Mumbai Express Telugu Full Movie Part 1/2 | Kamal Hasan, Manisha Koirala | Sri Balaji Video

No, I won’t come there
You come here Have it Don’t touch his face
He’ll harm you Why do you feed him grass
wrapped in a paper? No, I am wrapping grass in
a paper and feeding him He likes paper very much
that too cinema newspaper – I am not that rich
– Is that all? Aren’t we going to
conduct the rehearsal? Who’ll bring the unconscious
boy from the car? Mr. C, wait. You wouldn’t
have reached here yet. – Mr. B, you come
– What is this Mr. C? Careful, he’s heavy Why do you laugh? After completing the
job you may laugh heartily, come – Would he be so heavy?
– More than this Wait Before we booze, we’ll
discuss the plan once again What is this? We’ve already
done it a hundred times Do you want to make it a Silver Jubilee? First complete the job properly
Then you may enjoy your whole life – We do it tomorrow
– Keep quiet – Leave it
– You tell it Finish it quickly
Let us booze Why do you talk unnecessarily? – After lunch that fatso Saravanan
would come to piss – Then? Then, I’ll operate the crane and
take it to the school slowly… …you’ll hang in the hook I’ll bring the crane down I’ll make the boy unconscious
with the help of toxicated kerchief After that I’ll tie him to the
belt carefully and signal you I’ll lift both of you
smoothly with the help of crane Beyond express way, I’ll lower
you in the nearby hut dwelling… …where our car is parked Slowly
Carefully I’ll mingle with the crowd and escape What about me and Chidambaram? You have revealed the name – Who am I?
– Mr. A – You – Mr. B
and he is Mr. C ‘A’ and I would dump the boy into the car Then, he would call that boy’s dad Chettiar sir, you boy
Saravanan is in my custody If you don’t drop
25 lakh rupees in a sack… …at the dust bin in a
specified place at Dharavi… …then you’ll get back your
hacked son in two sacks 25 lakh rupees It is a great plan Our plan seems A-one
Shall we booze now? – What happened Raju?
– What? – My stomach is paining – He didn’t even finish a peg
– You keep quiet – Is there a hospital nearby?
– Nanavati hospital is there – I’ll take him there. You inform
Durga sister – Go fast Doctor say it is some ‘Appendi-society’
They’ve done a surgery and removed it If he takes rest he would become alright Can you delay it for a week? I am just asking for a weeks’ time Why? For you to recover
Why do you talk foolishly? By that time, school will be closed Construction would get over
and crane would go off Cleverness alone is not enough
You should be fortunate What can we do? We’ll try someone else Hey you! Are you kidding? You had troubled him with your rehearsals
and have brought him to this stage How can you ditch us now like this? Did you see? He couldn’t even pronounce my name fully What else can they do?
I am unlucky Why do you talk about luck? Ask them to give your share If they share the booty
should we remain silent? What you say is unfair. If we give his share
then what would we give to the new partner? Why should you give him share?
You may just pay him labour charges Is he our relative to do
this job for a small amount? – Yes, brother-in-law – What?
– My brother-in-law – Your brother-in-law? You are doomed Keep quiet My brother-in-law was
a crane operator earlier – Is it?
– I only got him that job Why did he lose that job?
Tell that first You fool, it was because
of some small mistake While he was lifting a big container,
it slipped and fell down No one died, but 4 cars
were smashed. If you tell him, he’ll listen That is the problem, he
can hear no one. Wastrel! No, Durga I have faith in him – It would happen
– What? You go to Kalyan in
the outskirts of Mumbai An exhibition is going on there You ask for Mumbai Xpress – Is it a train?
– It’s my brother’s name – Why such a name?
– That is his name Original name is ‘Avinasi’
This is his pet name – Oh God! – You go there.
Catch hold of him and bring him here You tell him nothing Yes, you tell him nothing
We’ll brief him Why are you staring?
It’s a question of 25 lakhs Why do you reveal the amount? Ok, what job does he do at the exhibition? Brothers and sisters, you would’ve seen
many feats that would be entertaining… …but this feat would
make you feel delighted You would applaud for this
because they’ve put their lives at stake Attention brothers & sisters, watch how
Mumbai Xpress collects this 100-rupee note Uncle! You don’t worry. A nice doctor.
