My Appendectomy If I Didn’t Have Health Insurance

My Appendectomy If I Didn’t Have Health Insurance

all right, let’s get into audience questions.
For the week. Very timely. One from Joe. Joe says, Hey David, I’m glad you’re recovering
from surgery. Can you talk about your recent healthcare experience related Bernie Sanders and then compare and contrast
both with Americans who are not insured or under insured? Yes, so listen, I mean there’s
a lot here. If you don’t, don’t know. I recently had an emergency appendectomy. I missed last
week’s Thursday show and some of the Friday show. Some of the elements of it were, were
taped earlier in the week and uh, I have insurance and I was in a position where I went into
an emergency room. I actually, I went to urgent care first and was told I was fine and then
hours later was in an emergency room anyway and had immediate, you know, cat scan, blood
tests, all of that stuff was scheduled for surgery. Once it became clear I had appendicitis.
And I’m guessing that part of the reason why it all just happened was that the hospital,
because it’s a network hospital with the network I’m associated with already had my insurance
information, knew I had insurance and there were no questions about it. Now, that being said, I have a silver level
plan here in Massachusetts. It costs me $421 per month and it still has a $2,000 annual
deductible. I believe it’s $1,000 deductible for imaging. So that cat scan, I’m already
been, I’ve been billed $302 for that cat scan. I’m anticipating that the remaining 1700 or
so of my deductible will be billed to me. I don’t know in the end what the procedure
will cost. I’ve read that appendectomies in the U S can range between 1500 to $180,000
depending on, I don’t even know what, which is crazy in and of itself, but I, I know,
I mean, listen, I have a savings account. If I’m prepared to have to pay the $2,000
and I know that I might have to, uh, I think my annual out of pocket maximum is 7,500.
I have that in savings, so I know it’s not going to bankrupt me. Now, if I were not insured or underinsured,
the circumstances would be different. And also they would be different if I didn’t have
money in savings to self insure against the maximum annual costs of the plan. Now in the
hospital I had hours during which I was just looking around, just sitting there and there
are signs that say whether or not you have insurance, and this is, I think this is Massachusetts
law, but I think most States have something similar regardless of insurance status or
ability to pay. Uh, I have to be given a stabilizing treatment and if necessary, a transfer to
another facility. Now if you go in with acute appendicitis and you don’t have insurance,
what counts as stabilizing treatment? The appendix has to come out or you can try to
treat it in some cases with antibiotics. Although in my case they said, you know, you really
should have it removed. Is anything short of an appendectomy considered
stabilizing for someone with acute appendicitis? I don’t know the answer to that. Those are
the types of problems that would ultimately present themselves for someone who is uninsured
and underinsured by under-insured, I’m guessing we’re talking about a catastrophic plan, which
instead of running for 20 a month, like I pay, I think it’s about half of that. Like
it’s still $200 a month. I think, um, what happens or if you have a subsidized catastrophic
plan where you might, because of your income only pay $60 a month. But if you go in there,
you might have a $7,000 deductible that has to be met. What happens? You’re screwed basically.
Um, do you go into bankruptcy? I don’t know. Do you go into this debt collection, industrial
complex and then potentially start paying interest on top of the bills? I mean, this
is why the system doesn’t make sense because as soon as you’re in that sort of hamster
treadmill as it is effectively, uh, you, are you going to be even more hampered in your
ability to get out of it? Because at that point you have trouble potentially
making your car payment. If your car gets repossessed. How do you get to work? You need
to go to work in order to make the money to pay off the medical debt. And you very quickly
start seeing the snowball effect and the negative externalities of this. So, I mean, listen,
my situation, Bernie’s Bernie, I’m sure has far better health insurance than I have. It’s
not good. It’s not good when you consider that, when you don’t have that, um, and you
don’t have some money saved, which I’m fortunate enough to have. You are, would I have delayed
even going to urgent care or the emergency room? I had a $55 copay at urgent care would
ended up, we ended up just sending me home with appendicitis instead of saying we should
actually do some imaging here. You probably delay going, which can lead to a burst or
perforated appendix and then it gets much more expensive. It’s a mess. It’s extraordinarily depressing
and, uh, it’s just, it’s gotta be fixed. This next question is, I mean, I’m taking it as
a real question, but it is also, I can tell someone who just doesn’t understand what the
hell is going on in the United States.

