Les 8 vertus de la graine de nigelle ou cumin noir

Les 8 vertus de la graine de nigelle ou cumin noir

More commonly called black seeds or black cumin the seed of nigella has for use to decorate the oriental dishes with a flavor all its own Beyond its gustatory character serious studies have proven that his power over certain diseases and is without context one of the most amazing ever discovered Used in solid form or in oil the therapeutic benefits of black seed are limitless So here are 5 virtues of black seed on your body 1. Anti-bacterial Its preventive action avoids cold-related complications like colds bronchitis or flu An almost regular use of the seed or the oil of Nigella in your diet would have benefits on your immune system Of all the super bacteria that black seed oil can kill staphylococcus aureus, resistant to methicillin (MRSA) is one of the most important Black seed oil can help slow down or to prevent MRSA from spreading out of control 2. For digestive disorders if you are faced with some recurring digestive disorders do not hesitate to adopt a morning routine which consists of incorporating a few drops of oil Nigel to your morning hot drink It strengthens the intestinal flora, eliminates bloating reduces the harmful gases and bacteria that can cause flatulence and other intestinal and gastric pain 3. Against fatigue Nigel seed is a concentrate of nutrients and minerals So ideal to allow your body to always be operational is to never run out of energy If you feel tired, do not hesitate to give a helping hand to your body by incorporating black seed oil into your diet. 4. Against cancer Croatian scientists evaluated the anti-tumor activity of thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone in mice and discovered that the 2 phytochemicals of black seed oil resulted in a 52% decrease in tumor cells Being rich in 2 chemicals, the black seed is unique because it can help prevent and treat cancer through various mechanisms. 5. Liver health For those who have struggled with poor liver function because of the side effects of drugs alcohol consumption or illness black seed oil could speed up considerably the healing process Scientists have discovered that black seed oil does good to liver function and help prevent damage and disease. 6. Diabetes According to a study the black seed oil causes partial partial regeneration of pancreatic beta cells increases the decline in serum insulin concentrations and lowers high blood sugar Black seed improves glucose tolerance as effectively as metformin but it has not shown significant adverse effects and very low toxicity. 7. For the hair Probably one of the most exclusive benefits of black seed oil is his strange ability helped restore hair loss Nobody understands why this is happening but it is not too difficult to guess that she has something to do with her powerful antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. 8. For the skin Produced in the retina, choroid and epidermis melanin is a pigment that protects the skin from damage She is probably familiar to you because she is the main chemical being responsible for giving to our eyes and our skin its individual color known to maintain and inhibit melanogenesis (melanin production) the benefits of black seed oil on the skin and other cells are deeply healing. End, thank you for supporting the video with a mention I like and your questions in comment

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  1. C'est sanouj (cumin noir) nigelle sativa et non pas haba sawda helas tout le monde la confond avec la veritable huile de haba sawda qui ne pique pas du tout. Elle est fabriqué à partir de celle qui ressemble aux lentilles mais de couleur noire et quand vous la reduisez en poudre cela donne une poudre de couleur verte beige, la saveur est amer mais jamais piquante.

  2. le Prophète Mohamed (Sal Allah alayhi wa salam ) à dit :

    «Cette graine noire est un remède pour tous les maux, sauf du sâm .»»

    «Qu'est-ce que le sâm ?» demanda 'Âichah.-

    « C'est la mort .», répondit le Prophète . »

    (hadith Rapporté Al-Bukhârî n°5687).

    Effectivement cette graine est très bénéfique. Il convient de l' utilisé comme remède, quand à la mort chacun d'entre nous mourra un jours, et personne ne peut l'éviter.

  3. Attention de ne pas confondre Nigelle Cultivé ( nigella sativa ), comestible et Nigelle de Damas ( nigella damascena), dont la comestibilité est très controversée. La nigelle dont on fait des savon et de l'huile et la Nnigelle Cultivée . La Nigelle des Champs ( nigella arvensis ) est elle aussi suspectée de toxicité !!!

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