I’ll take care of the ‘operation’ expenses Thank God! It is an ambulance
I thought it was police van Keep quiet I am hungry
I’ve not eaten for 2 days. Alms please – Move on. – I’ve not
eaten for 2 days. I am hungry. Why do you cry like a kid? Are you asking me
why am I crying like a kid? I was reminded of my past I was a kid like him My sister Durga, used to carry me
like this and beg in signal Is she used to beg? Look boss, our Raju is like that My mom was seeking
alms in the opposite signal God always tests the good Sir, will you take a book? I’ve magazines like Filmfare. That day was a boon I was eating happily
sitting on her waist Now if I want anything I have to work My sister and brother-in-law have
told me about this many times Yes, your sister also told me this You would do whatever your
sister tells you, is it true? I’ve a small work for you Raju asked me to tell you
and he would tell you We would be travelling
for an hour in the car He is planning to make it
worthwhile, isn’t it? Is it ok for you? – What? – Won’t you do
what he asks you? You’ve come at
the right time like God Then, what?
Tell him Why do you close your eyes? If I go in a straight route for
a long time I would feel dizzy Don’t mind me Oh gosh!
This Mumbai Xpress seems different One minute
Do you know Tamil? – Speak in hindi – Do you
understand what I speak? – Speak in hindi
– Ok. Long live Tamil! – Shut up you fool – Good!
Now we can talk about anything Do you speak Tamil? – What? – Isn’t he saying
‘yes’? lgnore it – OK, you tell him
– This is our plan… That is… Why do you do like Hindi people? Look, your spittle on his forehead Aren’t we lucky for
a doctor to help us? Did you see?
He has accepted – What did he accept?
– The plan Plan? Who told him about it? Why do you worry about that? He
listened to me and has accepted. Leave it. He has accepted, fine.
But you say he ‘listened’ to you – Please put on your hearing-aid
– I’ve had my grub and came – Oh God! – First you put it on
…[Censored] You fool – How many times should I eat?
I’ve had my grub – Hearing-aid!! I’ve forgotten I would’ve understood by gestures
If I wear it outside, I get headaches Are you deaf? – Damn
– Didn’t you hear what I said? Now, even if you tell a
secret I can hear it, tell me doctor Calling me a doctor? Don’t get tense This is his only fault
He is smart in everything else – When?
– When I was young Ok, listen to him Come close,
increase the sound volume I am in the sound range. Don’t shout.
Aren’t there patients nearby? I told you, he is smart Will you do a job for me? He is going to tell an illegal work
I am going in ‘straight route’ What straight route? Is the
circling in the circus a straight route? Listen to him Only after listening to him
I became deaf and went to jail Will become deaf everytime?
I am in bed after operation – Don’t know how long I’ll be alive?
– Yes, he’s right I am also losing faith
Someday I would be a widow on the streets Sister, will I let you live like a widow?
I’ll find a good groom to marry you Will you find a groom for me?
Look who’s talking I used to carry you
and beg on the streets Have you forgotten that? Is this the outcome of
the faith I had in you? You used to say that
nothing would match my affection You do this now and repay it Why do you talk big? I would talk big
if you don’t do small chores I toiled so much to bring you up I have no one to help me I have no husband or brother Look she has started
No, don’t Don’t cry
Here. Don’t cry. Tell me what do you want
I will do Should I tell it all myself? – I’ll tell you
– Tell me doctor – Doctor? – Wait
I’ll make him understand Now, he is ‘A’
You are ‘A’ I am ‘B’
He is ‘C’ He is old ‘C’
and you are new ‘C’ Mr. A, you tell him now This is an hospital
If they hear… Ok, I’ll remove it off You are supposed to hear it How to tell him now? Ok Shall I tell the whole story?
Listen Once there were two honest poor guys One guy was a welder – Another guy was…
– A horseman – Are you dubbing for me?
– No, I’ll also… Move aside
Go One who makes a living by
letting kids ride his horse My dad…
had 6 horses …2 wives.
Victoria Veerasamy… Hold on. If you start your dad’s story… …it won’t end now
– Ok, tell him He has sold that welding shop, 4 horses… …and lives in stinking slum
amidst aeroplane sound Why? Why? Is it because the rent is low? Johnson, don’t talk in between No, ‘B’, why have you forgotten? Ok ‘B’.
Should I proceed or not? Nearby the hygienic canal,
there is a vast place – But that evil Sait… – Isn’t it Chettiar?
But you are saying Sait? Sevagan Chettiar In Mumbai all rich people
are called ‘Sait’ – Why it is so?
– It is so He has encroached
all our places of stay How can he do that? You should’ve informed
police immediately Why do you talk foolishly? We don’t have documents in our name
then only we can claim ownership No document in your name?
Isn’t it your place? Who said so? I’ll Does plants have documents? Does trees have documents? We are also like that
All this is ours Is it mine also? It is yours, mine and it
belongs to all people in India Especially to the homeless
Do you have a home? Then? A businessman is shoving us
off from a birthright place in India Like how they use
bulldozers in movies… I’ve understood Until now, I was thinking that
I am going to commit an offence But now, I have understood
it is for a noble cause Where did you find
a ‘noble cause’ in it? If he had understood it
like that, then leave it – I addressed you in singular
– Never mind He seems a nice boy You shouldn’t make a fuss
for a simple issue, understood? Yes, buddy. You tell me,
I’ll listen. Yes, enough laughing.
