Liver Tests for Hepatitis

Liver Tests for Hepatitis

What are liver function tests? How is hepatitis diagnosed? What is PCR test? To find out the answers to all these questions watch now! Welcome to “Your Health” My name is Dr. Omar Chughtai Every week we bring you informative videos. So you may spend a healthy life. If you have not subscribed yet. Then Subscribe it now and do not forget to enable bell notification. So that you will be notified when new videos are uploaded. Today we shall be talking about the tests of the liver and How hepatitis is diagnosed. The first set of tests is called liver function tests. These tests are assessed to find out if the liver is functioning properly or not. If someone’s liver function tests are abnormal, further tests can be performed to determine the reasons as to why the liver isn’t functioning normally as it should. These include screening tests for Hepatitis B and C. If these tests are positive it means that the patient has been exposed to the hepatitis B or C virus at some point of time in his life. This definitely does not mean that the virus is active or that the infection is spreading in the body rapidly. It does mean however that this patient was at some stage of life be it a month or a few months ago exposed to the Hepatitis B or C virus. If screening tests are positive then the next test to be performed is the PCR test. This test that is the polymerase chain reaction test determines the quantity of the virus in the patient’s blood. We can assess from this if the virus is rapidly multiplying in the patient’s body or if it’s inactive. The objective of treatment for both hepatitis B and C is to establish via the PCR test that there is no virus growing or multiplying in the patient’s blood any longer. A commonly asked question regarding PCR test is the difference between quantitative and qualitative PCR test. The qualitative PCR test determines the presence or absence of the virus in the blood and quantitative determines the amount of the virus present. You can very well understand that the treatment aims to decrease the levels of virus In the blood, hence quantitative test is much more informative and useful. For further information do visit Chughtai Lab website For home sample collection please call at “yours health number” 03 111 456 789. Thanks for watching

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  1. Dr Omar ,please make a video about Pre requirements for some major test and general Dose requirements,Usage ,etc

  2. sir i have last past 12 year infected with hepatitis b. but recently i do test hbv pcr test there result is 19iu/ml what is it means

  3. Hi sir thanks for video kia Hbs hamisha kele badan se gom hojata hai elaj ke bad ya serf dead hota hai plz ans

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