My Period is Late, But I’m Cramping!

My Period is Late, But I’m Cramping!

My period is late but I’m cramping. What is
going on? Your period might be late due to stress, so
it is harder than usual. I wonder if it is something worse than usual. It is possible that you got pregnant, and
this late period with cramping is actually a miscarriage. Is there anything I could do about it? If you were five or six months along and the
miscarriage just started, the doctors might be able to give you steroid injections or
other drugs or bed rest to try to stop it. At this point, you can not do anything. What else could it be? If your period is late and you have some discomfort
but no blood, it might just be an egg implanting. You say that so nonchalant. If your period is late, it is either due to
stress, disease or pregnancy. Some women have cramping due to the implantation of an embryo. What’s another cause? You might be having symptoms due to an STD,
though that rarely causes your period to be late. That’d be more likely to make it heavier. I’ve never heard of an STD causing cramping
and stomach pain. Then you need to read up on Pelvic Inflammatory
Disease. Next. You might have gotten pregnant and the egg
implanted in the ovary or fallopian tubes instead. If it is a constant pain that is
getting worse, you have to see the doctor. The pregnancy test was negative. I’m not going to blame gas or bad lunch
meat for this, as some doctors might. However, you might have appendicitis, pancreatitis
or even endometriosis. I’m not even sure what pancreatitis is. If you have abdominal pain that won’t go
away and you can not blame a pulled muscle during yoga, see the doctor. Too many of these
possible causes can cause infertility, complications or even death. If I’m lucky, it is just gall stones. I would not call that luck, just an explanation.

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  1. Some periods are irregular and change around just, because you're late doesn't always mean your pregnant my period was like 3 days late and I was experiencing symptoms but on the 4th day I got it. My mom's stopped for 6 MONTHS but she wasn't pregnant. Also if you keep worrying that you're pregnant and stressing, it could stop. So don't worry 😃

  2. Hey I'm 13 and I had my first period 3-4 months ago and this month I haven't got my period and it's the last day of the month tomorrow. I don't have a set time for my periods because I only just started and are irregular but they are usually the end of the month. I'm really scared (I'm definitely not pregnant) is it normal and working out it's cycle or something? I'm really worried please reply. Thanks.

  3. Is it normal to start ur period at the age of 10 because I'm having cramps and I'm getting angry, annoyed and sad easily plz help I'm scared!!! I'm crying!!!

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