Tell me Didn’t I tell you earlier?
Why should I repeat? Not yet. You’ve told me up to
bringing the boy using the crane How will I lift him?
Will he accompany me? With the help of this
I will make him unconscious What is this? Is it a cool drink?
How to make him drink it? No need to drink
Just smelling it, is enough No, don’t No, don’t.
This guy is… [Censored], leave it Got it. You idiot!
Hands! Wipe it first It is more pleasant than Whisky! I get giddiness Come out Careful! – Only one doubt…
– No, please don’t This one… The crane which is like this
should go towards the school… Leave him Nothing, little blood – Should take him immediately to…
…Goddess Kali Temple? To Kali Temple?
Is it to ‘sacrifice’ me? Take me to the hospital
My hand is paining Yes, we’ll go if you want But brother-in-law had an operation
yesterday and you are injured today – I feel the God is angry with you
– Yes Mr. A, what he says is correct – Is that good water?
– Yes, it is for the horse to drink Why are you sprinkling the
horse-drunk water on wound? – Nothing would happen. It only
wounded you – What ‘nothing’? Have you vaccinated the horse?
It looks like dog bite Yes, Johnson Dog bite and horse bite have equal effect Dog bite is severe.
Man would howl himself to death Keep quiet. It has bitten me
many times. Am I howling? – It is nothing boss
– What nothing? There is no cure for rabies Yes What if a mad dog had bitten
your horse without your knowledge? No dog had bitten it but
2 months ago it was bitten by a rat – Is it a problem? – Are you both
doctors to discuss about my hand? My hand is paining
Take me to the hospital It seems your pain has subsided It is temporary Since he was given an
anaesthetic while stitching… …his pain looks subsided – After sometime it will be
unbearable! – Is it true? Can’t you talk something good? If we tell you something good
will you listen? I told him to go to
Goddess Kali Temple… I know. You would’ve
done something Me? Yes, I told him to put his hand
into horse’s mouth and he obliged Avinasi, why do you
address him in singular? That… we’ve come into
an understanding Why do you…
Already I am in distress – I am asking why
– Then? Just like sword in place of a knife
I went for an alternate… …for a crane operator and
was bitten by a horse It has become troublesome – That’s why I asking you to
visit Kali temple… – No need Don’t worry. Is he here
to operate the crane? Then, who’ll drive the car?
He can drive horse carts alone Don’t worry. Avinasi is
a ‘jack of all trades’ He even possess a heavy vehicle license – Is it true?
– I can even drive it in a ‘well’ Yes, we’ll do
Please tell him sister After planning so much,
how could you drop this? – It is a question of 25…
– Keep quiet – What does he say? – Can’t you
understand his gestures? He says ‘ok’– The water lorry is going to come,
bring the buckets – I am coming
Sevagan sir, in a sack…Pack 25 lakh rupees and drop it in the
dust bin at the specified place in Dharavi If you call the cops your
son’s body will be… Shut up Your son’s hacked body
will reach you in two sacks If you pay, within half an hour……your son will
reach home safely
Sevagan, your son is in my custody In a sack… …drop certain amount into the dustbin
at the specified place in Dharavi If you call the cops… …your son’s hacked body
will reach you in two sacks Your son will reach your house
within half an hour of the payment One minute… What is that ‘certain’ amount? That is unnecessary for you
I’ll tell it to Sevagan Anything else? Before you cut the phone you
should laugh loudly. This is necessary. No need! How can I
manage things with him? Remove that coat It is a lucky jacket No need for this jacket or blouse – Why does it say ‘Mumbai Xpress’?
– It is my name – Are you a model?
– I… Don’t argue My hand is paining
Remove the coat first Remove when he asks you Put it on after you complete the job Boss says his hands are paining If I remove the coat
will your pain subside? I told you once you regain
consciousness pain will increase – It has increased
– Yes, it has increased What you said,
has happened Start the car Where is the steering? It is on that side Don’t kid, come on
It is getting late – With a guy like you…
– This car has ‘left hand drive’ Yes I can’t do a left hand driveGarland in monkey’s hand…Who had given it?– What?
– I can’t – What? – I’ve got enough petrol
On the way… You cheat! Your brother-in-law told that
you’ve license of every vehicle – Don’t you? – No, I have
but not for left hand drive Even if I had left hand drive license
I don’t know driving The car was here
you could’ve told it yesterday Don’t shout. You were busy
nursing your horse bite No one told me that
I had to do left hand drive Ignore it, no problem
It is getting delayed – Do you have any alternate plan?