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  1. What a bloody awful system. Lost for words. Thank you for sharing. The Michael Moore movie Sicko is worth watching.

  2. As someone who has worked in Surgery, and in the Emergency Room, never go to urgent care as they often don't even have a medical doctor onsite.

  3. Recently been tested for all sorts, uk nhs, so I buy a card that for £10 a month I get as many prescriptions as I need. In the last 12 months I’ve had about 12 X-rays, a mri scan of my brain and spine, then another on my knee, caeliac test, thankfully it’s just allergies. Seen numerous gps, had an a&a visit, two free wrist splints, about 5 hours in an assessment ward because my bp and pulse didn’t want to behave, an mri in a&e, a 24 hour one, a tilt table test. Seen a rheumatologist (useless because she has such outdated knowledge) 3 physio consultations, gastroenterologist, neurologist (a Sunday appointment because they were behind and they don’t like to be) a cardiologist, waiting for another appointment for that. My biggest health expenses are chiropractor appointments, not provided on the nhs. Tho I was offered acupuncture again, it doesn’t work for me, hydrotherapy…few reasons that doesn’t work for me and tai chi! Waste of flipping time, and 4 buses to catch so any relaxation is cancelled out. An annoying physio didn’t like that I said no, I’m not wasting resources. He also decided I should see a personal trainer🙄 I can barely walk, I easily dislocate joints and I blackout. Would have needed taxis to get there, pay for gym membership and personal trainers and they wouldn’t have touched me 😂 so we have some great stuff and some just crap

  4. 400/month for health insurance.

    5000 per year.

    15,000 every 3 years.

    For a plan that doesn't even cover actual emergencies. DP- "I might have to pay 7500 out of pocket."

  5. David, I think the +$100k cost for an appendectomy is when the appendix ruptures and therefore requires more procedures and care from the surgeon and the hospital. Granted, it probably will not be $1.5k because you did go into the ER and did a more expedited process compared to someone who scheduled their appendix to be removed in advance. When I had my appendix taken out when I was 17, about 4 years ago, everything without insurance was around $5k in Southern California. I am not sure how much my mom paid out of pocket — granted, I did grow up in a low-income, single-parent household and had Medi-Cal, so probably not that much– but your procedure reminds me of my own.

  6. 421 dollars per month!? I'm from the Netherlands and my health insurance is 103 euros per month, and I get a refund of 99 euros because I'm poor. So effectively I'm only paying 4 euros a month.

  7. In Sweden You pay about 260 for medication, 150 for transportation, 120 for doctors and 11/night at the hospital/per year, unless youré on welfare, in that case, it´s "free"

  8. Dumb bastards did the same thing to me. I told them in the afternoon…Its my appendix….but of course I didn't know anything…I'm not a doctor. Later that night the pain got so bad, went back in… appendix was ABOUT to burst.

  9. In Germany, even when you are on social welfare, all surgery and stays in a hospital are free. When you have a job, the government automatically deducts your share for insurance from your salary. Had several operations, never paid 1 penny more than that.

  10. I'm a senior with Medicare and it's so easy! No money up front. You show them your card and that's basically it,! I had Medicare for 4 years before I even got sick. Now at 70 I'm thinking of adding medigap and/or prescription coverage because things are starting to happen now. But Medicare is great…try it you'll like it!

  11. The health care system in the US seems to look at patients as nice fat piggy bank's to be turned upside down and shaken to see what falls out and in many cases smashed to get at the last few coppers.

    I'm from the UK, 41 year old male and pay 12% Tax and 9% as National Insurance contributions and I receive excellent healthcare.

    Last year I presented in the emergency department with severe abdominal pain and after an hours wait I was seen in the ambulatory care unit and given a bed in a curtained cubicle.

    A thorough examination including blood and urine tests followed by imaging confirmed it was only a kidney stone. I was prescribed medication and even admitted overnight because my heart rate and temperature were high.

    No bill, no worry that I couldnt afford my rent or food that month just the knowledge I could walk into the hospital and be treated like a human being.

  12. My Medicare plus my supplemental plans cost me $600 per month. Part of that is because of my husband's higher income (he is still working).

    I must have picked a bad supplemental prescription med plan because I am paying an additional $300 every three months in co-pays, for my medications when I order refills. I only get 10% off the retail price of my medications.

    I dropped one type 2 diabetic medication because I thought it was going to cost me over $1600 every three months. My doctor was not happy.

