Keep chicken liver on the hook w/ Bait Saver Hooks

Keep chicken liver on the hook w/ Bait Saver Hooks

Any fisherman that has tried to use chicken liver to fish for catfish knows that chicken liver is not very easy keep on the hook. Anglers have come up with a lot of
different workarounds for that – different ways to keep it attached to the hook I, in particular usually wrap some thread around the bait and I made a video showing that about a year ago and that video remains the most popular video that I’ve ever uploaded to
Youtube as of this date. So obviously that struck a chord among
anglers and obviously that’s a common problem. The reason I’m revisiting this issue today
is that I’ve come across some hooks that are specifically designed for baits
like chicken liver that have a tendency to fly off. The product is called Bait Saver Hooks and
you can get them in a variety of sizes, and you can get them in a standard J-hook or in a circle hook depending on what your preference is there. I’m just going to give you a close-up view on
exactly how these hooks are designed. The Bait Saver Hook consists of a standard hook and then it has special bait saver wire – it’s
actually a loop that comes up here and loops around and goes back here and attaches down
here at the eye again at the eye again. Now they’re attached right here – you can see
the two wires come up; you can actually spread those wires apart depending on
what kind of bait you’re putting in there and then it latches underneath the barb. Now if I take this loose how this works is i can put the bait between the wire and the hook and I bring the hook around hook it under the barb and then there’s
actually a sleeve right here that I can slide up in order to tighten it. Now I’m going to take a
piece of foam and actually demonstrate how this works. First you take the bait
saver wire up over the tip of the hook and then go ahead and put your bait on – I
have a piece of foam here than I’m going to use to demonstrate. Go ahead and slid the bait on the hook and then bring the bait saver wire back up over the point of the hook and make sure
it is behind the barb and then down below you just take the sleeve and move it forward until the bait is tight and you’re ready to fish. Feel free to subscribe to my channel. I’ll have
lots more fishing action coming your way next spring. hopefully I’ll be able to give you a
demonstration of how these hooks perform on the water and hopefully I’ll also have some hunting
footage coming your way later on this fall. As always thanks for watching I’Ill see
you next time.

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  1. I haven't tried that, although it seems somebody mentioned it to me before. Where does a person purchase some of that?

  2. I have a long drive to the nearest physical Walmart, but I checked and I don't see them there.

  3. The short answer is: I don't. If you use raw chicken liver as it comes from the grocery store, it will get mushy once it's in the water. The key is keeping it on the hook while you cast, and then it doesn't matter. I rarely cast the same chunk of chicken liver twice. Chicken liver also gets softer if it has been in the refrigerator for a long time, or freezed and thawed many times; but it usually can still be used.

  4. Some anglers dry their chicken liver in the sun or cook it in order to make it tough. This helps keep it on the hook, but I don't know if the catch rate is as good as raw chicken liver. I'd be interested in hearing other opinions on this.

  5. I usually use a 4/0 circle hook for catfish, but last weekend in Ohio I used some 3/0 circle bait saver hooks and caught three decent channels.

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