– Damn, what plan? Do you know to drive?
You’ve come to mediate Don’t agitate me I don’t have the right hand
and he doesn’t know left hand drive How would I change gear?
With my tongue? No, that won’t be nice I told you that I can’t do left hand
drive but know to change gear I’ll shift gear with this hand
and you steer with this hand… …let that hand take rest
What do you say? Idea looks fine Listen, ‘L’ means long drive What is ‘P’? – What is it? – Will it stink?
– Will you keep quiet? Don’t disturb me with your junk brains! Ok Oh God! ‘D’ means drive I’ll start from below I know, ‘R’ wouldn’t mean Rat
because Chidambaram is not ‘C’ I should have been ‘A’
but you’ve made me ‘C’ Johnson shoud’ve been ‘J’
It is all so chaotic Leave it. Do what is written there Do as I tell you? – Give me a fag
– Here Light it, you fool When I say ‘D’
you should shift it to ‘D’ Quick, take him into the car You’ve hit it and where
are you taking him now? To the hospital
Driver, start the car Start the car, man! Note down the number Make it fast Why did you call me driver
in front of everyone? Do you feel insulted? I have saved you from
getting hit by the publim Why do you scold
instead of thanking me? You feel high and mighty
even though you are deaf – What?
– Nothing! What should we do with him now? He is sober
He look like a North Indian Where am I?
Who are you? – Are you a Telugu?
– OK, what about you? No one knows Telugu here
not even Hindi or Marathi Oh God! I can speak Tamil – Am I bleeding? – Yes, you are.
But let us talk about Tamil… – How did I come into a car?
– I only brought you here I’ll look for a good hospital
and take you there No need of good or bad hospital
Turn the car We’ve a work in town – Greetings! – I never go
to any hospital when injured. I’ll go to the hospital
where I get ‘mediclaim’ You get it only there Will you get it anywhere else? – Tell me sir – Go to his
horse’s stable, you’ll get it – Look at me
– How can you kid now? I know a little bit Kannada
I’ll try to persuade him That’s it, he’s gone. – Keep quiet Chidambaram
– You should not reveal names Get lost man! Only because of this A, B, C
confusion we’ve made an accident You keep quiet Ellu ithey’ means ‘where’ isn’t it?
How do you say ‘hospital’ in Telugu? Look, you may tell it in Tamil itself – Go to Santa Cruz – Why is
he troubling (paduthu) us? – This Telugu guy…
– Listen, you Tamil… I am not sleeping (padu) with anyone
You only made the accident – I am an insurance agent – You
said it earlier – I won’t leave you Stop it! Oh no! By telling ‘stop stop’
you’ve changed our ‘shape’Garland in monkey’s hand…
Who had given it?
Garland in monkey’s hand…
Who had given it?
Even the tied thread won’t be sparedWhose vehicle is this? – Does he have ‘insurance’?
– He asks whether he has ‘insurance’ Wasn’t it the ‘insurance guy’ with us? We have an insurance agent with us Ok This is my card I am getting late
I am going Where is your insurance
company? Give it Was I lying on the road?
Why? How? Only because of you… – Seems he has serious head injuries!
– I’ll take him to my mediclaim hospital I’ll claim it
I’ll take 10% of it Why are you looking at the car?
It has broken down We’ll take a cab
Hold his leg You hold one of the legs
I’ve only one hand – You pay the cab fare
– Say ‘ok’, Chidambaram He doesn’t have head injury
He remembers about our identities Cab’s additional fare
should also be paid by you – I’ll give
– What is your name? Your name seems funnier than mine
My name is Mumbai Xpress – You mean this?
– Which hospital? God’s grace! It is my
brother-in-law’s hospital Is your talk in English important now?
Pay the money and send him Ok, I’ll also go – Who’ll drive the car and
who’ll change the gear? – Ok Here – lf it goes out of control
– No, it is a small injury – lf the bill amount is more
– Ok – That is my money Isn’t it for our guy? Get in What is your name? ‘Nee bontha’ (your face)
Go to Nanavati I think it is a Telugu name What shall we do now? – We shall sit here and cry
– Why? How will the work get done now? I’ll mind the crane
You bring the boy You drive the car
I’ll change the gear Look, engine is also working
Good! – Will it work out?
– It would work out perfectly – But one condition – What?
– There is a Goddess Kali Temple nearby We’ll perform a pooja Why do you kid again? – Don’t mind if I ask
you something – What? – Are you an atheist?