    I could not afford that so I stopped taking it. I found out two weeks ago that the retail price of this medication is now close to $1800 for 3 months. It increased since I went on Medicare and stopped taking it. I wanted to start using it again by paying one month at a time but, nope, it is just too much now. I cannot afford it, even paying one month at a time. It may not seem like a big increase to some but it is just enough to make it unaffordable for me.

    This is not metformin. This drug I cannot afford is a GLP-1 receptor argonist, the latest in type 2 diabetes drugs. All the pharmaceutical companies have their own versions which compete against each other. Suppose to be really good at lowering the HbA1c in type 2 diabetics. I cannot afford it anymore. Too expensive.

    My doctor is on Medicare now too. She pays as much or more per month for her Medicare plans.

    Yes, even doctors feel the pinch of the cost of health care in the US.

    PS: Don't ask me what a GLP-1 receptor argonist is or what it does. I have read the huge medical info sheet and I don't understand it, no matter how hard I try and how much I research on Google. It makes me feel stupid!

  13. I just had a artificial disc inserted in my spine and I had to spend 4 days in the hospital. The bill for that was about 300 bucks total. If you have to pay 4500 for the insurance in a year, plus the deductible that's effin insane. I'll gladly pay a little more in taxes than go bankrupt if I have to go to the hospital. I live in Finland and my income tax is about 23% for 100k$ income (also got an education for "free" with those taxes)

  14. I bring home over $8k a month and still don't have enough to afford medical insurance nor taxes. I'm so effed if a family member needs serious medical attention. SF living…

  15. I come from Germany and we pay around 14% of our wages every month for health insurance by law (if you don´t have private insurance). For me that is roughly 350€. That´s it. No additional cost when going to the hospital (except like 10€ total for a weeklong hospital stay for some reason). I can go to any doctor as often as I want. I think its crazy hearing these kind of storys. I could not imagine living in america like that

  16. I’m an Aussie, had my appendix out 25 years ago, one of the last before they started keyhole. Spent a week in hospital and cost my parents nothing.

  17. The '' un '' health care system in America is outrageous disgusting and sickening [ literally]. My sister is being treated for cancer and my brother is about to undergo a double lung transplant. All FREE. I live in Australia. I've said it before, but vote for Bernie Americans. Please. Thank you David.

  18. These videos have a highly educational value for people living in "socialist" countries as well. You realize that subsidizing universal healthcare with your taxes is not such a terrible idea. Surely, better than what "freedom" and prevention of government overreach have to offer.
    On the other hand, Medicare for all in the US wouldn't really solve the problem, as instead of bankrupting individuals, it would bankrupt the system, because the healthcare services have out of control prices.

  19. If you're injured during an hike they are countrys were you get an helicopter ride for less than what David is going to pay and in the US your better off crawling to the nearest road

  20. It is frightening how bad the US health system is…to be paying so much for so little, no other business would get away with it, and OK, so you battle through an appendectomy and scrape through because you have savings, but what if 3 months later you break a leg, or are in a car crash or get a cancer diagnoses?..What if you have a family and one or more of them contract some kind of illness or have an accident? I am so very grateful for our NHS here in the UK, over the last three years I have had uterine cancer, involving major surgery, another large operation that culminated in 8 days in intensive care, and a diagnoses of permanant atrial fibrillation. I also have chronic arthritis that needs ongoing treatment. As I am registered as disabled, I pay nothing, not one single penny for anything. When I did work (in education) I earned approx 21,000 pounds a year and paid £3,185 a year in taxes, (approx £266 month)..that covered NHS, Welfare, Education etc plus Council tax of approx £1, 500 annually, this pays for infrastructure (which I've heard is pretty poorly looked after in America), Police, Fire Service, street lighting, roads, transport, libraries, recreation, rubbish collection and disposal/recycling and trading standards. So approx £390 a month, and that doesn't just cover me, that is for a non-working spouse/common law partner and my children too. On top of your health insurance you pay other taxes on top…how can so many (admittedly Trump supporters) not want a better system?

  21. it is estimated that in "socialist" Europe, healthcare costs between 4k-5kUS$/year per individual, including out of pocket expenses. And it covers 100% of the population regardless of their illness. So, unless your health insurance cost less than that, paying healthcare with higher taxes is a better deal than paying for your private health insurance. And helping the less fortunate fellow citizens in the process.

