Integrative Biology 131 – Lecture 33: Digestive System

Integrative Biology 131 – Lecture 33: Digestive System

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  1. Isn't INTRINSIC FACTOR associated with the absorption of B-12? Did she mention that in the previous lecture?

  2. To the person who asked about other good teachers on youtube, Robert Sapolsky does, in my opinion, excellent lectures for the layperson on neurobiology.

  3. where does the intrinsic factor come from, I know that is important for vitamin B12.
    that is great lecture thank you for uploading

  4. i am so grateful to have this resource.
    T1 or T2 seems pretty high for the pyloric sphincter, i wonder if she meant to say L1 or L2

  5. hahaha i seriously love old school professors! 18:10 when she's saying it's S-shape that's all it's telling us she makes the cutest gesture.

  6. Minor error by the otherwise fabulous Professor, the pyloric sphincter lies in the trans-pyloric plane at the level of L1. 

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