’m so proud of you!, what a inspiration you are!!! YOU LOOK GREAT AN ITS BEEN A TOUGH ROAD FOR YOU IM SURE! Keep strong an we are behind you a 100%😍👍

  31. It is generous in spirit of you to share your journey with your followers. Information is knowledge and, while your path may not be the same as others, sharing your personal accomplishments and disappointments will surely help others make more informed decisions concerning their health. I admire your achievements all the way around. Best wishes to you…

  32. You look so amazing.Thank you for all the information, and all you do for everyone in general. I think you are fabulous! 💖

  33. You look wonderful Heather, wish you felt wonderful too! Hang in there everything worth having takes time and patience

  34. So I wanted to let Heather know that I've got her back about the "food/calorie police" thing she does because I am practically a walking calorie database…but I can't see her. Seriously, does anybody else see her in the video? I can't find her…

  35. You look fantastic. I also had the surgery. It is hectic in the beginning. I some days really though…. what did you do. Had terrible heartburn and couldnt ate lots of foods, especially carbs… which helped me to make better food choices. Didnt drink sodas or alcohol at all… it really helped me to loose so much weight and kept it off. I just love my sleeve now. Im 5 years Post Ope. And I can only now eat all kinds of food but very small amounts,…. but remember with "all kinds of food" comes "weight gain". But now I have the tool (sleeve) and can loose the weight quicker as before my ope. Still a while to go Heather….but it gets better with time. Embrace your sleeve. From a Sleeve Sister.

  36. Wow! You look great! I’ve had friends who’ve had this done, so I understand all of the adjustments to your lifestyle. I’m wondering if a low FODMAPS diet would help with your symptoms. Basically, you cut out the gassy foods along with most dairy and gluten. It’s revealed all of my sensitivities and really helped with my IBS. Not sure if it’s good for your situation, but maybe look into it. I used to have reflux and it’s gone now too. Best of luck and thanks for your videos!

  37. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share. Try cold brew coffee concentrate for lower acid in coffee. You can make either cold or hot drinks from it. Also try a couple of pieces of watermelon for heartburn. Chewed very well and it takes up little room.

  38. Well you look stunning !! But sorry to hear about the side effects …hopefully they'll wear off …I gained 30 lbs in the last year here due to menopause…gosh you look like Scully in X-Files!!

  39. Oh my goodness! You look great! I am sorry you are having a hard time. I will be praying that things improve for you. I think my sleeve is a little bigger because I have not have these problems. I am asking the Lord to bring healing so you can enjoy life!

    Coffee can also mess with your intestines as well.

    And, my dear, you are a teacher in everything you do. It is how you move through life.

  40. When you said you’re “fooling around” with the Prilosec, you don’t mean you’re taking it as a PRN, right? Because it takes awhile to kick in and ya gotta take it every day-It’s efficacy falls off like a cliff if you miss a day. Not very long ago you had to be 100lbs. over maximum weight before gastric surgery would even be considered. Now even here in the boonies it seems anyone who can afford it can find someone to do it, as if it’s this easy-peasy procedure. Thanks for keeping it real. Best wishes to you both!

  41. 1000-1200 calories seems like too little to be healthy. Aren't doctors concerned about malnutrition because the amount and range of foods are so limited? Not easy so good for you.

  42. You really do look great, Heather! But you sure did make a big sacrifice to get there. I hope things get better for you, with the heartburn and constipation. Best wishes!!!

  43. Hang in there Heather! You may not realize this but, with so much weight loss one can really see how very pretty you are! You were always attractive, but now, you are bordering on down right BEE-UTIFUL, yes, you are! Beautiful is absolutely correct. I understand how miserable all the heartburn & gas issues are (this from a twice a day Prilosec user). Believe me, this is coming from an old, retired nurse, you are so well versed, & well educated about your VGS, you are going to be one of the most successful young women to have this surgery. Hang In There! It gets better.

  44. Your gorgeous transformation is a wonderful side affect to fighting for your life. You would have felt much worse in the near future if you did not take this step. Respect to you!

  45. You look stunning. I’m sorry for the downside of the surgery. I hope it gets better as time goes by. But you look stunning and I hope overall healthier too.

  46. HEATHER!!!!! OMG!!!!! You look GREAT! I have my surgery 9/10/18, we are almost surgery twins!!!… THANK YOU for sharing your journey. I don't have a huge support team, so your videos do help. So thank you ❤ What Brand is the tights you have on???? I love them! I wonder if they have tall's though…lol…lol… I apart of the Big head tribe too, did I read right, that your shoe size went down but NOT your wig size? Wow… Our measurement are almost the same… Were Wig twins too. Lol.. Well just wanted to take the time and say Thank you and You Look Great! ❤💜💙

  47. Unfortunately things will change over the years and you might very well be able to eat all the things you can't right now ~ you are still very new with the VSG ~ VERY NEW!!!!! ~I am 6 years out and did gain back about forty lbs but became vegan this past Oct and have lost it all and then some ~ a total of 114 lbs ~ I too weigh 175 same dress sizes as you and feel great sorry you are experiencing negative side effects ~ that sucks but you look amazing!!!!!

  48. You look fantastic. Ugggg to heartburn. I know this happens with this surgery. I can’t drink any sort of drink with color addictive or fake sugar. Good luck!!!.

  49. Hi Heather, you look so great,i am so happy for you ans appreciate the struggle too…thanks for teaching us so.much..keep up tbe great work

  50. Heather, you look like an entirely different person! I really applaud you for taking your health in hand and accomplishing this amazing transformation. Thank you for keeping it real and explaining the trade offs you have had to make along the way, and continue to make. I hope most of your issues will resolve themselves in due course. Thank you for the update — I was wondering how you are doing. Hope you and Nigel are taking time to relax. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, by the way.