  22. the first thing that comes to my mind is not even the insurance cost, but the medical bill. The cost are unreasonable and unjustifiable. The same procedure in Europe will cost probably 25% of that price.

  23. With so much tax money collected…. the US administration would rather steal it than out it to good use. Shame on you US government and similar governments around the world..

  24. Jesus Christ you pay $421 a month so $5000 every year and you still have to pay $2000 on top of that because of your procedure. That's more than my entire tax bill and I get free health care along with everything else taxes pay for. How do you Americans not have million strong protests in the streets every other weekend?

  25. I have what is supposed to be the best plan from my employer and it costs me about $300 every time I go to the doctor. I have to have an intravitreal injection which was originally every four weeks but is now about every eight weeks. I have to have it done in order to keep my eyesight and it is costing me $300 to $600 every time I have it done. I had different insurance that cost about the same amount but it covered everything except a $10 co-pay. My contract ends on November 1st and after that, who knows? I make too much money, even on unemployment, to get help with healthcare so I'm pretty much screwed.

  26. I gave a longer answer in your previous video but anyway as an uninsured Australian I had to spend $12 on parking when I spent 3 days in hospital to get my appendix out. That was the total of my bills.

  27. The US is such a sinister country. Wages have been stagnant since the 80s and there's financial catastrophe knocking on the door daily for the 99%. The only solution is going into debt, paying ridiculous interest rates and enslaving yourself for the rest of your lives. I'm so glad that I'm a European. Rooting for Bernie from over here.

  28. My 80+ Mother, got discharged from hospital, last Friday. She stayed 1 month, her bill: ~240$
    It used to be 0, but; lack of physicians, specialistnurses, rising costs over-all, opening up for private clinics ( partly taxfunded)
    etc etc My region is paricularely horrible, they have to employ "stafettläkare" ("relay-Dr:s", temp. Dr:s), that earns 8000$-10000$/m
    (res.Dr:s' median salary 4700$/m). So, all you Physicians+Specialist nurses, who needs a break from tRump's "terror-reign": Welcome to Sweden, especially the "Y-län" (Y-region), we need you! 😁

  29. What would happen if David had no health insurance, and also had no members subscribed on his website? Purely YouTube revenue.

  30. David I'm not a Rockefeller but if you go into medical debt. You start a kickstarter and I'll donate.
    Take care of yourself.

  31. 500 dollars per month just on insurance when you still pay a couple of grand for a simple procedure like an appendectomy is still fucking insane. In Ireland, we don't have universal health care yet, but I only paid 200 for my appendectomy and my insurance is 700 euro annually.

  32. I guess that this is the point where all your foreign subscribers react in shock and can't help but compare their own health care experience with yours David. I did so as well as I'm from the Netherlands and I'm just aghast by the sheer amount you pay WITH insurance..let alone WITHOUT Our system over here is flawed as well and we need improvement as the private insurance system is making hospitals go bankrupt at the moment.. but it's NOWHERE near as bad as the case you have laid out here for US health care…

  33. If the US government (or state) would just cover medical care for life threatening medical problems (cancer, heart attacks, appendectomies, serious accidents) that would be a good start. From what I read, catastrophic medical insurance is relatively cheap. It's insurance for general care that is expensive.

  34. That's a pretty good plan. Is that through the Mass health care plan. I work for a large company and have a plan that costs me more than that, and my deductible is 6500. Max out of pocket is 12K in network. I have the money in a HSA, but my 1st year I went to the ER for a kidney stone. 1hr later after a cat scan it cost me 6500 out of pocket. It needs to change

  35. Man, I just had the same situation last week here in China. I pay $15 a month for social insurance, and they take care of 90% of the cost of the procedure. It ended up being around $250 for everything— all tests, the appendectomy, and inpatient care. I was so relieved it didn’t happen back home because the average is supposedly $33,000 uninsured.

  36. Knowing that everything you said was true why do millions of Americans not want universal health care? is it because they don't care about their fellow Americans? or is a case of 'I can pay but if you can't you should die'? either way Americans are the most scary people on the planet in the way that they think.

  37. They should give you a little bit of life saving surgery, a little pain killer, and a little morphine. And you should get better.

