I Watch 3 Episodes of Mind Field With Our Experts & Researchers

I Watch 3 Episodes of Mind Field With Our Experts & Researchers

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  1. 1:29:58 but why? Death doesn't even exist for youself, you can't experience death at all, so how can you be afraid of something that does not even exist for you!?

  2. But League of Legends isn't a 3-dimensional space? It's a two dimensional plane. How does that facilitate 3-dimensional spacial reasoning?

  3. 1:12:00 WHAT? 10 years for that? are they completely delusional? Holy shit what's wrong with them, why are they so mad?
    Also: 10 people? this study is almost useless, this sample size is way too small

    All in all I have to say that mindfields is clearly made for a less educated audience which makes sense, cause who else would pay for "education"?

  4. Concerning the discussion about the color red: There is research going back to Berlin and Kay 1968 showing that every language has a color word whose focal value is the color of artery blood. There are languages, e.g. in Papua New Guinea, which just have three color word, one for light, one for dark, and one for colorful, with the focus on red.

  5. Hey Vsauce, I love minefield, probably the best show on redtube but I always feel that it lack discussion and explanation

    I love watching the experiment and conclusion but I'm even more interested in an in-depth discussion about the experiment, the result and other possible outcomes and why. So this video is like an early Christmas, thank you back bearded Santa

    edit, if possible please do more! I beg you, I would not mind paying! Maybe patreon special? do you even have patreon lol or maybe curiosity box special? Just name the price!

  6. Why would you play League of Legends to see how you fare in spatial tasks????? League is practically 2d game… So stupid. I cant beleive smart people like you and those researchers do such stupid mistakes..

  7. immortality ALWAYS comes at a price. you have to watch everyone you know and possibly love around you die. even if everyone is immortal then you still have to watch as the ideas and objects around you fade away to nothing or obscurity. even in eternity there is still entropy.

  8. 2:13:31 ohh yes everyone knows Vsauce, the great burden of our world. Surely most of humanity contributes way more to educate others and to help charities than Michael aka the scum of the earth.

  9. I would like to do hypnosis to make me not like sweets and candy… but I don't know if there is such procedure in my town and I'm very skeptical so it must be lab coats/hospital trick.

  10. Daily reminder that "hyperactivity" is not an illness it's caused by a bad environment, parenting, bullying ect. What big pharma groups want to push is that hyperactivity needs to be treated with PILLS. that's total bullshit. 40 years ago this shit didn't even exist and all of a suddent a whole quarter of the population is hyperactive? come on now, ritalin is shit, dont take it.

  11. I was always subscribed to vsauce but I couldn't watch the premium content because YouTube premium was not available in India, as soon as YouTube premium came to India I subscribed and thought some day I would get around to watch all the mind feild episodes too but I just didn't. This video was like a suggestion and I felt let's watch it all and now I'm binging

  12. For anyone that considers freezing themselves, a massive red flag should be that the Alcor woman in the episode kept referring to the human head as "the cephalon". Cephalon is the name for the head of an arthropod .

    EDIT: Hang on. The game he chose to play was League of Legends? For the goal of "exploring 3D space", that is an exceptionally bad choice. Mechanically speaking, there's nothing 3D about navigating in LoL. He could just as well have played a week of Pac-man Championship Edition. It would be closer to the actual test he'd be doing, and it's a much more fun game to boot.

    Sorry Michael, you should have let that secret remain a secret.

  13. the suggestion can be used in many other ways than healing. there are people who can significantly change the temperature of parts of their body at will (including me), which can be used to raise your temperature, and allows a realistic illusion of being sick. an awesome way to skip school. some people can even light things on fire with just the power of suggestion. i'd say it can even increase physical strength, but i haven't yet confirmed that. it is a lot of fun.

  14. "Think about how much wisdom you'd have after 600 years"…

    600th Birthday: 'I understand now that I should have died long ago'.

  15. problem is, if we all mutually agree right now that living to 120 is the norm, it doesnt mean it will happen. just thinking it doesnt make it true. nature has priority.

  16. Michael playing league for the experiment was kinda a bad choice

    -league being kinda the most toxic game
    -not being first person
    -the game not being about remembering your surroundings
    -too focused on whats going on in front of you (for beginners)
    -too many other factors taking away the focus on benefits for the experiment (items, abilities, team, objectives)

  17. Michael is so smart because of how he sits, and how he crosses his leg over his other leg. He cuts off all bloodflow to his dick, leaving more blood and nutrients to go to his brain.

  18. Ya know Michael, people in video games act very different if they have dying as a concern. If you use cheats to turn on some sort of godmode, you kinda just become carefree and seek to stimulate as much as you can until nothing is special anymore. You act without thinking, because why think? You can just do. But if you are in a survival mode of the very same game, things and actions become more valuable/of greater deliberation, not because of inherent worth or consequence necessarily, but something…perhaps the thought that it MIGHT have detrimental effects, or MIGHT help you in some way that you don't know yet.

  19. 48:35 – The idea that tourette's syndrome deals with bad words all the time is such a bad take. Only 10% of people with tourette's even have that specific tick.

  20. Its currently 3 31 am i just woke up in a cold sweat from a dream where michael invaded a local street fair demanding that i buy some of his fresh homemade jam, asides from all the sexual tension he was a nice guy really cool about it.

    I hope you see this michael and i want to thank you for being so nice.

  21. it's fascinating how this looks almost exactly like religious conditioning. i especially like the bit where they're describing how one of the kids knows it's all a placebo and they understand the language and what's being said, but they still have an avoidance to fully absorbing that information because they like the idea that the machine is REALLY doing something.

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