– Is it so important now? Don’t dodge the question
Answer me – No
– Then why? Then, pray with a clean mind
Things would go well Oh Goddess! Look there
Your ‘uncle’ is coming Ask your Goddess Kali to help you Keep watching What have you done to the car? I am sparing you because
you belong to our place Isn’t he from Paramakudi?
He is staring Yes, he is more deaf than me – What about you?
– I have an hearing-aid Mother… Heart attack… Sister is pregnant You are epileptic and
a horse had bitten you – Have you told him that too?
– Then what? In such a condition… …you shouldn’t come out
driving a car What you do is… You do one thing
You take the car… Don’t go far away
Go straight to hospital And go to a car mechanic from there – Paramakudi
– Yes, he is from Paramakudi Shall I leave? You may go Now, can you manage left hand drive? Anyone can drive anything
if they see you drive – Is it ‘R’ (Aar-6)?
– Who (yaar)? I asked whether
‘R’ means reverse Do you want a kerchief?
To tie it like this No need, you go Why do they laugh? You could’ve told me
They were laughing I asked you whether
you required kerchief My life is like driving against
racing breeze and vehicles You should’ve paid heed Come after combing your hair All kids seem wealthy Who is our boy in this? Did you beget them?
He says ‘our boy’ – I wanted to know. Tell me
– Keep quiet There, in that side Everyone are on that side Why do you sneeze?
Have you caught a cold? – Are you a ‘Amrutanjan’ pain balm?
– No, Avinasi I inhaled vigorously
to reduce tension, understood? Are you tense? – Ok, come.
Let’s go. – Wait – Pray to Goddess Kali.
– We prayed earlier on the road Do it here, now Do it fast, we have work Goddess! I am unable to manage with him… Please save me from him
Come onGarland in monkey’s hand…Who had given it?Garland in monkey’s hand…
Who had given it?
Even the tied thread won’t be sparedEven if dog’s tail is tightly tied
will it straighten?
Incense and bidi are different…Don’t keep bidi in the place of incenseKeeping King Desingu’s crown on
Thenali Raman’s head is foolish
Lineage of Paramartha’s disciples who
fantasise to reach shore in a horse
Garland in monkey’s hand…
Who had given it?
Garland in monkey’s hand…You… That side Why do you wave hands?
Talk on the phone – What should I do now?
– Nothing. Just take me to school.They couldn’t even tie their loin cloth…… but would fib about
building castles in air
They’re unfit to catch a cock on roof but
would fib about showing the netherworld
Donkey’s won’t recognise camphor’s fragranceBut these guys will show it lit camphorEven if stray dogs are brought home and
bathed, it would run back to mud
Garland in monkey’s hand…Careful! Careful! Ok, come on– Saravanan? – What?
– Where are you going?
– To piss? – You have no
other work – I have to go – You’ve big drum
– Belly gets inflated – Who are you?
– Don’t hit Lift me Oh Goddess! I am unable
to do this. Save me Join all of you and say… You fool, what have you done? I didn’t do anything
I helped him Give the phone to Chidambaram… Why? Is he unconscious?
What did you do to him? Sister, I didn’t do anything. He became unconscious
all by himself Johnson is on his way to that hospital He met with an accident That… The mirror is broken
since wind is blowing I can’t hear John has broken it with his head! Chidambaram is in the rear seat Even I don’t know anything What do you want me to do? What do you say? Should I do that also?Sina Thana came laughing
and went after a flirt…
– Is this Sevagan?
– Yes, who is this? Greetings! How are you? I am A’s, new C…
assistant speaking Who ‘C’? My eyes are soaped
Tell it quickly Hold on
Don’t get hassled I’ll remember and tell you Hey Sevagan! Your son
is in my custody In a sack… Drop certain amount… …in Dharavi dustbin Don’t harm my son
Tell me how much you want Please don’t talk in between
I would forget Bring certain amount to Dharavi dustbin Or else your son will
return home in two parts Tell me, what is that ‘certain’ amount? That is… Certain amount is… I don’t know what is ‘certain’ amount Chettiar sir, I am a novice You may decide an amount yourself,
what do you say? What about 25? Oh no! I meant 25 lakh rupees 25 lakh rupees?
I can buy a ‘death well’… Don’t push him into well
Is 50 lakh rupees ok? 50 lakh rupees? What happened? Oh no! Nothing to worry
Your son fell down inside the car Oh God! I’ll pay you 1 crore rupees
Is it enough? 1 crores rupees!! Sir, don’t increase it
This is more than enough You’re very good. Your son will reach
your home in half an hour safely Lord Palani Muruga!
Please save my son My Daddu!