  38. Did you seriously say $421 a month!!! That is madness!
    I'm from a European country. I broke my hand in another European country (Spain). All they asked at the hospital was… my name. If I remember correctly, I didn't even have to show any ID.
    I have an English friend who had a very serious mental breakdown in Spain. We had to call an ambulance to look for him in the city's streets. They brought him to a regular hospital, and then transferred him to a psychiatric hospital. We visited him; we accompanied him when they let him go; they gave him medication… not at any point did anyone mention money. We didn't even think about it, since health costs are obviously paid for by our taxes, which are nowhere near $421 a month (back then, because of my low income I didn't even have to pay taxes).

  39. As a Canadian who grew up with universal coverage, just the idea of paying $421 EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. for something one may not use for months at a time, is absolutely insane to me. No wonder many Americans are so poor. My overall income in low, but taxes I pay would not equate to $5,502. Holy christ…

    M4A NOW. #Bernie2020

  40. Many years ago a friend had appendicitis and the doctor said he didn't. My friend went home after the evaluation and in the middle of the night his appendix, which had swollen to the size of a soda can, ruptured and he almost died of sepsis. Interesting how in this day, its still difficult to quickly diagnose appendicitis.

  41. Whats the point of having health insurance? 5k premium a year and a 2k deductible? I'm sorry david, evene THAT is out of the realm of majority of Americans. We are systematically being crippled up the line of wealth. Sooner or later, when i'm gone, the virus will eat itself up even higher

  42. The United States should not be a place where people die of appendicitis or worse, like I saw in an older woman when I worked in a nursing home – or even younger – dental disease! People die of dental disease! This should not happen in this country. However, I do wonder what we are doing here when I see adults in very poor 3rd world countries with perfect beautiful teeth. Eating naturally grown food. (And hopefully clean water.) More industrialied leads to more health issues in many cases.

  43. I’ve scrolled down quite a bit and can’t find anything about the UK. Here we pay a small amount from our paychecks every month (and, believe me, no-one says they can’t afford their National Insurance this time around). Nobody dies because they can’t afford Insulin. An appendectomy would be free and for something as serious as that, there is no waiting list; it is an emergency. A friend of mine had a hip replacement recently. She had to wait a while for it (and if you don’t want to wait, you can always pay for it to be done sooner). Cost? You guessed it, zip, not $20k, or $80k , or whatever it would cost under the US system. What’s the problem – too socialist for you? Do you prefer to pump huge amounts of money into big pharma (their pricing is far more regulated here) private healthcare/ insurance companies? Shameful and totally backward, third world primitive.
    PS: if you still think the UK is socialist, believe me, we ain’t, by a long stretch, as they say.

  44. they say "There are no atheists in foxholes" not sure about that,i am more confident that there are no poor american conservatives if they or there loved ones are facing death by treatable illness because they cant afford to pay,they will be miraculously transformed to "socialist" when looking at a painful end . and you know what ? im still all for giving them some of the money i work for to keep the hypocritical unempathetic low iq bastard from dying or suffering.

  45. In the UK I the equivalent of $560/month through NI (healthcare tax) however I am on upper middle income of $90K. This also covers my state pension, state maternity pay and paternity pay + covers my out of work benefits.

    People on under $12600 pay nothing for any of the above.

    Over $12600 income you pay $12 of earnings up until a certain amount at which point you begin paying a lower rate of 2% on all earnings above that, around 80K PA I think.

  46. I haven't been to the doctor in years because I'd rather die than burden my family with so much medical debt.
    Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

  47. David I also live in Massachusetts, and I can tell you we are one of the states where getting sick doesn't mean you could from not being able to pay. I have been suffering with Crohn's disease for the last twenty years and have been in and out of hospitals for much of that time. Earlier in my life I worked a clerk's job in a convenience store, which paid me very little money, and even when I got to Assistant Manager, the only benefit I saw was some kind of medical insurance.

    Not long after getting sick for the first time, it became obvious that I could not continue to work that job and be sick, too many days off, or in the hospital, etc. So I quit that job and I can tell you when I didn't have insurance, I never paid a dime, even though I often spent weeks in the hospital getting quality care. No one ever turned me down for service, or told me that I had to pay my bill.

    Some years after that I was finally able to work again, first as an IT consultant/contractor, and then as a full time IT Professional doing Systems Administration. And for six years everything was fine. Sometimes I was sick but my company gave me the time to get better. I needed a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, and my work was fine with me taking time off to heal. But my company sold to a major conglomerate in our industry, and when I started to get really sick again, many days off from work at a time, sometimes longer. Times where I never left my bed, throwing up in buckets next to me, spending all day on the toilet, etc. This new corporation was not interested in my problems. I was give the choice to either come to work, with five sick days like everyone else, go on disability, or find another job.

