I feel fine. Why do I need to see a surgeon now? Approach 2

I feel fine.  Why do I need to see a surgeon now? Approach 2

Narrator: A provider
answers a patient’s question in her office. I feel fine. Why do I have to see
a surgeon now? You know,
that’s the interesting thing. Most patients tell me
that they feel fine, but I have to tell you why
you need to see a surgeon now. We need to do a treatment called
hemodialysis — big word. This hemodialysis
requires for us to get blood in and out
of your body. The way for us to do so
is not just through an IV when you get IVs
or get blood work ’cause those needles
are too small, and the amount of blood
that comes out is too little. What we need is a big amount of
blood to come out of your body, to go into this machine
that will clean it, and to come back to you. To be able to do that, there are
things that a surgeon can do, but it needs to mature. It needs to get healed,
and it needs to get ready. That takes several weeks
to several months. So, even though
you feel fine now, we need to send you
to the doctor, the surgeon, so that he can get you —
or she can get you ready for this treatment
called hemodialysis. So, how do we do that? Well, the surgeons —
if I could borrow your arm — The surgeons will put
a fistula — another big word — but this fistula is a connection
between two blood vessels — a vein and an artery. It can happen here,
or it can happen here. This fistula will connect
these two blood vessels, and they will grow
into a bigger blood vessel. These bigger blood vessels we
can access with a bigger needle, and that way, we can get blood
in and out of your body to do this hemodialysis.

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