Where is my Daddu? Are you a Tamil? Yes, who are you? – I am also a Tamil. My name
is Sevagan – Yes, I am his wife Let us converse in Tamil
They shouldn’t understand You don’t get scared or faint
I want to tell you something Tell me, is Daddu alright? So, your son is Daddu He is our son Saravanan’s friend Someone has kidnapped our boys – I received a phone call threat
asking for money – Oh God! Why do you ask not to inform police? In the phone call I received,
I was told that… …if we inform the police
they would slice and send them to us Oh gosh! Listen, I think both were
kidnapped by the same gang They look like professionals That’s why I am asking you to talk to
your husband and not inform police I have to inform the police
I’ve no other go – Hi! – Is it you?
Greetings! – Are you fine?
– I am fine somehow – How about you?
– Ignore about me – What happened to ‘delivery’?
– It happened just now What is the weight? – I asked the weight of the
new born – Weight? Very heavy – Was it a caesarian?
– Not like that… It went on smoothly without bloodshed How is your epileptic friend
who was bitten by a horse? He is unconscious Did you see how all
difficulties come together? – What can I say about it?
– Where are you going now? Where? Nearby,
I’ve to go very far – To Kalyan – Kalyan?
I am also going there – We can go talking
– Talking? – What is happening?
– You may talk I only listen Mom! My darling son
Have you come? Dear, our son has come My son
Darling – What happened dear?
– A guy… A guy hit me on the face
and made me unconscious My hands and legs got weakened When I woke up
I was lying in the bush Call the police immediately – Hasn’t the boy come?
– Who’ll give the money? They have returned the boy honestly Shouldn’t we also be honest? Why do you talk about honesty?
If let, will you join that gang? If we don’t inform the police
they might kidnap some other kid That is also true. At least they can
rescue that boy without a ransom – Damn! I shouldn’t have
been hasty – Why? Had they paid our son
would’ve come free of cost Doesn’t matter. We are fortunate
to have our son back Don’t worry about money Don’t know what
happened to poor Daddu Which Daddu? Don’t shout. Why
both of you together… Get up
Come on, get up – What happened?
– I’ve to go Yes, you can go
when the money comes – It is coming.
– You may go when it comes It is coming for me
I’ve to go urgently What?
Oh God! Oh God! What? Why the rope? – It is to hold while climbing up
stairs – I meant this hand This was used to tie the boy
He wanted to go to the toilet So, you untied him? Do you want me to go
with him? He is a grown up boy– Help! Help!
– Why do you…
– Is it a stomach upset?
– Hey you! Don’t shout
Don’t shout – Oh God!
– What happened? – Hit – Do you know where
all I’ve been hit – Where?– Help me!
– Open it
Help me– Help me! – He’s shouting
Shut him from behind
Go that side and close the mouthBoy! Don’t shout
Fatso don’t shout
Don’t shout
Push him in from outside What? He is deaf and
we’ve a wall in between Who is deaf? But you would hear this properly Push him in…
…from outside I am asking you to push – I have only two hands
– And I have only one hand Mr. A, what are you doing? You’re asking that.
This boy… Help me Here I come Thank God! Run
Catch him – Stop
– Catch him – Don’t bite…
– Don’t leave him – Go away
– He’ll also bite– Weight
– Why should I wait?
I meant the boy is heavy (weight)Enough, he has already swallowed a metre Move! My hand!! I was shouting ‘hand’
Didn’t you hear? Are you deaf?
That one… What a team!! One is deaf, other is a
handicap and third is a dullard That’s why you have a bad time And great accidents are happening for you Do think us getting injured is great? See how my boss is feeling about it? Can’t you keep anything a secret? – In Telugu ‘Pramadham’ means…
– I’ll tell you I know some Kannada
‘Pira-madham’ ‘Pira-madham’
It means ‘some other month’ – ‘Pramadham’ means accident
– Is it so? – What do you say for ‘Amazing'(Pramadham)
– We say ‘Brahmandam’ Then, what do you say
for ‘great'(Brahmandam)? No need to say anything
Why did you bring him here? – I am a Christian
– So? I thought I would die of head injury
so I confessed about my sins to him – What sin?