  51. Gosh girl, you are looking even more gorgeous than ever. I so apppreciate you! You are one of the most real people ever!

  52. Hi Heather 🙂 You look awesome, but it sucks to have all the extra stuff to deal with as the new "normal". Sorry you're dealing with that! I thought about doing surgery but didn't see the point for myself since I'd still have to gain self control over my eating afterward. Started changing my habits and so far I've lost 26 lbs since June. Still working on it and always will but I feel so much better already! Hope things improve for you 💕 -Rachel
    BTW, I use off brand Nexium every morning before breakfast and it works great! Prilosec was ok but the Nexium works much better for me.

  53. Let me preface this by saying, despite any negatives, I would do it all over again. (I add that because people used to ask me why I would go through all of this.) My surgery, overall, drastically changed my life for the better though! I'm 4 years out now, and I was recently told I will have to take omeprazole for the rest of my life for the acid. Not something I'm thrilled about, but that's how it is. I, too, cannot eat a lot of heavy, refined carbs, and, for me, that is a plus since that was something I was bad about eating before. No dairy is hard sometimes for me, but I still believe the positives far outweigh any negatives. I start most of my days with a protein shake as well and have one in the evening sometimes too. And, haha, I think I'm a food police! (Also, I had a tummy tuck after my weight stabilized and that was fantastic! You really have to make sure to allow yourself to recover though and I know you have a hard time staying down for long!) Size 12 looks perfect on you! ~ Tracy

  54. Heather you are such an inspiration to me. I have PCOS and thyroid disease I am losing my hair and have been very embarrassed to even try to get a wig , but wow have you changed my views … I have been toying with the gastric sleeve I am terrified but so need to do it because I will never lose this on my own … Do you have a word of encouragement to do this

  55. Try blending MCT or coconut oil in your coffee.. Start with a small amount. It helped me with constipation. Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water might help with the heartburn. I'm 2 years out and have similar issues as you but it does get better! Hang in there. You look amazing!

  56. You look amazing, Heather! I hope that your current and future health outlook has improved as you intended or that you're well on the way. Check this out (and ask your Md of course )but this product has heped me SO much with GERD… I took 1/day the first month whether I needed it or not and then as necessary. It really helped me stay gluIten free and off other refined carbs/sugar!
    I don't want to be a wet blanket but there's research thath says that prolonged surpression of Hcl (stomach acid) can cause serious long term effects and the amount of calcium in Tums is also not safe long term.
    Hang in there because your health is SO worth it!!!

  57. Heather- You need to publish a book on this weight loss journey. I am amazed and extremely proud of you for loosing the weight. I would love to see your daily routine of eating and excersie to one day, when you get a chance. Looking forward to new video's soon on this journey. Love ya Sister!

  58. My surgery anniversary will be the day after Christmas, one year. HW 350, SW 300, CW 218, total lost 132# , I had constipation too until I started making this delicious coffee cocoa ice mix with almond milk. I'm doing Keto, and this is low carb. Let me know if you want the recipe. My mind has not caught up to my wt loss yet, and I lost a lot of hair, hence, finding your site and now beginning to wear wigs! I love VSG and wigs!

  59. Omreprazole (Prilosec) causes OSTEOPOROSIS………..PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH! There is no cure for osteoporosis… is a very dangerous condition. Check your health food store or online for other help with heartburn before it is too late.

  60. Hi Heather – CONGRATULATIONS on your progress! Hoping that you found answers to many of your food issues…..I had fundoplication surgery which creates many of the same problems….. Post surgery, I have issues with gas…..can't drink soda or ever use a straw…..and have to keep my mouth completely closed while drinking ouT of glass or cup as to not gulp in air……..lots of pains…….eating only CLEAN now-NO ADDITIVES NOTHING ADDED TO ANY FOODS……….helps with constipation and other issues. Most importantly – eating is NOT entertainment………EATING PROVIDES FUEL FOR YOUR BODY. Charlie Goldsmith is a great resource…….CONTINUED SUCCESS ON YOUR JOURNEY TO BE A BETTER YOU!

  61. Carafate. I suffer from, SEVERE stomach acid. Open RNY, 1997. I also take Bentyl for nausea. Get your good protein in every day.
    You look

  62. I am glad that you are warning people about surgical weight loss. I lost weight with WW after age 70. I lost about 70 pounds and have kept it off for over a year. I still track everything I eat.

  63. You look wonderful, Heather! I’m so happy for you!
    Hope the heartburn issue is now resolved and that you are feeling much better.
    By the way, I LOVE the wig you are wearing in this video and I absolutely love the color.
    Can you let me know which wig and color that is? Thanks so much!

  64. O my goodness, you are just such a beautiful soul. You aren’t taking the easy route at all Heather bless you. Losing 4.5st last year and keeping it off is a struggle, the constipation isn’t fun, the worst thing is my hair shredding/loss but then again I wouldn’t have cyber met you and all the other lovely ladies that have inspired me to transform myself and wear helper hair with pride. Never had so many compliments in my entire 57yrs. Keep on keeping it off lovely young lady it’s certainly worth it in every single way x You look just amazing x Ps I’m in the UK and Torbay is one of my favourite places especially Brixham and Dartmouth, very quintessential!

  65. Heather, we all love you for so many reasons. My sister-in-law lost 150 pounds in about six months, Open paren gastric bypass). Her esophagus ended up closing and she almost died. Once that was fixed, she gained 180 pounds. All of this took place within about a two-year period. Over the past 6 months, she has lost 120 pounds using protein shakes. She’s gone through the 100+ yo-yo Almost every year since she was 20. Hang in there my dear, I know it’s a struggle… I will keep you in *prayer… hoping that you will be feeling as good as you look. ❤️❤️❤️

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