    As someone who loved his job, it really hurt that I could no longer do the work I spent my life studying for. So I had no choice, and left my job. By this time Obama had expanded medicaid, and it was encompassed with Masshealth, often referred to as Romneycare.

    I had no job, no source of income, but at least with Masshealth I had healthcare. I spent years trying to get on disability, and without Masshealth, I don't know what I would have done. Because the simple truth is that even though without Masshealth I could walk into any hospital and be treated, there was so such for for prescriptions. I could not walk into a CVS or Walgreens and tell them I had no money but needed my prescriptions anyway. Masshealth guaranteed I could always get those prescriptions extremely low cost, or free in many cases for me. I am fortunate enough that I live in a state like Massachusetts where not being able to pay your bill doesn't bankrupt you, or provide you no care. I have heard from others that I know who live down South that this is not the case in Republican lead states.

    I finally after a few years was able to get my disability, the process is horrible, BTW. But if I'm being honest I would rather have medicaid than medicare in its present state. Medicare is ok, but it is a far cry from Bernie's medicare-for-all bill. Medicare doesn't pay everything, and I make $100 a year over the amount that would allow me to get Medicare and Medicaid to supplement, so I'm in a weird position where I can no longer afford to see doctor's or get prescriptions because I make too much, at the sametime not making enough.

    Two years ago, I almost died when a blockage in bowel caused fecal vomiting, whereby nothing could get out through my intestines and anus and backed its way up through my stomach and esophagus. I am happy that I live here in Massachusetts because I am unsure if I would have survived it, I ultimately needed surgery, a partial colectomy where they remove a large section of the bowel. Medicare pays like 80% but until you reach your deductible doesn't pay anything for prescriptions. Since my operation many of the drugs I am on cost far too much for me, I find myself skipping doses and using partial doses to make them last longer. Some medications I stop taking altogether as I cannot afford and must make choices.

    In my opinion until Medicare runs itself like Medicaid, for everyone, without cost, Medicaid will always be a better choice when you are poor, or disabled. I guess my point with all this was that living in Massachusetts as opposed to many other places has probably literally saved my life on several occasions, and I wouldn't trade that. Not being able to pay, should not be a valid reason for letting someone die.

  48. The russiagate king propaganda pakman… welcome back, time for more lies and hopefully your TDS doesn’t resurface. Well with your aggressive strain I don’t have faith in that.

  49. God bless our National Health Service! I had a ruptured brain aneurysm 9 years ago and didn’t pay a penny. I know that Americans have been bankrupted by the same. It’s craziness.

  50. I had surgery a few years ago in Atlanta. I went to a doctor that was in my network. the weekend before my surgery they removed themselves from network and I only found out after receiving a 25 thousand dollar medical bill in the mail. to get told by my insurance and the hospital "oh well" I hate the system. #medicare4all

  51. Im am America and had an appendectomy while I was living in the UK on a spousal visa. The Doctors said it was one of the worst cases they had ever seen. I ended up having to stay in the hospital 7 days (I had a private room) Typical recovery is 1-3 days post op. The only thing the hospital gave me when I left were antibiotics, pain meds and and my discharge papers describing the care I received. 🤯

  52. That's new in Massachusetts hospitals. When I worked in them it said You will be treated no matter if you have insurance or not. This was before the large private companies started buying up hospitals.

  53. $400 a month?!?!??!?!?! Jesus fucking christ. Here in the UK it cost me £0. It is paid for via general taxation. The USA is a fucking mess.

  54. Denmark: No cost – never had surgery but my dad is 72 and broke his wrist in april. It was fixed and cost 0 danish kroner, aka 0 dollars.

  55. I had an appendectomy a couple weeks ago and due to an unfortunate series of events I do not have insurance. Got a $16,700 bill, apparently at least in Oregon there are ways to negotiate to not have to pay that much. What I hate most is all the calls, emails and transfers required to get healthcare that waste so much time.