– Isn’t kidnapping a boy a sin? I didn’t get a priest to confess
so I confessed to him So, have you… revealed
everything about our plan? Do you think he is Pope John Paul? – Can I talk? – I won’t listen
to whatever you say You go out
I won’t listen to out – Now I’ve become one
– Toilet? It is there – Where? Now I’ve become part of your gang So you were telling it in Telugu We’ve become foursome
instead of threesome If let they would add another share Yes, he asked but I
asked him to ask the boss So boss, instead of sharing
33% between you three… Have you told about the share also? – Not that, because he thought
he would die… – I’ll… – Don’t know what to tell him
– I’ll tell him Do you know why he is angry with you? Not for confessing
because that is your birth right But you’ve told him about the
percentage also. Hence, he is angry Isn’t it boss? Knife… – lf you tell this out… – I won’t because
I am also a partner now – Partner? I did all the planning but now
you want to be a partner, I’ll… – I’ve also shed blood
for your plan – What? Here, here
and some more inside I too want a share Yes, things are going well As we expected, in
the dusbin, Chettiar… If you open your mouth
in front of him, I’ll kill you Just listen to me
As we had expected… Shut up you deaf Before I could say, you changed
the gear. Are you recommending?I need no recommendation.I’ll give a good idea
to earn more than that
– You’ll pave way to go ‘up’
– Everyone has to go the same way If you listen to my plan
we’ll get 40% instead of 33% His plan is good
Listen to it So you’ve made a plan Did you hear it? How will I hear it?
Am I not deaf? You would understand my plan
Will you listen to it? Come– Mr. A sit down. Mr. B please come.
– Has you told about ABC too?
Leave it. He is going
to tell about his plan. Set aside the weapons
Give it Now we have Jeevan Bhima, Jeevan
Raksha, LIC. Also there is Metlife, HDFC. Insurance business is in its boom in India No need for 33% Take 25% each of you and enjoy Balance 8% multiplied by 3,
which comes to 24%. Is it for you? It is not for me but for us If you break 24% into four parts
you would get four policies – Four policies?
– What policy? It multiplies 5 times in 10 years – But what about you?
– I can take care of me Take a policy
It is given by the government It is a good idea. Government
is getting involved directly Shall we say ‘yes’? Turn him upside down
Else he would die Turn him Oh God! He is not Chettiar’s son
We’ve brought some other… You’ve brought some other boy – You were sleeping with him
– Was he sleeping? You keep quiet Whose kid is he? Make him sit Who are you? How arrogant?
See he doesn’t open his mouth Pull out the cloth first You rascals.
You will all die. My dad will slice you all and
feed you to crows and vultures What is your dad? – He is Assistant commissioner of police
– Is he not the Chief Minister? I’ll go and arrange for those policies He is blabbering something
Why are you scared? Don’t you want your share? Don’t lie. What is
your father’s name? – My name is Daddu.
– We’re asking your dad’s name – I shouldn’t reveal it to anyone
– Then, he is telling fibs – lf you want, bring my
shoulder bag – Why? I have my cell phone in that If you dial the number saying ‘daddy’
then Assistant commissioner will speak Now do you want us to
bring your bag from school? His bag is here – How?
– In the car… You don’t know. When you were
hugging the boy and sleeping… – Were you hugging the boy?
– Keep quiet? Go man! From the bag bring
whatever it is in it – Do you want me to bring
the phone? – Yes, go I am not going anywhere
I was just… Oh God! Bring that knife Avinasi has… hidden it somewhere Leave it. If what you say
is false, then you are dead What if he says the truth? If it is true? No, leave! Leave! Who is this? Who are you talking on Daddu’s phone? Is Daddu your son’s name? A small mistake had happened I was suppose to pick up Chettiar’s son… …but I picked up your son instead – Are you the gang’s leader?
– No, Chidambaram… Are you hearing? Thank God!
Sir, ‘A’ is the gang leader I am ‘C’, New ‘C’
‘A’ and ‘B’ are inside Please be on the line Is your name ‘Daddu’ in real? At least tell me whether your
dad’s name is S.P. Rao? How do you know all this? – ACP S.P. Rao is
on the line – What? Assistant Commissioner
wants to talk to you ACP sir, I am alright – What happened?
– Nothing Have you disconnected the phone? Should I disconnect it? What? Tell me – That money…
– Which money? Go in Tell me either of it If you talk anymore
I’ll kill you How? With that single hand? – I’ll… – Don’t get angry.
I’ll take care. My hand
Leave my handNo don’tWhatever it is,
he is our boss If he says ‘get out’
you should go in Go in Go in
Go in buddy! Go in Now… – Come there. I’ll tell you
– What about me? Come on Situation is beyond our control
We should kill that boy Thambu and I were hit on the head
Why do you talk foolishly? – You are joking, isn’t it?
– Oh gosh! I can do life
insurance not murders He is a cop’s son. If we
send him back, we’ll be caught The kid is seeing… – He has seen my face too
– Hence I am telling We’ve no other way Listen Agent, if blabber
anything I’ll kill you – But boss
– Think before you talk If I die, all insurance money
would go to my wife No…
We’ll finish him – Even then, a murder… – lf you
talk otherwise I’ll kill you instead Am I not your Johnson? Listen, the flood has gone about head… …who cares about John
or Joseph. Proceed. But… …I am a pure vegan… You may do it
I’ll watch you But I won’t watch this and be quiet I’ve heard everything If anyone of you lay your
hands on him, you’ll die I’ll see who wants to kill whom It is here – Who is this Saravanan?
