Hundreds Sick With The Flu

Hundreds Sick With The Flu

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  1. Worse health advice you could get "TAKE THE FLU SHOT". what they dont tell you it weakens you immune system and every year you dont get the shot your likelyhood of getting the flu goes up 50% and 50% stronger. It is mutating your bodies to need something that acually does not even stop most flu viruses. If you have never got the flu shot do not get it. It is a way the pharmaceutical companies can make money off healthy people.

  2. I have the flu and I’m 13 it hurts so bad I can’t sleep without coughing and wheezing I hope I can get better before school

  3. I got that shit right now. Im coughing, sore throat, fever and high temperature, Everything that I eat I always end up throwing it up and lately Ive been feeling extremely tired. The first time i have ever been this sick.

  4. I'm from California. And sadly my husband, my 2 toddler kids and myself we all got positive for the flu the same week. My youngest daughter and I seem to have it way worse then my husband and other daughter tho. Doctor prescribed us all Tamiflu and honestly I don't think it's really doing anything for me. I've been sick for 12 days now, and I feel like beyond hell. We can't shake it off. Gets frustrating! And on top of that I think I have a sinus infection as well. I really wish people that have the flu will stay home and get well before they go spreading these harmful germs around. I know me and my family are staying in until we are completely better. I don't wish this on anyone. I'm pretty sure this our 1st time getting the flu and it succcccks! Especially for my kids, I hate seeing them so out of it and down : /

  5. We are being SPRAYED with POISON chemtrails like we're cockroaches in the kitchen. Chemtrails are the ultimate doomsday weapon because government could SPRAY PEOPLE with POISON or GERMS and kill billions of people.

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