Life Update || Why I have Been Missing

Life Update || Why I have Been Missing

hey guys welcome back to the vlog so I
have been missing missing missing missing missing from the vlog I don’t
don’t be mad at me I know it’s because okay so my father just had brain surgery
and he had it about a week ago now and he had to go to Hollywood California to
have the surgery done because the I guess the doctors here wouldn’t touch
the tumor and laid I’m the minority the brain I think don’t call me I think
that’s what he said and they wouldn’t touch it so he found a doctor and
Hollywood California that would remove it through his nose so he got it removed
through his nose the surgery went fantastic
there was no major complications but along with any type of me nose surgery
he did get leaking brain fluid through his there is nose that ended up getting
better and now he’s fine and I don’t think he’s leaking brain fluid anymore
I’m actually gonna have to call him today ah then I my son got sick with the
stomach flu he was throwing off non-stop and then guess who got it
me I got it and I never had the stomach flu in my entire life so I was throwing
up I was sitting on my floor crying thought I was gonna die I never threw up
since I was 13 years old so I have a huge huge huge huge huge fear of
throwing up so as I was on the floor dying I literally thought well this is
it this is it that I’m gonna die today and I survived so long story short I
have been missing because I have been sick and because my father just had
brain surgery I don’t think there’s anything else my last video was a haul I
believe I haven’t been vlogging much and I know I need to stop because I have
built this channel up so fast within that not seven months that I have been
doing this and I think all of you guys were such a huge support such a huge
such huge support with everything and all your comments and all you
and everything and I appreciate you guys thank you guys so much I am almost at
1000 subscribers holy frickin hell I can’t believe it we have made it and I
never thought this is gonna be possible I never thought I was gonna hit a
thousand subscribers seven months ago when I first started I thought oh yeah I
was gonna you do YouTube and maybe a couple hundred people will watch me a
month and you know we’ll have a blast but in reality Wow Wow guys like I can’t
believe that there are almost a thousand people in the world that want to watch
me and my stupid vlog Channel I can’t believe it like it’s really really
awesome to me that you guys like me but I have been going through some really
hard ships you know I I I’m not suicidal in any way so don’t freak out I promise
I have been hitting this this thing here in Las Vegas that I can’t get over this
depression here and it’s because you know it’s just me and my husband and my
son and we’re just doing this by ourselves like and I know that’s part of
adulthood I totally get it but to be alone with no family no nobody well I
kinda have a family here but you know what I mean like my mom and dad back
homes are not here and we’re doing this with 100% alone and it is hard so we’ve
been struggling a little bit and that’s normal you know this is adulthood we’re
all going to struggle but we’re struggling in a way that’s really scared
for me and thursday’s that I literally just throw myself on the floor and I
start crying and I can’t stop crying I’m just going through a lot of shit right
now and I’m I’m just trying to get this adulthood under control and I’m trying
to learn and I’m going as I go if you don’t know I’ve never really
worked a regular job I’m almost 30 years old and I’ve never worked a real job so
this is hard for me you don’t understand I have been working up from home since I
was a kid you know this this whole working thing is new for me so I haven’t
found a job yet I just went to a couple of interviews the other day and I
haven’t heard back from them and I’m to find a job that works around our
schedule because Enzo goes to school at 7:45 in the morning that I have to take
Eddie to work out to then he gets out of 341 and then I have to go pick him up at
the bus stop and then I have to go pick up my husband at 11 o’clock at night so
in order to find a job it’s so hard to find a job with my schedule so yeah by
the way what time is it cuz I have to go pick up my son from the bus stop
oh it’s always 333 oh good I literally almost had a heart attack because I
thought it was gonna be like four o’clock but I pick him up with the bust
up around 359 yeah 359 4 o’clock and that bus usually comes there ah but yeah
I guess I just wanted to update you guys and say hey I’m still here I’m still
alive I promise I’m gonna start doing more hauls but I just wanted to get this
vlog out and tell you guys like hey I have been sick
my father just had brain surgery and I’m trying the best that I can to you know
do YouTube and all this stuff but no yeah guys I am so excited we are almost
at a thousand subscribers and once we hit a thousand subscribers guess who’s
doing a giveaway me I’m gonna do a giveaway I mean I don’t know what I’m
gonna give away yet but I’m gonna do an awesome giveaway and I’m gonna do like a
little party here like a live party or something on YouTube but we will do
something really cool and I promise I won’t let you down but anyways guys I
have to jump up here cuz it I just hit six minutes on our clock I have to go
pick up a little man and I have to clean the house so yeah if you don’t know me
having is Danielle and I am stay home mom and I don’t have my life together so
if you like people like that don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
right here at the lower right hand corner and as always guys don’t forget
to subscribe to the channel cuz I will find you no I’m just kidding but uh I
will see you guys in the next video

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  1. Glad your back ,I literally Just posted a video similar to yours not to long ago just about finding a job finishing my ged and Just getting my sh*t together lol I’m also a stay at home mom.. I hope your dad has a speedy recovery 🙏🏾

  2. They have excellent doctors in LA….that’s one of the main reasons I don’t want to leave lol rent is crazy out here….Glad your dad is doing well praying for a speedy recovery. Blessings to you and your fam. God Bless.

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