– Chettiar’s son – He is calling?
– Keep quiet Who is this? I am Saravanan speaking.
Is Daddu there? Yes, he can’t sleep
But he’s sleeping I am ‘C’
Daddu’s uncle Uncle, have they left him? My dad had dropped 1 crore rupees
in Dharavi dustbin… …they released me only after that 1 crore rupees?
Has he given it? Ok, when he gets up, I’ll tell him after
removing the cloth from his mouth I’ll tell him
Ok Tie his hands
Stuff his mouth with cloth We don’t have enough cloth
We’ve given it for laundrying Tie his hands
We’ve to go outside – Where?
– To the ‘dust bin’Sorry to disturb you at the
time of your daughter’s marriage
I know the commissioner
but I’ve come after knowing about you
Think whatever had happened
is for good. I am a flat promoter You’ve to conduct your
daughter’s marriage also – I would also gift a nice flat to
the couple – In which area? There is a place called ‘Vakkola’.
If you clear the huts in that place… …I can build a big complex…
– Look here You can’t hit two
mangoes with one stone – One mango for a stone
– I like your frankness – But without any problem…
– Enough Did the kidnappers speak to you in Tamil?
Did they speak respectfully? Yes sir
You seem to know… …they seemed like
a criminal gang – Agalya madam has come
– Make her sit in the guest room I told her, but she didn’t pay heed Dear, someone had
kidnapped our son Along with his son You asked me not to go to the police I tried to call you 30 times
but you didn’t pick up the mobile phone He had received phone call threats
I would also receive it What is this? Why are you keeping quiet?
Our son has been kidnapped Don’t publicise that he’s our son In the eve of Sangeetha’s wedding… What about Daddu? Are we not a family? My in-law also has come
Please wait in the next roomEnough of keeping our affair a secretWhen I am in agony of my missing son
why do you give lame excuses? Isn’t he your son? Welcome! Your wife… sorry my in-law
asked me to take you along… …to go and invite the Governor Come, we’ll go She is his wife My wife is someone else
She is my sister – He is…
– Her brother If we delay we would get
stuck in traffic, that’s why… At least you understand my situation
and please wait in the next room You take him. Anyway you’ve
become a part of my family – I’ll try to solve your
sister’s matter – Ok I’ll solve your sister’s problem How can you sit like this? Please search for him
immediately. Do something Oh God! Why am I being tested? I’ve done no sin to anyone… But you’ve done it to me Aren’t you living in comfort? So I am just your mistress
isn’t it? What big ‘comfort’? – Like a movie hall without a license
– Oh God! Don’t like this Sangeetha’s marriage is scheduled
for tomorrow. In that tension… – What about my boy?
– God should save him – Why? Can’t you
save him? – That… Satyavati, please forgive me
I shouldn’t have betrayed you You would shed tears for your
wife but you just ogle at me – Who’ll get me my son?
– Not that. I… Tell Satyavati. I was
just talking to your photo… …you would live for hundred years
– Then, am I and my son destined to die? Not to you
A case over here Am I just a ‘case’? If I don’t get son by today evening… …I publicise about our affair
in your daughter’s wedding You are just a bar dancer How dare you? Just ten minutes is enough to finish you Same ten minutes is enough
to have your photo in newspapers Why do you get tense? I’ve spoken to the kidnappers
Rescue process is on Boy will come tomorrow You don’t reveal it to anyone If we crawl like this
it’ll take one week to reach home You bite the rope No dear
It won’t taste good – It’ll hurt my mouth
I’ve an idea – What is it? I’ll tell you
I’ll use some other mouth Here, it is Kerala’s rope
Bite it Enough – Get in – Wait, I’ll bring
my bag and water bottleOh no! It is not required
come quickly
Go. Don’t worry.
Sit down Sit down Have you forgotten the beatings? Turn off the engine Are you trying escape in bike? Leave Stop him! Come I’ll also come Boss, don’t leave me and go There he is Go Go fast Go fast He is escaping Say it in Tamil That’s it
Dash him I told you earlier It is not getting started We’ll go by walk Go fast You are trapped – He has escaped
– Keep quiet Where will you go? Where else can he go
instead of going up?Get up! Don’t hinder me!Move awayHere comes the Mumbai XpressOurs would be a straight route– No confinement for heart
– Are you giving him an idea?
He’s escaping with the bikeA superb driver for this XpressHe has extra power in abundanceEverything is in driver’s controlThis train will halt nowhereGet up! Don’t hinder me!Move awayHere comes the Mumbai XpressWhat now?
Should we wait here? Do you think I would wait?

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