  56. With the exception of privately owned, privately traded hospitals that also aren’t the only hospital within a “reasonable distance of another,” all hospitals are mandated by law to provide emergency medical treatment irrespective of insurance. This also falls within “do no harm” or the more modern “do the most good”

  57. Mental and physical health are everything. Without either, your QOL and ability to work suffer or don't exist.

    Providing universal healthcare covers yourself and your fellow citizens in case of an emergency, and at some point in your life you WILL need emergency services. An appendectomy, broken arm, diabetes or cancer are good examples.

    Local, state/provincial and federal taxes are more than enough to look after everyone.

    Healthcare for profit is a joke and should be abolished asap.

  58. David I see you don't have an MSA insurance policy which are great for self-employed people ..if you get a good deductible it'll pay everything after deductible …my old MSA had an annual $1,800 deductible and then the insurance paid 100% …you can put the max annual deductible contribution into the MSA account and the contribution is tax deductible …when you take it out for medical use it's tax free..

  59. Glad to see that you’re doing well David ! I had Peritonitis ( burst appendix ) when I was 18 ( so 32 years ago now) here in the UK. It only got so bad because I didn’t want to be off work, otherwise it would have been caught sooner.
    Obviously, at that time I hadn’t paid that much tax into the system but it didn’t matter. I’ve paid my taxes for years now so when I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) a few years ago I don’t have to worry about where the money is going to come from for my treatment and I don’t care that my taxes help pay for someone who hasn’t been able to pay for whatever reason. I would still get the same treatment if I hadn’t lived the life I have. It’s not difficult to understand, it’s called Social Responsibility. No one in a “civilised” society should have to worry or be embarrassed about being sick !!! No one should die alone and in pain because they don’t have enough fucking money !!

  60. I'm 58 years old and a shitty bronze plan is $608/month. $8000 deductable. My recent kidney stone emergency would have cost me $45k if I wasn't covered.

  61. Damn that sucks. Also sucks about the medical bill. For literally years I had zero insurance, until Obama and now thanks for Obama care I do have health insurance. I just learned I am prediabetic…I just had some chips and drunk some bud lite, but I've been seriously reducing my sugar and fatty fried food intake. I'm on a diet and I haven't drunken any soda for days and plan to only drink soda once a month or so.
    Anyway…hope the medical bill aint too high, but it still sucks that you got to blow your nest egg on it. I am really fucking hoping Bernie Sanders wins, but my second pick is Andrew Yang and my third is Elizabeth Warren. I want free health care. My healthcare is so far fine [although it does not include dental or eye care.] but I want it for OTHER PEOPLE and for other people in my family and I want it to include dental and eye care.
    Weird that they said you were fine and only a few minutes later you were in the emergency room.

    I really wish you had used the word "nest egg" and not just "money in savings."

  62. If you are an American citizen and you DO NOT own stock in or work for a health insurance company or medical billing company… and you also DO NOT support universal tax payer funded health care…. Please explain why you enjoy throwing money in the garbage every month.

  63. An acquaintance of mine had an emergency appendectomy last week. He was in pain and phoned 911 for an ambulance. The ambulance took him to the nearest hospital. The hospital took him in, diagnosed him, and operated on him using a laparotomy procedure. He was in hospital for a couple of days and they released him. He took a cab home. Total cost? $20.00 for the cab ride. We live in Canada.

  64. ER Doctor here. It is unlikely that your doctors and other care providers knew what your insurance was. It doesn’t change anything we do in cases like yours. In some cases it is possible to find out what insurance the patient has, but there is rarely any reason to do that. We just don’t have time to waste on looking up irrelevant information. Insurance (and the right kind) is required for outpatient non emergent appointments. If we are trying to plan your follow up care as an outpatient, we might need to know what options you have based upon your insurance or lack thereof.

    If you have appendicitis, “stabilizing treatment” as required by EMTALA law means an appendectomy. You can only be transferred if the hospital does not have the capability or capacity to treat your condition or if you request the transfer. You cannot be transferred against your wishes just because you have no insurance or the “wrong” insurance. Doing so would risk huge fines and endanger a hospital’s Medicare funding. Government regulators take this very seriously and a potential EMTALA violation is an extremely serious event. Under these laws and regulations, you do not need to worry about not getting good care for appendicitis.

    You do need to worry about the financial consequences. Without insurance, appendicitis and appendectomy will problem cost you at least $25,000. That is if your hospital has typical costs and there are no complications. A ruptured appendicitis, for example, will require several days of hospitalization and antibiotic treatment. That could easily double the cost. Unfortunately there are many people who are paying off huge bills in monthly installments for years or decades.

  65. A CT scan be done for $300 cash. You covered the cost yourself, everyone else involved just got rich off of that procedure. That means profit for everyone because insurance was probably billed $750-2000 depending on the CT version. A prime example of the waste in our system. Somewhere between $450-1700 wasted pushing paper around covering business expenses you yourself already covered. Every penny past $300 could have gone to someones healthcare needs instead of going in to the profit of whoever owned the CT machine.

  66. Keep in mind the people who are happy with their insurance arent complaining online. but rather are content to not say anything. Im one of those who are happy. I work for a very large and successful organization, i pay 45 dollars a month for my "Cadillac" plan that covers pretty much everything under the sun for myself and my family, even things like nutrition counseling or substance abuse help. My max out of pocket is 2K and my highest deductible is 150 dollars (for emergency room).

  67. Goodness, you too? Perforated appendicitis, was stuck in the hospital for a week.

    I have pretty decent insurance, but…. upon viewing the bills, let's just say that my views on health care have crystallized.

  68. I try to convey to my friends and people I know on social media, that they need to pay attention to this and be prepared.

    Here are three experiences relating to my life:
    1) In 2006 I got what I thought was the Flu. I was unemployed with no health insurance. Eventually my fever started going up to 105deg. It was at this point that I realized that I am a War Veteran (Desert Storm/Shield), so I decided I needed to go to the emergency room at the Veterans Administration hospital. I was very fortunate to be a Veteran because that Flu turned out to be Pneumococcal Pneumonia and I ended up being admitted to the hospital for almost 2 months, with several surgeries for other things discovered while I was there (HIV+, Urethral Stricture).

    If I wasn't a Veteran and had gone to a civilian emergency room, who knows what I would have had to pay, but couldn't.

    The VA continues to discover other medical issues just about every year since the Flu/Pneumonia (Aortic Dissection, degenerative disks, Arthritis in just about every joint, Bone spurs (some pinching nerves), etc., etc.) but I am fortunate to have put my life at risk for this country and so far, they are holding mostly true to taking care of me.

    2) In 2010 I finally convinced my dad to go to the VA (he's a Korea/Vietnam War veteran) to see about getting compensation. They did a full exam and found that he had Stage 4 Colon Cancer and it had spread to other parts of his body. My dad was fortunate in that he had Medicare and he and my mother got Tricare For Life when he retired from the Army. He decided not to be treated by the VA and instead went to a local cancer treatment center. Just one of his Chemo therapy treatments was upwards of $75,000 (medicare and tricare covered all of it) and he had chemo once a month for 3 years until he passed away in early 2014. He switched treatment centers the last two months of his life and the new one used a drug the other didn't, so neither medicare nor tricare covered it. He only got one treatment there and they tried to charge us (his family) $108,000 for that one drug.

    3) In the last 5 years, my 78 year old mother had both of her knees replaced, bones in her neck fused and a metal plate installed and a heart valve replacement (tavr). All of it costs loads of money (not to mention the months she went through rehab and physical therapy for all of it), but Medicare and Tricare covered all of it. She still needs her hips and shoulders replaced, but my mom's a tough old broad and doesn't think she's worth that effort, so she's going to tough it out.

  69. Guess I’ll die. At this pint in my life, idc. Sayonara. Goodbye cruel world. If there’s another side, I’ll see ya. If not , which I hope there isn’t, I sucked as a person. I’m done, bye bye

  70. This is why I’m sooooo glad I live in the UK. I had peritonitis when I was young. I had ingrowing toenails removed. I had tonsils and adenoids removed I had 4 major hip ops to try and stabilise multiple dislocated joints (which turned out to be caused by Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Joint Hypermobility)… and it was all covered on the NHS.

    Why are US republicans so against covering the poor? Are they such despicable, self centred monsters that you are only valid if you have money? It’s why a lot of people around the world treat Americans as loud mouthed trash. If people like Trump go around saying “America First” it just reinforces that fact and people like Kim (North Korea, not Kardashian) laughs when he puts one over on the moron.

  71. I recently got on Medicare.. $135 a month!….covers more…procedures that are NO COST….nothing but $20 co-pays-
    ——compare that to the CRAP had before: $600 month $3K deductible etc etc so $7.200 a yr was just the starting point!

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